Justin’s 2014 Mustang GT Build 640+ HP || Roush Supercharger, McLeod Clutch, Corsa Sport – HOT LAP

Justin’s 2014 Mustang GT Build 640+ HP || Roush Supercharger, McLeod Clutch, Corsa Sport – HOT LAP

Justin: What’s up everybody? I’m Justin with americanmuscle.com and welcome
to Hotlap. No, your eyes are not deceiving you, yes my
2014 GT is back in the shop finally, and we’re about to have some fun. Now, it’s almost been three years to the day
I unveiled this thing to you guys for the very first time, and since then, I had a kid
and this thing’s been heavily neglected. But that’s all gonna change here today, we’re
about to throw some serious parts at this thing because after all, I can’t let Stephanie
have all the fun, right? And guys, if you like what you see, if you
like Stephanie’s build or if you like my build, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel
because we have a lot more cool stuff coming. Well, guys, the cover jet was a lot of fun
while it lasted, but like they say, all good things must come to an end and I’m tired of
going slow, Joe. So, what are we doing? Joe: Let’s rip this thing out of here. Justin: We’re gonna rip it out, we’re gonna
throw some boost at this thing so, out with the old in with the new. Let’s do it. Now while Joe and I are actually cranking
away up on the disassembly, you’re probably wondering what kind of power rider I’m going
with. Well, wonder no more guys, here it is. The Roush Phase 3 TVS Supercharger kit. Now, this is a blower I actually have a lot
of experience with because I actually assembled one of these guys when we did visit Roush
a couple of years back, and who knows, maybe this is the one I assembled. I’m just gonna pretend it is. In my opinion guys, boost is a lot like beer,
right? All kind of beer is good in my book, all kinds
of boost is good in my book as well. Some typical TVS Twin Screw Turbo, it doesn’t
matter I’m gonna like it one way or another. And ultimately, I did land on the TVS because
it’s a tried and true set up on the Coyote, it’s gonna provide a nice usable power band
for a street car. Sure it’s gonna kick some ass at the track
at least I hope, and then on top of that we are gonna add in the ID1000 injectors. Again, another tried and true set up guys,
I would like to run Korn on this E85 if the tune allows, we’ll just see how the time frame
works out for us. So, big Joe and I are rolling right along
with the install here or disassembly, now we’re actually gonna get to the installation
point, and we’ve come to the scariest part of the install, at least for me. We have to start cutting and anytime you do
a TVS blower on the Coyote, there is a few areas you need to clearance here, a couple
of losses on the timing cover and a boss in the intake valley. So, you need to break out the grinder or whatever
you have, cover some things up here because you’re gonna start throwing some aluminum. We’re gonna use our highly scientific trash
bags to cover as much as possible before we start doing some surgery. Guys, it’s looking like a supercharger finally,
and it’s been so far so good for Mr. Joe here, he’s smiling because he’s been dealing with
some of the headaches mainly the wiring which is your favorite part, right? But it’s coming together now. This is definitely the downhill slope I would
say, obviously, there’s still some steps involved, but it’s looking good man. I definitely got goosebumps seeing this thing
get dropped on for the first time. So, exciting times, here we go. All right guys, well, as you can see it looks
like a supercharger, everything’s pretty much wrapped up, obviously, the intake just got
thrown on, we have to fill this thing up with coolant, but here it is man. I can’t believe I finally have a blower on
top of this thing. It’s been a long time coming and it’s definitely
getting me very excited. But we still have a long way to go, a lot
of our work is gonna be done underneath the car next, so, we’re gonna top this thing off
with some coolant and then get this pig in the air. Well guys, as you can see the trans is out. Now we decided to do this first before tackling
those long tubes because we figured once the long tubes are in place, it was only gonna
make removing the trans a little bit trickier. So, here it is, the NT82, for better or worse
that’s what we’re going with here guys, we are gonna move the stock clutch and flywheel,
install some new goodies, and we’ll show you what we’re working with next. All right guys, so Joe and I have been busy
underneath the car and what you can see now a shiny new clutch and flywheel combo courtesy
of our friends over at McLeod. I went with the steel flywheel with the RST
Twin Disc. Now, I didn’t go RXT because honestly, the
RST is more clutch than I need, 800 horsepower, this thing is rated at. And I like this thing because it has organic
discs. Now, this is gonna be a little bit easier
on this guy over here, yes the tried and true, or tried and not so true NT82. The organic friction material is gonna be
a little bit easier on engagement thus hopefully kind of lengthening the lifespan of this thing. I’ve broken an NT82 before with the RXT and
listen, it’s a bad ass clutch, it can handle a lot of power, but the metallic material
