Jet Engine Motorcycle Build (GTA 5 OPPRESSOR IN REAL LIFE???)

Jet Engine Motorcycle Build (GTA 5 OPPRESSOR IN REAL LIFE???)

It’s slightly terrifying On this episode
Make It Real we’re going to slap a jet engine onto the back of a motorcycle and all this because we had the dumb idea to do so a few weeks ago So to fill you guys in, Ian was an avid motorcycle rider I bought a motorcycle when I was 16 topped out at 220 kilometers an hour and I had a tendency to take it that fast
daily I got some speeding tickets so many in fact that he lost the
motorcycle and he feels like maybe he’s mature enough to own a motorcycle Well we bought a very small motorcycle that I could be mature
enough for Yeah, it’s a CVR 250 It doesn’t speed It can’t go that fast, but obviously if it
doesn’t go that fast it’s also not that fun so we’ve decided to strap a jet
engine to the back What’s in the box What’s in the box When are we
gonna make a video of this? Ya we really should Why don’t we do it now? No! Now as you can imagine jet engines aren’t cheap In fact one of these babies is
worth about $5,000 Which is why we’re super excited to announce this video’s sponsor World of Warships Blitz Who have helped us pay for a second jet engine
which we just ordered That’s right when we get it we might put two jet engines
on the bike Maybe But I do know for sure we’re gonna be putting both of them on the spy car as well and we’ll actually have them raise out of the trunk oh and with two we’ll also be able to
try slapping one on each arm and flying like Iron Man or Richard Browning the
real-life Iron Man Anyway this is why sponsors are so important because
without them we really couldn’t be doing any of these projects YouTube ad revenue
isn’t even enough to cover our normal expenses of running the shop let alone
these engineering projects I wish it was but YouTube seems to prefer promoting
life hack videos and other- So, if you guys want to support the channel and
help ensure we keep making cool projects try World of Warships Blitz today It’s a
tactical 7v7 player-versus-player game with great graphics and a huge variety
of ships with constant updates and new features it is a ton of fun When I was
young I used to love reading about naval warfare My favorite book series was
actually Horatio Hornblower and now thanks the World of Warships Blitz I can
live out my naval conquests in the game It’s fantastic Plus if you use my link
below to download it and then get to level 5 you’ll be automatically entered
into my giveaway to win some awesome Hacksmith swag Full contest details are
in the description below Now back to the jet bike So we’ll put a bracket
on here that then extends out and put your controls there If you guys are curious about how the
circuit actually works check out the circuit diagram at Maker.IO So before we strap the jet engine to the bike we have to make sure that it
runs safely and reliably In order to do this, we’re going to attach it to our thrust
tester rig that we built for flying like Iron Man and get some data out of it We also have to make sure that our control circuit works reliably and is easy to use because we don’t want Ian fiddling around with it at 200 miles an hour All right you guys ready This is main power this switch will cause the jet engine to start idling and this switch is a
100% power so for the jet powered motorcycle it is on or off there is no ramp up it is just go I’m doing it! It’s unplugged It’s not plugged in Alright I think Ian’s good for the jet
bike Alright so 75 pounds of thrust might not seem like that much power,
though 75 pound impact from Thor’s heaviest hammer Does a lot of damage Now the beauty with a jet engine is it’s actually continually applying 75 pounds
of thrust whereas that was an impulse load of 75 pounds To give you another
example we’re gonna have Jordie shoulder check me to represent a 75
pound impulse force I heard something pop Now if someone applies 75 pounds of constant force like
Dave I can resist it first but then I’m going off the screen, that’s how a jet
engine works So when we slap that jet engine on the back of Ian’s bike It’s gonna get him going pretty fast Is that going to be strong enough? We’ll find out Well good thing you’re riding All right it’s ready! Test it okay it’s the ultimate blow-dryer I could have hair like Captain America Alright so to demonstrate the
destructive and awesome power of a jet engine we’re going to be putting various
things behind the jet engine Which will also illustrate why we should never use
this on a public road because anyone who tailgates us will get burnt So let’s start it up we’ll start with a Styrofoam head and
the new Hacksmith hat links in the description below if you
want to buy one but not this one it’s gonna not look good Alright so we’ve got the jet engine
mounted to the bike and we have the control circuitry also mounted And we’ve got the
display nice and visible on the handlebars and we managed to jam almost
everything Underneath the seat which is missing Let’s do the startup sequence Alright we’re holding the
bike back My crotch Is this a bad idea? It’s only 75 pounds of thrust Hearing protection Hearing protection people! Full power! You’re connected to the fuel tank Stop moving Full throttle! Alright clear the runway! Go! This thing drinks a liter of gas every
minute Alright now we just have to take this to a drag strip It’s not a ton of power but it will accelerate Power is the wrong word here Yeah it’s gonna be slow acceleration
but once you start getting up there it’s just gonna It think it’s gonna get going pretty fast You excited? Oh yeah Until next time subscribe now because we’re testing next video It’s slightly terrifying for a number of reasons first it’s right behind you and
you can’t see it so if something’s going wrong it could be on fire and you’ve got no idea We’ll probably have to wear some good motorcycle gear flame retardant So then if you’re at speed and there’s just thing on fire behind you So you’re saying it’s a death trap Maybe but the real question is do you think
you can get a speeding ticket now This is gonna be really fun to test obviously we’re gonna actually have to find a track or a drag strip to test
this because there’s no way driving with a jet engine is legal by any means it’s
definitely not covered by our insurance policy so if anything did happen we’d be
screwed but I feel like anything that we do isn’t covered by insurance so you know Whatever pretty toasty Alright I don’t know about you guys but I am really excited to see how this bike performs on the track Now unfortunately it is gonna take
a little bit of time for us to arrange a track meet to actually be able to take
this bike and safely test it Especially because I don’t really know where we’re going to get insurance for this so we’re gonna figure that out but in the
meantime make sure you subscribe and get that notification bell rung because
you’re not gonna want to miss this

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  2. 'Jarvis, sometimes, you've got to learn how to run, before you can walk.' – Tony Stank
    'No, Hacksmith, we are NOT going to give you an insurance policy.' – Insurance Companies

  3. You see, Hacksmith Channel, you make certain individuals re-watch a video they watched 3~10 times already if you ♥ their comment.
    And now I'm going to re-watch this video another ten more times.

    Your fault. XD /jk

  4. 1) Jet bikes do exist except they incorporate it into the bike not straight off the back, (see Jay Leno's 1999 Y2K Jet bike).

    2) I theorised doing this with a large RC jet engine on my pedal bike (4L per mile), and helicopter jet my kit car… the mileage is not great.

    3) If you're going to do this, don't use a heavy bike with a load of dead weight to begin with! : /

  5. How u guys get ideas like this!? When I think hard to do something and dont get it I watch ur videos to get ideas….Good luck👍👌 keepup the good work.💪👌👍🙌 Thumbs up.

  6. So how long till you build a quadcopter drone large enough to lift a human… then use your jet engines for forward thrust?

  7. Don't be pussys
    Ride I that jet bike if it catches on fire you will be alright
    Colin would ride that bitch with nothing on but a shirt and Tie

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