Jet Car Drag Racing Green Monster Nostalgia Classic Quaker City Motorsports Park 2015

Jet Car Drag Racing Green Monster Nostalgia Classic Quaker City Motorsports Park 2015

(Jet Car Drag Racing Green Monster) (Nostalgia Classic) (Quaker City Motorsports Park) (high winding burnout) (tire screech) (nostalgia drag racing at its finest) (high pitched jet engine sound) (spooling up for flame show) (how cool is that?) ready… set…. go! (whooshing sound) Bret Kepner: Arfons crosses the finish line at 7.25 seconds and 199 miles per hour! Folks, I can promise you Bill Pratt knows every record Arfons has for this track.

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  1. Wicked cool. I'm guessing when he released the flames before staging, he was releasing pressure?

  2. Dawn, I need to figure out how to bookmark your videos so i'm not seeing them for the first time a year late!That is cool. I always figured a front engines jet was a bad idea, even though they are already wearing a good fire suit…  but the upward exhaust fixes the barbequed driver problem. Good to see a drag racing Arfons out there again.

  3. Wicked Cool !!! The ARFON FAMILY HAS A DNA STRAND THAT IS TURBINE BASED INSTEAD OF CARBON. I was lucky enough to grow up next to FREMONT RACEWAY. BACK in the 60-70's,,,,,,remember the patriarch ART !!! His Family has turbine TRACTORS TO CARS TO ALL IN BETWEEN. THANKS FOLKS FOR THRILLING US AS THE TURBINE BELCHES FLAMES AND SOUNDS like A DRAGON ROARING. !as the turbine spools up !!!!

  4. that seems kinda stupid when the driver get hot exhaust gases in his face every time accelerated the vehicle

  5. The only thing keeping jet-engine dragsters–wheel-driven or otherwise–from being seen more often is their operating cost… as "Big Daddy" found when trying to find a way to make pro-class drag racing affordable for independent racers.

  6. HOLY SMOKES , i was wondering where the hell that ARFONS GANG WENT ????? , must be a lil unnerving standing that close to a jet eh dsr.

  7. From an old gear head racer now gray and old. The reason a piston powered car has wheel hop is due to clutch chatter. That is the disc flopping against the fly wheel and pressure plate. How ever on the green monster once the gear box is engaged the clutch is fully engaged (yes…pedal in = disengaged. Pedal out = engaged) thus the incredible smooth burn out and acceleration

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