Justin Compares His 2019 Mustang GT to his 2014 Supercharged S197 Mustang GT | New Vs. Old

Justin Compares His 2019 Mustang GT to his 2014 Supercharged S197 Mustang GT | New Vs. Old

Hey. What’s up, guys. Justin with americanmuscle.com. We’ve got a fun, little video for you here
today. As you can see, both of my rides are in the
shop, and we had them up here. We figured, “Why not pull them in, do a quick,
little video showing the differences between the two, side-by-side compare them, and throw
some pros and cons of each body style at you?” Now, as always, guys, we hope you like this
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of these you are digging the most. Now, even though by appearance standards,
they couldn’t be any more different, dimension-wise, these two cars are pretty similar. Now, the S197, the 2014 in particular, has
an inch on the 2019, 189 inches to 188 here. However, the 2019 does have about an inch
of width on the S197, in addition to being about an inch or two shorter overall. So dimensions are pretty similar, but again,
these things couldn’t be any more different, starting with the most polarizing part, that
front end. In my humble opinion, guys, and I know I am
not alone in this, probably one of the best front ends Ford ever put on a Mustang. Big fan of the ’13 and ’14 front ends. To me, they just embody what this car should
look like: muscular, strong, intimidating, whatever adjective you want to use. They really nailed it here with the ’13 and
’14 cars. The ’10, ’11, ’12s weren’t much different. They kind of flattened out the grille a little
bit more. But for ’13 and ’14, Ford took some of the
recipe or ingredients from the Shelby GT500 at the time, mainly the grille, and implemented
that into the V6 and GT. Standard HID headlights on all models. And subtle parts, like this little chin spoiler
from Roush, really help give this front end a tougher look. And of course, a little cowl hood doesn’t
hurt as well. But what do you say we head over to the 2019
and talk about this? Again, probably the most controversial front
end in recent years here with the Mustang, the ’18 and ’19 cars. Now, I’ll be completely honest, guys. When I first saw these things come out on
that Ford video, I was not very impressed at the angles they gave us. But again, you see it in person, you kinda
have time to digest it, and it’s really not as bad as everybody made it out to be. My biggest gripe with this front end, guys,
is this just gloss, Piano Black, whatever grille you want to call it. To me, it just doesn’t really flow with the
front end of the car. The ’14, everything is consistent, everything
looks great. This just kinda screams like it’s just not
very consistent to me. I don’t know. I do think the front end is very tough when
you photograph it from a different angle, namely from above. But when you’re at eye-level with this car,
it just…There’s something weird about it. So mainly, a few things that we can fix through
the aftermarket. The grille is gonna be the first thing to
go, I promise you that. Add a little bit more chin here, down low. And other than that, not a bad-looking car. But it had some very big shoes to fill coming
from the ’13 and ’14, and even the ’15 through ’17 cars, which look pretty sharp in my opinion,
thanks to a more consistent grille and front end. But enough about the front ends. What do you say, we dive over to the side
a little bit more and talk about those? One thing Ford has kept consistent over the
years is the side profile, or mainly a couple of features on the side of the car. Basically, the sunken-down sheet metal on
the side of both the ’14 and the ’19, that’s something they’ve done ever since the OG Mustangs
back in the ’60s. But the profiles have always been on point. Now, quarter-window on the ’14 and ’13 cars,
for that matter, a little bit more reminiscent of those originals back in the day, whereas
the greenhouse here, or roofline with the S550 is a little bit more sleek. So as such, you get a little bit more angular
there with the window design. But overall, the ’13 and ’14, or the S197,
one thing that I really think they could have done a little bit better is give it a better
stance right from the factory. If there’s ever one car that really needed
a set of lowering springs, it was the S197. Now, the S550s, they set these things up a
little bit better from the factory, gave them a little bit better ride height, and they
just look better even stock. I also really like what Ford did with the
lower rockers here, on the ’18 and ’19, and even with the S550s in general, given that
black rocker panel there. It just kind of gives it a little bit more
of an aggressive look, almost gives it more of an aftermarket feel right out of the factory. But let’s head back to the rear of the car,
break down the two. Because again, this is another area where
there’s some really big differences between the two. Now, to keep things consistent, let’s start
by talking about the 2013 and ’14 car, and namely that rear end and those killer tail
lights. Arguably, one of the most popular aspects
of that rear end. ’10, ’11, ’12 guys absolutely love them and
try to grab them for their car. But as a ’13 or ’14 owner, I know they’re
killer. They just look great. They kind of balance the retro feel of the
older cars, but with some of the modern amenities of the LED rings, the operation, just really,
really sharp-looking tail lights. Now, they did stick with a single exhaust
for the ’13 and ’14 cars, with the exception of the GT500, of course, which, thanks to
Ford, they allowed us to get in on the party – ’13 and ’14 GT owners that is – by making
a simple cut and adding that rear valance, thus making the way for a killer set of quads,
which I, of course, have and absolutely love. To me, that was the only thing that rear end
