Jeremih Rides His Old Bus Route in Chicago

Jeremih Rides His Old Bus Route in Chicago

I made Birthday Sex while I was living here. Most of my shoes, my stuff from U Nevada that I had brought here that I still haven’t had time to move in a crib yet, haven’t bought a new house yet since I’ve been signed, like, so all my stuff’s still here. Whatever my uncle Dove didn’t get into, all my shoes, probably got them on his feet right now. Birthday Sex was out, let’s see October of ’08. I got signed to Def Jam March 9th of ’09. I still was going to school and it was just, it worked ‘cause I had a video, that was the only thing that got me by. Nobody knew me, it was just like who is this new dude, oh it sounds like oh J Holiday, oh yeah it’s J, it’s like I’m Jeremih, you know what I’m saying, but I think people really didn’t know me, so I would say about six, seven months before I was living here and people really still didn’t know who sang Birthday Sex, so it was cool. Diablo! Ay, what’s going on. This is where I get all my swag from. Uh, swagarian. Uh, just turned 80. 80 years old, that’s the last time I just came in here a couple days ago, this is my grandpops, this is who helped raise me. One of the few men that I grew up in my life that was around, uh, pretty much advised me with a lot. And here we are now. Four years later after making beats upstairs in his room, in my room for two years straight. Kept me awake many nights and, uh, I was always hollering and knock on the door and say cut out that noise, you’re driving me crazy. This was my studio. Well, not anymore. This is, uh, this is where it all went down. I didn’t even know at the time that I was gonna be a singer, nah, I actually was gonna be, you know I was under my rap act here, even in the crib I got old songs like that was me rapping. Everybody sings. I don’t know nobody in our family that really can’t hold a note, you know what I’m saying? The singing come from on his grandmother’s side because on my side of the family we normally just play instruments. Maybe I got the best of both worlds, Grandpa’s with the music side and my mom’s on the singing side. I can play some music but I can’t sing, now. Family’s first, family’s everything. They gonna hold you down before anybody else that don’t care about you, really. So it’s like I’ve always, I grew up in this house so I wouldn’t even never get rid of this house, like ever, that’s how much this means to me. Growing up with a park across the street, that was my whole life, you know what I’m saying, as a shorty, so of course I’ve seen a lot of people we’d lose over that but it just it is what it is. There’s violence everywhere, you can’t stop that. It wasn’t safe, it was a lot of, you know, drugs and um gang activity going on. This was the path I walked everyday to get to 112 111 Vincent bus and, you know what I’m saying, in the snow. This the route. This was my everyday. This was how I got to Columbia. I didn’t really have no other option, I had no wheels so it’s the closest bus stop other than on 111 but that was a extra bus if I went that way. Most of the time my class was at 9, 10am so I had to be out by 7 or 8. I mean it was either that or stay out in Carol Stream where my mom, she had just got married so that was the motivation. Either be homeless or go stay with my grandpops and walk, do this as long as I had to do it and luckily I was just bumping into the right people. This is the only way! Gotta cross this bridge right here. We used to throw bottles over this Here’s the bus stop right here. 112 111 Vincent, aint nothing changed. I haven’t even rode a bus since then. That’s so crazy. I haven’t rode a bus since I was standing
here. Same old lady been over here, she was here when I was riding the bus too. We used to have this one flavor yup, it’s right here. Tamarindo, everybody sleep on that flavor. What’s your name? Jeremih. Oh dang, what’s up with you. He hot. Thank you. Here you go. Send me like a link of y’all. I wanna say I think I know who you talking about. And that’d be dope, to even perform with a brass band. You know what I’m saying? With just all brass. We’ll link up. I was right here, headed to class I probably was listening to whatever beats I just made, you know what I’m saying. You close your eyes as I improve between your
legs it’s just like I improve between your legs, it’s just like I’m going off of what I know. In the moment. Instead of saying I’m going off what I know and I’m between
yo it’s just how you come how you say things, ‘cause it’s how you say things. It’s not what you say. I might as well get on. Alright I’m lost I haven’t took the bus in a long time. Tap on the yellow circle. Kinda crazy to really be on this bus right now but this the route that I took, shit. It’s about an hour for me to get, on a good day, you know downtown and make it to class on time. Imagine me with my song out and nobody really knows who I am but they’re sitting next to me and it’s like damn. This you? And I’m like yeah. And I have to You know what I’m saying? After a while that can’t happen every day. Yeah. So there it is. Just to be on the bus right now and people like look at me and know me is different too ‘cause back then it was like they just heard me they didn’t know me. And now just to be back at the crib and just show love. This is a city full of hate, he could of said yo, who is y’all, I’m out here. We out here, you know what I’m saying. Hard to really tell who really got your best interests. So to reiterate earlier about my family, you know even though as much as I look out for them, like, I feel like I’m supposed to. She’s looking, she wants more of them freeze pops.

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  1. I lived around the corner from him & know his sister. He even came to my house a few times cause he's cool w/ the males in my family. Love the video of the family & old hood. Congrats on your success.

  2. this is nice. but im confused… he hasnt been famous that long so what is he talking about like its been 10 or more yrs LOL… these youngsters <3

  3. 6Yrs is a long tym in da business…duh! Besides he was writing songs fo artists too jst appreciate Real and STFU..Blessings Jermiah πŸ’‹

  4. Thank you for supporting Chicago and talking about it in your songs it's crazy out here bro but shit like this make it cool as hell and make people look at Chicago in a good way. I got a lot of respect for u g.

  5. The grandpa looked at him like nigga if you don't get yo shoes off my new couch I'm gonna give you a birthday ass whoopin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Pretty interesting and cool to see him going back where he started. That's a great initiative. Keeps you grounded . Wish more artists would do that.

  7. I love the Chi. I went to Columbia and Robert Morris colleges. I taught a class for junior achievement on the south side. Good times

  8. I have a lot of respect for Jeremih.because he is a good example. He went to college and made a positive example in our communities. Good Job J. Keep paving the way. WE love you.

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  10. Keep it up good brother. That OUI is a jam. I remember catching the North ave bus from one end to the other. (Sedwick to Austin) Do it for all of us – Bring back the Love in music – ah ah

  11. I’m a New Yorker and I looked at an investment property not to Far from where Jerimah lives, just walking distance from Ada Park, Jerimah is a great example of how Chicagoans are so nice

  12. I would listen to his 1st album on replay when I was 14/15 even bought his cd at target . Now I’m 21 & still listening, makes me feel like the Good o’ll days when everyone enjoyed music and really had a meaning. I appreciate him even more now πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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