Jon’s Bus Conversion Part 3 – I’m a good ol’ boy now!

Jon’s Bus Conversion Part 3 – I’m a good ol’ boy now!

You’re watching Jon’s Bus Conversion brought to you by the sit-in-the-back-seaters of this. Comfortable huh? So um here we are again. Grandpa got seats look. Seats. I may have to just get rid of these. I got these seats for $5 each at a yard sale. They are van seats. I don’t have the base. So I’m going to see if I can make something out of angle iron. WIth hardened steal bolts that would hook in there. Actually… I think that would work. I just did a kind of test. I’ve got some angle iron… This is my buddy Tony. Hello. He agreed to fix the bus in exchange for 7 years’ worth of my income and my first born. Sorry Josh – I might have forgotten to mention that. I think the deal is in my favor. Yeah yeah. So what’s the name of your business? Riedl’s Deisels He does Mercedes Benz so if you want your bus converted into a Mercedes Benz or vice versa, he’s the man. I could be the guy you want to talk to. What are you eating there? Bagle. The top one is home made butter and quail eggs. The bottom one is salmon and cream cheese. Yummy. Just to let everyone know. This home made butter is better than store bought butter. These quail eggs are just as good as chicken eggs. This gluten free bagel is just as good as gluten bagels. And it’s healthier. So there. I’ll pop the hood I’ll take a look at the…I’m sure it’s just… I don’t know – I might just be getting paranoid because we were talking about it but it seems spongy. It seemed low… I’ve totally lost 100% of the brakes in 3 different vehicles in my lifetime right? So it’s just like… Ok I’ll take a peak. Luckily I never crashed. But 3 out of 3 I don’t want to push it. Now that I have a bus, I’ve become a ‘good old boy.’ Why just the other day at the tire store… The following is a re-enactment. Playing the part of the old trucker – Jon. And playing the part of Jon – Jon. Is that your rig? Yup. Hmmm that’s one nice little rig. Yup. Diesel isn’t her? Yup. You know if a fellow knew a little carpentry, he could fix that up real nice inside. Yup. That’s one nice little rig. Yup. Well – I’ll be seeing you. Yup. Just an update here. My buddy the welder said he wasn’t too concerned. There was only one – I was only able to show him one weld joint. But the one he saw he said looked ok. Hi I’m Dan. I weld nuclear submarines for a living. I approve of this product. And he says I need to kind of um these are kind of pressed together. He said I need to kind of bend it back. Knock it out with a rubber hammer if I want to get that out. But Dan if you’re watching, I know that look. You thinkg I’m nuts to want to tear this out of ther e. You just might be right. I never claimed to be sane. But sometimes my ideas – my crazy ideas actually do turn out well. Like My crazy idea to buy a bus and convert it into a house. Anyway you can see that I’ve taken everything out. Hopefully the DMV is not now going to decide that once again I need to come back and have the bus inspected. What I’m doing right now is – I had to clean the floor here. I’m going to put down elasomeric paint roof coating on the floor to seal up all the cracks. And insulate. And um… So that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m finally getting a handle on all this dirt. It was really muddy on the floor. It’s taken a lot of work. I think it’s almost starting to get clean enough to paint. Hang on… I’m going to… I’m going to show you something else. Right here… I figured out that this was – I don’t know if you can see this well, it’s kind of bright out here – but this is There was a vent here. I took out – it was all mangled. This is the leak. In the front of the bus right here. I don’t know if you can see that. There was a vent here. This piece here was leaking like crazy. I put a piece of plastic over it. You can see it’s diverted quite a bit of rain. And anyway – also these running lights here. What is weird is that – I went to – I forgot which one – but it was one of the auto parts stores. I picked up some running lights. It is exactly the same as – identical piece of plastic. Even the little tab marks are in the same place. Except this one says made in Toronto, and this one made in Taiwan. Also this is probably leaking here. This is part of the air conditioner. I need to deal with this. And then in the back, I’ve got a place where somebody bumped something. It’s dented there. There’s a running light that is leaking. And I’m going to put roof coating over this. I think that will take care of the leaks. First he turns a stinky rotten trailer into a house. Now he’s converting a school bus. What next? That just might work – look at that.

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