with the RXT is sometimes just a little too gnarly for the NT82 in stock form. So, check this thing out man. I am so stoked to have this new Barton hybrid
three on here. Truth be told, I had an OG Barton on this
thing when I originally did the build back three years ago. But this recently came out, it looks so awesome,
the flagstick shifter and of course the white knob, I’m a big fan and I can’t wait to row
some gears with this thing. Last but not least guys, I can’t believe it’s
taken me this long to get this on the car, but braided stainless steel clutch line just
to kind of help improve the shifting experience overall. So, we’re making some progress here. The NT82 should shift like a dream with all
these new parts and help put some of that power down. Well, guys, with the trans back in place,
it’s now time to tackle the long tube headers and honestly, this is something I’ve wanted
to do this car ever since the end of stage three and I’m pumped that it’s happening right
now. I’m going with the stainless works, one and
seven eighth’s inch caded long tube header for my S197, they’re just really really nice
headers, man. I mean, a lot of companies make some solid
stuff, but I’ve always been impressed with the stainless works quality. Listen, the install is not fun as my buddy
Joe can tell you, but the payoff should be nice, the exhaust is gonna sound gnarly, and
we should pick up some power with that blower in place as well. Once the stainless works are in place that
means we can throw on that new one piece drive shaft in the drive shaft shop, I went aluminum
there. And then finish up the rest of the exhaust. I am making some smaller changes with that
as well, and we’ll cover those when we get to it. All right guys, so Joe and I are making great
progress on this thing, the headers are done, the over axle pipes are back in place, but
we have one missing piece of the puzzle, the Corsa sport axle-back exhaust system here,
with the quad tips and I cannot wait to hear what this thing sounds like in conjunction
with the stainless works long tubes. It’s gonna sound gnarly I’m sure. I did leave the factory over-axle pipes on
this thing with the resonators to keep some of the volume down but listen, man, this thing
is gonna be gnarly. Once we get these guys on, we’ll get a few
odds and ends and finish up with the suspension, then get this thing on the ground and fire
this thing up and I cannot wait. Well, guys, we’re pretty much wrapped with
the rear suspension here with my 2014 GT, we made the cut for the BMR sway bar relocation
kit and I’ll show you why in a second. Let’s quickly run down what else I did back
here. Brand new BMR lower control arms to freshen
up the ones I had on this thing, they were pretty beat after a few thousand miles, we
already knocked out the BMR upper rear control arm, the adjustable option which will be key
for dialing in the pinion angle with that one piece drive shaft now in place. We also installed the Cobra Jet rear springs,
we got rid of the coil overs for the back, so that should help us with this thing at
the strip in addition to the brand new Viking performance crusader rear shocks. These things are completely baller, 19 levels
of compression adjustment, 22 levels of rebound adjustment. So again, this thing should help get this
car off the line a little bit better and perform at the track when we do eventually take it
there. But, we also got some brakes going on, this
thing will eventually need to stop. The car has a few thousand miles on it, so
brakes were desperately needed. Extreme Stop’s kit is what we’re working with
here with the carbon graphite pads. It is a little bit more aggressive than the
ceramic pad and I’m excited to see how those things work out. But, let me get this car down and we’ll show
you why we had to install that sway bar relocation kit. And with that guys, now you can see why I
needed that BMR sway bar relocation kit, right? Check out this combination Forgestar’s new
F14 Drag Pack, you have a 15 by 10 in the rear, 17 by four and a half up front, and
I just love this wheel. It’s a very unique looking drag wheel, sure
the race star stuff looks great, the weld stuff is obviously awesome. But there’s nothing quite like these drag
wheels out there and I like being different so, that’s why I chose them. That’s not the big story here, wrapped around
these new Forgestar wheels you’re gonna find Mickey Thompson’s ET Street R bias ply, it
is their DOT legal bias ply tire, it’s gonna be a 28 by 11 and a half by 15. It’s a huge tire and quite frankly, it’s what
I need for a 373 car and a stick car. Listen, launching this thing at the track,
if you want a five K clutch dump, I’m gonna need a bias ply to soak up some of that drive
train shock, hopefully not grenade my diff in the process, there’s only one way to find
out and we’ll learn about that when we get to the track. But for now guys, we have one more mod to
show you. I swear I’m almost done and then it’s time
to make some power on the dyno. And with that, the physical build here with
my 2014 GT is officially wrapped. We went with the Cobra R Hood from Cervini’s
for a couple of different reasons. First and foremost, my stock hood took a beating
from a tree limb that fell in my driveway, so that had to go and it really only left
