Jeep Wrangler TJ TruShield Replacement Soft Top w/ Tinted Windows – Black Diamond Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler TJ TruShield Replacement Soft Top w/ Tinted Windows – Black Diamond Review & Install

Ryan: The TruShield Replacement Soft Top with
Tinted Windows in Black Diamond is for those of you that have a 1997 to 2006 TJ that are
looking for a replacement soft top that is just the soft materials and the windows. There are gonna be a couple different categories
of soft top when you’re shopping for soft tops, replacement soft tops which we’re talking
about today, and again, that’s your soft top material and your windows. There’s also going to be a complete soft top
that’s going to include all of the frame, all of the hardware. So, if you don’t have a frame or if your frame
is not in good shape and missing stuff, maybe you wanna look at a complete soft top. But of course, they are gonna be more expensive
because they include so much more. And finally, you can look at non-factory style
soft tops. Those are going to be your fastback style
tops, your hybrid hard top soft tops, a lot of different options there. So, again, this is just a soft material designed
to go on a good working order soft top frame that you already have. This is going to be a very simple one out
of three wrench install but we’ll talk a little bit more about that in just a second. So, when you are looking at these replacements
soft tops, you’re really going to be looking at the quality of the material and the quality
of the construction. And Bestop is going to do a very good job
of building a quality soft top that is still going to be a little less expensive than some
of the others. Now, you can step up to some really high-quality
materials. Materials that are thicker, have additional
layers. They’re gonna wear better, be a little bit
quieter. This is gonna be a little bit more of a basic
black diamond material that you would have seen on a TJ as it rolls right off of the
assembly line. So, it’s not going to have a lot of additional
features, a lot of additional frills. It’s just going to be a good basic soft top. So, this soft top is going to be that black
diamond material. And again, it is designed to be just like
a factory soft top and go right on that factory soft top frame. So, it’s going to have all of the same look
and all of the same features as a factory soft top. This does include some 30-mil thick tinted
windows, which is a very nice feature. The factory tops on your TJ probably weren’t
tinted and it’s very difficult to tint the soft plastic. So, getting them tinted out of the box is
really nice, keeps it a little bit cooler, and it gives you a little bit more privacy
inside the Jeep. But other than that, if you know what a factory
soft top looks like, that’s what you can expect from this. This is very, very similar to a factory top. No surprises here, it’s just an inexpensive
soft top that’s going to directly replace your existing factory top and do a good job. This top is gonna run you right around $270
and I do think that’s gonna be a pretty good price for what you’re getting. It is a quality direct factory replacement
top. Again, you can spend more for a top that has
additional features, is built of a higher quality material, but if you’re looking for
just a basic replacement soft top, this is gonna do a nice job at a fair price. Now, a member of the install team will show
you how you get this installed on your TJ. Man: The only tool required for this installation
is a Phillips head screwdriver. However, I used an impact with this Phillips
bit. So, to start off, let’s get our factory soft
top out of here, get our windows out. Now, we’re going to release our corners here,
flip them up, and you’ll see that we have some snaps here. We’ll undo those. Our bow just fell backwards, that’s fine. Again, we’re gonna bring this up, bring both
of these up. So, your top should look something just like
this. We’re not gonna release the center bow yet,
we’re actually going to release our header panel and do all the screws that secure our
top to the front. So, on the top here, there are 10 screws securing
our top to the header panel. Let’s go ahead and remove all 10. Get that soft top out of there just by pulling
back on it a little bit and just freeing it up. There you go.Can put this panel back into
place up forward. Now, we can go ahead and remove this center
Velcro section and get our old top out of here. So, now we have our new soft top in hand and
the new one is gonna go on the same way the old one came off. So, we’re gonna attach to the center section
right here with this Velcro. Make sure that your front is going to be oriented
in the front. Lift up this Velcro, start wrapping it a little
bit. You should be able to slide it down and get
that final placement. So, this isn’t going to be exact here. We’re just gonna get it around this bar so
you can work on the front. All right. And, we can come back to this in a little
bit and make sure that all that Velcro is seated. Right now we don’t want it tight so we can
move it around. So, let’s go ahead and get the front where
that needs to be, get the header panel back up. Gonna start tucking our top around our new
piece here. Make sure that’s folded like that. And there’s the corner of our top, just gonna
sit right. So, here is the backside of our top. You can see that there are a couple channels
here already cut out. And this plastic piece here, that’s gonna
line up perfectly with these screw holes and then you’ll see that the spacing is a little
closer here, that is for your center. So, let’s get the center. When you’re doing soft tops, you always wanna
work from the center out. And I did drill some holes in this so I can
get my hardware through it. All right. Now, we’re just gonna go down the line and
get all these screwed in. Now that we have our top attached to our header
panel, let’s go ahead and secure the side little channels here. Do that on both sides. So, now that we have our header panel and
center section hooked up, we’re gonna bring up our rear bow. So, we’re gonna attach our snaps to the rear
bow now. Now, we’re going to attach our corners here. I like to just push down on my bow here to
help me out. So, let’s go ahead and attach our windows. They’re in the same spot as our old top. So, just get the zipper started up here in
the corner. So, what we’re gonna do now is attach our
tailgate bar to our back window here. It just slides into this channel just like
the old one came off. We’re gonna have it in there nice and even. Looks good there. So, now let’s install our back window. We’ve got our new door bar on there as well. And make sure that bar here is in place. That’s gonna wrap up my install of this TruShield
Replacement Top with Tinted Windows for your Jeep TJ. And for all things Wrangler, keep it here

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  2. To avoid the cost, I just try to take care of my soft top. My last soft top was a 2001 TJ that lasted 14 years, in Florida & West Virginia, never garaged, and was only replaced because of unintended tearing.

  3. Soy top is in horrible shape,what would you recommend me purchasing? The max amount I'll pay is right at $300 or so.Alsoy header panel where the clips secure once the top is on have worn the metal on my jeep,can I get it fixed?

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