was missing, possibly a slightly bigger spoiler. The S550 here, on the other hand, well, listen,
they went back to their roots with the tri-bar design. Obviously, the ’18 and ’19 has a little bit
more angle to them, but overall, still hold onto that same basic design. And listen, these are absolutely beautiful
as well, not to take anything away from this particular car. But it really depends on what you like. Do you really dig those ’13 and ’14 tail lights? Are you more of a fan of the tri-bar design? Of course, let us know. One thing that they didn’t get away from,
from the S197 to the S550, was maintaining this Piano Black panel back here, which is
kind of a love it or hate it thing. Now, if you own one of these cars or an S197,
you know, just looking at this thing wrong causes it to scratch. And unfortunately, that still is the case
here with the newer cars. But it is really sharp, as long as you keep
it clean. But aside from the tail lights, guys, Ford
really hit this rear end out of the park. Finally, they gave us the quad tips we have
been demanding as enthusiasts, in addition to implementing a really cool rear valance
here with the ’18 and ’19. Now, this is very similar to what some of
the aftermarket guys were doing with the ’15 through ’17 cars, and Ford just said, “Hey,
we can do that too.” So they put a really cool rear valance on
the car, gave us the quads, so just an awesome, awesome part of the S550. Again, since day one, I thought the rear end
was the home run here for the ’18 and ’19s, and that really hasn’t changed in my opinion. But appearance aside, guys, what do you say,
we pop the hoods on these things, take a closer look at the differences between the Gen 1
and that Gen 3 Coyote? Well, here it is, guys, the Gen 1 Coyote in
the ’13 and ’14 GT, which made 420 horsepower, 390 pound-feet at the crank. ’11 and ’12s made a little bit less than that
in the horsepower department. But overall, guys, this is a very, very awesome
step forward for Ford. Right? The Coyote engine has become kinda legendary
in the Ford lineage and with good reason. It’s only gotten better, and it’s capable
of some incredible things. Now, obviously, this one isn’t stock. I had the Roush TVS on it, which made 640,
650 on pump gas to the tires, which is getting closer to the safe limits of the Gen 1 here. They didn’t have the sinter-forged connecting
rods, like the Gen 2 and Gen 3. And as such, that is the weak spot here with
the Gen 1. But again, 11 to 1 compression ratio, port-injection,
kinda the first iteration of the intake manifold design, which was the weakest of the bunch. There’s a lot of good intake manifolds for
these things now. But for the kinda founder of the Coyote lineage,
certainly, not a bad step for Ford. But let’s go over. We’ll skip the Gen 2, which was found in the
’15 through ’17, and dive right into the Gen 3. So here it is, guys, the Gen 3 Coyote, 12
to 1 compression ratio. Now, a port-injection and direct-injected. So as such, they’re able to run such a high
compression ratio and keep things pretty safe. These things stock are just capable of so
much. Again, I’ve been talking about it in all of
our reviews. Those guys down in Midnight Performance, they’re
getting even faster, 860 stock engine, stock trans, stock converter. The guys are making 1,000-plus all day long
with these things. It’s really not that uncommon anymore. So it just goes to show you what these engines
are capable of. Now, better rods in these things, of course,
better head design, better cams, and of course that compression ratio allows you to just
make so much more power compared to that guy. So 460, 420 here at the crank stock, and this
one is backed by the 10-speed auto, which you guys know. MT-82 is still very much alive and well in
the lineage. Some would argue it’s not that great in the
’18 and ’19 due to shifter fork issues, things like that. But overall, guys, the stock automatic transmission
in this thing is absolutely stellar so far. And this is before aftermarket support, so
there’s no billet input shafts yet, no converters, clutch packs, things like that. So as a stock transmission, very, very capable. And honestly, I cannot wait to dive into this
thing and start adding horsepower by the hundreds. But one more thing to do before we go for
a spin, guys, and that is hop in and break down these interiors. All right. Again, guys, we are gonna start with the 2014
here. And, yes, this is a base car, so cloth interior,
really not all that fancy. And in my opinion, the ’13 and the ’14, or
the S197 in general, the later years, was more of a transition year, if you will, when
it came to interior design for Ford. The early S197s, let’s be honest, were pretty
painful as far as interior design goes in my opinion, and then the ’15s through ’19s
are just basically leap years ahead of where they were 10 years ago. But sticking with the car here, it still had
that retro feel. Right? The gauges were very much kind of that old-school
design, in addition to just a straight-up-and-down interior. There really wasn’t anything fancy to it. Now, me personally, I do have an aftermarket
navigation unit in the car. It does have SYNC. So there are some creature comforts or some
tech in there that was helpful at first. But as far as comparing them to the later
years, it’s really just no comparison whatsoever. So speaking of which, let’s go take a closer
look at that. And this is what I’m talking about. I mean, as you can see, these interiors are
just light years ahead of where the S197 was at the time. And that really shouldn’t come as any surprise,
as car manufacturers tend to get better with age. And as things get newer, designs start getting
a little bit more sleek, if you will, and that certainly is the case here with the S550. Now, obviously, we’re comparing apples and
oranges with a base car to a premium 401A package. But it’s just a great example of how far Ford
