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In this episode of Jeep News, I’ll be breaking
down the latest addition to the JL that were just released as well as the 2020 powertrain
lineup. Now before I jump into this, make sure that
you like and subscribe for more Jeep News like this as well as some other cool content. Now the question has been circling for a little
while now, will Jeep release additions of the JL just like they did with our beloved
JK? So I’m happy to report that Jeep has recently
brought some nostalgia to the table while also paying homage to their roots with the
Black and Tan JL as well as the Willys edition. Now as we’ve seen before, Jeep really love
to spice things up with different mashups and in my personal opinion, I think they really
hit the nail on the head with these two additions. Now if you’re a fan of a very custom and classic
look, the Black and Tan JL is going to be right up your alley. Like it says in the name, this edition is
going to be black and tan but there’s a lot more to it than just that exterior look. Now the base on the Wrangler will be a Sport
model and it’s going to encompass some different aspects from other models in the process just
like we’ve seen before. So this Wrangler will include the special
tan addition soft top really setting it apart from the rest with the standard black diamond
vinyl while also showing its roots from those previous generations that we’ve seen before. This will also feature an all-black exterior
down to the little details and the decals as well as the trim which I personally love
and I think it gives this thing a really sleek look. Now even though this is a sport model at heart,
it’s far from a base setup with the Sahara running boards for better accessibility, 17-inch
granite crystal wheels for some added style and the interior goodies. Now inside you’ll stick with the black and
tan theme with the Heritage tan cloth seats matching the custom top and also a wizard
black painted instrument panel to finish off that look. Now to top of this thing off this edition
will come standard with the Uconnect 7-inch radio and display screen as well as dual climate
control, making your experience when driving this thing just that much more enjoyable. Now where Jeep really brings it to the table
is with the Willy. While Jeep, more or less combined the luxury
and custom feel of the Sahara with more or less the affordability of the Sport in the
Black and Tan edition, they obviously couldn’t just stop there. So the roots of the deep really come down
to its capability and that’s what this Willys edition is intended for. Now just like the Black and Tan edition, Willys
starts with a Sport-based model but incorporates important features of the Rubicon that inspire
off-road performance. Now on the outside, this Willys addition will
incorporate contrasting black trim, that iconic military Willys decal on the side of the hood
and an LED package as an upgrade from the standard halogens on those base Sport models. Now this also come with the notable Rubi rails
or rock rails to protect that [inaudible 00:02:45] pinch weld area and an aggressive wheel and
tire setup. Now the 17-inch wheels will have a black finish
to match the rest of the detailing on the Wrangler and are wrapped in a 32-inch Firestone
mud-terrain tire, which is a change from its predecessor with the BF Goodrich mud terrain. Now to compliment that wheel and tire combo,
this thing will have a heavy-duty braking system and we’ll also incorporate shocks from
the Rubicon to ensure performance. Now speaking of performance, Jeep will still
incorporate an LSD in the rear Dana 44 and a 2.72 to 1 low range gear ratio. Now both of these models are gonna be offered
in a number of different color choices ranging from 33 to 37K MSRP depending on the two-door
and the four-door models. Speaking of their evolution, Jeep is also
now offering new powertrain options in their 2020 lineup. Now we finally get to witness the 3.0-liter
turbo diesel V6 that we’ve been waiting for, making 260 horsepower and 442 foot-pounds
of torque. Now some of the drivetrain options offered
in the 2020 lineup will only be offered in some trims but you can rest assured that the
3.0-liter turbo diesel will be offered in the Sport, Sahara as well as the Rubicon model. Now, however, they will exclusively have the
eight-speed automatic transmission and so the 2.0-liter. The only motor that will offer the six feet
manual trans, as well as the optional eight-speed automatic transmission, will be the OG V6. Now we also get a taste of the Mild Hybrid
eTorque system in the 2.0-liter that uses a 48-volt belt starter generator to improve
that fuel economy. However, in the newest lineup, we only get
to see those benefits in the Pentastar V6 and only in the Sahara trim. Like I said before, I think Jeep really nailed
it with these latest additions and even their 2020 powertrain lineup. Not only are they keeping up with their traditions
but they also are evolving with it. Now that’s gonna wrap it up for my episode
of Jeep News. And make sure you comment down below and tell
me what you guys think of the newest additions as well as the powertrain lineup and which
one you would choose to put in your garage. Now also make sure you like and subscribe
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