me with a couple of options. We sell the invader hood from Cervini’s which
really isn’t my style, and also this hood, the Cobra R which I really like because personally,
I’m a fan of cowl hoods for these cars. The four-inch cowls are just a little too
much in my opinion unless you’re making a thousand plus to the tire. So, this is a nice compromise. You get to step up into the cowl look here
and it’s still pretty decent cowl. I feel it balances the car out rather nicely
and overall guys, I really couldn’t be happier with how this car turned out. Big thanks to my buddy Joe, sitting over there,
he really killed himself on this build and as a result, the car is looking good, hopefully
running good. We do have to put some miles on this thing
before we toss it over to the dyno, but we’re gonna some movie magic. We’re gonna put some miles on this thing and
get it on the dyno for some tuning and we’ll show you guys the results. Well, guys, we just wrapped up the dyno and
if you can’t tell, I’m smiling ear to ear because the car is making awesome power, 643
horsepower, 564 pound for the torque at the rear wheels. I could not be any happier with the power numbers. I just wanted something with a six in front
of it and we did that and then some. I couldn’t have done it without the guys over
at VMP Performance. They had this car dialed in making great power
safely on a stock long block and about 10 pounds of boost. I mean, I couldn’t ask for very much more
guys, compare this to what I was making before just over 400 wheel horsepower. Obviously, it’s a healthy increase, right? So, there’s only one more thing to do, get
this thing out on the street and finally have some fun. Let’s get into it a little bit, shall we? And there’s triple digits, just like that. Oh guys, what a feeling. Here we are, I’ve had this car for just over
four years and I got off to a great start with the suspension, but then I had my kid. She loves this car, I love this car, and I
just wanna pass that on to my daughter. I want her to be a gear head, right? But enough about my family life. Let’s talk about the car. Oh, my God. I’m blown away at a couple of things. First and foremost, damn those Mickeys hook. I mean, for 650 wheel, those ET Street R biased
plys, are the truth. Obviously, I’ll see what they can do at the
track when the time comes, but for now pretty impressed. Secondly, I really cannot say enough good
things about the guys at VMP, these guys know what they’re doing, they killed it on the
tune, and you guys saw the results, right? About 640 something, 560. I really could not be happier with those numbers. I don’t need to have a thousand horsepower
car, would I like one? Sure, but the reality is 650 is more than
enough to have fun and get in trouble with. As you can see we’re just sitting here to
light that Corsa sport is dead quiet at idle, and then when you crack it, it comes to life
for sure. It’s a nice balance because I like to think
I coined the phrase “face melter” for the Corsa extreme, it’s cool and all, it’s just
listen. Ten years ago sure, but I’m 35, I wanna drive
my daughter around in this car, and the extreme is just a little too much for me. The sport, on the other hand, is absolutely
perfect with the stainless works cad and long tubes. This sounds awesome, but then let me throw
it in sixth. I don’t hear anything, dead quiet. The first time I got this thing off the lift,
I got goosebumps. It was cool seeing it and being like shit
that’s my car. I think the car has a good balance of not
being completely over the top with a bunch of crazy stick on parts. Sure it doesn’t look like a sleeper and I’m
not gonna pretend like this thing is. especially with the cowl hood, the big and
little combo. But at the same time I mean, it’s literally
just the hood, the Roush Chin Spoiler kit, and of course, the wheels and you know, some
other little touches that I could not be happier with how the car sits. From an appearance standpoint, suspension
standpoint, this car really just…as it sits now is everything I’ve always kind of envisioned
this car to be when I got it. We’ve kind of had a bond over the last few
years you and I, and I still would get questions every day when are we gonna see your car again? When are we gonna see your car again? Well, here it is and I hope it’s been worth
the wait. Without further ado guys, I guess that’s gonna
wrap this thing up and I hope you’ve enjoyed it, I know I had a lot of fun building it
with Joe, it really is a dream come true for me personally. So, something tells me you guys will be seeing
this thing again very soon. Apparently, there’s another car at AM that
has twin turbos, an airbag I don’t know. Maybe you’ve seen it. Obviously, Stephanie’s S550 is nasty. We have some friendly betting going on here
to see who could take who down and we might just have to make that happen for you guys. So, let us know if you’d like to see that. Meantime, thanks for watching my build, hope
you enjoyed it, and for all things Mustang, keep it right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  16. Beautiful car. Do you recommend I get an S197…? 2015s plus a little to steep…Are there advantages to the S197..,?

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