has come with their interior design. And this is even a better example because
you’re getting things like the Recaros with the blue stitching, and that stitching is
everywhere in the interior, as you guys saw with the reveal video. But on top of that, you got things like SYNC
3, the B&O Play System, which sounds amazing, by the way, 12 damn speakers in this thing. Just light years ahead of the S197 in every
way and clear victor, for sure. But now, time to drive these things a little
bit, see how they feel in comparison on the road. And what do you say, we start with age before
beauty? All right, guys. We’re out in the 2014 first, and obviously,
it is far from stock. It’s on bias-plies right now and skinnies,
because you never know when a drag race is gonna break out. And as such, the ride is not ideal. It’s all about doing one thing, and that is
kinda going fast in a straight line and maybe turning if you wanted to. There’s a lot of polyurethane stuff in the
mix here and…Oh, this thing still rips. I never get tired of it, never will I. I mean,
would I want more? Yes. I think I said that in the original build
video. But aside from the fact that this thing has
a whole hell of a lot of horsepower compared to stock and besides the tire situation, the
suspension situation, it’s still got that beautiful, beautiful manual transmission. Right? As good as the autos will get, it’ll never
replace the feeling of just ripping off a good old-fashioned downshift. There’s something about driving a stick where
you got total control of your machine. You feel kinda like a badass when doing so. And that’s just something an auto will never
be able to reproduce. Even though technically, it’s only four to
five years old, which isn’t really a long time, it’s kind of an eternity in the world
of cars. Right? Because we see how much things change over
such a short period of time, case in point, this interior and suspension technology. Suspension-wise, well, it’s still got the
live rear axle, solid rear axle. We still have a lot of BMR goodies going on. There’s a lot of NVH, which is something you
don’t get in a stock car. You’re just used to these noises, these rattles,
things like that, where you’ve modified it as heavily as I have. A great way, I think, to summarize, it’s like
the ’14 is Mike Tyson in his prime – rough around the edges, powerful, strong, just Mike
Tyson. The S550, on the other hand, is like Conor
McGregor. And, yeah, I know he just lost, but never
mind that. They’re both really good in their own respects,
but the S550 is a little bit more Euro in style. Right? A little flashier, maybe a little bit more
refined, I guess. Let’s bring this thing on back to the shop,
hop in the ’19, and see what that thing is all about. All right. So now that we’re in the 2019, it’s a night-and-day
difference between the two. This is the car you take your grandma to church
in. The ’14 is the car you take your date out
in and try to impress her. Now, that’s not to say this isn’t impressive,
per se. It’s just a very subdued experience. Exhaust is there, but it’s obviously not nearly
as loud, and the ride is…It’s an auto. I mean, listen, you’re not gonna impress any
girls driving an auto, right? So you get back to that whole manuals are
great for impressing chicks, but the autos are always gonna win races and be a hell of
a lot better in traffic, which is where this thing shines. Listen, I’ve driven this thing to work a few
times, and I literally just hang out, don’t even think about shifting, clutch isn’t in
and out a million times. It’s a wonderful thing. Now, will an auto ever be as fun as a manual? Well, I’m sure given enough horsepower, sure. But transmission for transmission, the manual
is gonna win all day every day, and twice on Sundays. But aside from the transmission and the fact
that this thing feels like it’s five years newer – it’s tight, doesn’t rattle, nice and
quiet – the difference between the interiors is staggering, and it’s almost depressing. As an S197 owner, when I got done reviewing
that 2015 GT at the time and got back into my 2014, you’re like, “Aw, man.” It’s just…it’s that different. And again, I know I’m comparing a base car
to a five-year newer premium car. But you wanna talk differences, that’s the
biggest difference. Let’s downshift this thing a few gears with
these paddles. I mean, it’s no slouch for being stock and
400-plus-horsepower to the tires. It’s still enough to put you back in your
seat, still certainly enough to get you in trouble. But when it comes to just brute force and
put you back in your seat, the clear victor is obviously my 2014. Now, as far as sound, well, I’m very impressed
with what Ford did. The ’15 to ’17 cars sound absolutely neutered
from the factory, which is really a shame. The ’18 sounds perfect for a factory car. It’s got enough grunt. But again, long tubes with the Corsa on my
car, I think it’s actually really, really perfect. So I’d have to give the nod to my ’14 there. But overall, driving experience, I would drive
this car across country and not even blink twice. Now, granted, when we start ripping this thing
apart and having fun, that might change. But I’m still confident that maximizing a
car’s potential while still being just creature comfort to the max, that’s my goal with this
thing. So fun factor easily goes to the S197 and
the manual transmission. But creature comfort and stress-free driving,
that’s the ’19. Well, guys, we hope you enjoyed this brief,
little comparison between my two cars. Let us know what you think. Are you an S550 fan, or are you S197 until
you die? Let us know and drop us a comment wherever
you’re watching this. But in the meantime, guys, thanks for watching
and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already. And for all things Mustang, keep it right
here, at americanmuscle.com.

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    S197 vs S550, which Mustang is your Favorite?

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    When it comes to driving the two cars I will stick to the live rear end in the 2013-2014, road racing isn't my style anyway and Ford did the best job ever controlling the beast in the back on the 13-14 Mustang. Plus, it was the 13-14 Mustang that made it through the sloam course faster with its live rear end than the same year Chevy Camaro with its Independent rear end and the Camaro had wider tires all around that should have really given it the edge. And after all the car magazines kept saying Ford had a stone age set up, they ended up with egg on their face. But, the newer Mustangs are advancing power output, increases in driver control of all that power, more comfort on long drives and are over all are producing a more refined Mustang. But, the real question is if we tame the Mustang to much will it lose what makes it so appealing in the first place? There is a real difference between riding a wild Mustang and being on a show pony and Ford needs to make sure they don't turn one into the other and ruin the adventure for us all.

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  25. I have owned a 90 LX, a 98 Cobra, and now a 16 GT, and I drove a '12 extensively …… i love all three for different reasons… none of them are better than the other, EXCEPT my 90 LX, because it was my first…

    I just started modding my 2016 GT. It's by far my most favorite overall, just due to new technology, and the 5.0 Gen 3 Coyote … but that doesn't make it "better" … I loved all three for different reasons…

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  32. The 19s exhaust isn't that loud? Obviously you're not using it in track mode. I have a 19 and it's the best car I've ever had. If you don't like change your not going to like it. I had a 2002 and didnt like the designs from 05 to 18.

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  38. Justin,
    I also have a 14GT, Gotta have it Green and 19GT in Orange Fury.
    Agree with the muscle looks and style of the front of the 14 over the 19. Agree with you on the remainder, my 19 is equipped very similar. When someone ask me about the two I break it down to this, The 14 has the feel of a 60's, 70's muscle car. The 19 has crossed over to a high tech sports car.
    I also have the active exhaust which has great, sound in sport and track modes, no reason to mod.
    Great review. Thanks

  39. S197 will always have my heart because it was my first Mustang. But I totally agree, after my accident that totalled my pony. While it was in the shop getting diagnosed, I was driving the 2017 GT Mustang and it was night and day as far as interior. The exhaust sound was good, and the back up camera was a new feature that was a creature comfort that I knew I wanted to have moving forward.

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    18+ are really fun cars too and I love the factory quad tip exhaust plus 12:1 is awesome!

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