Keltec CMR-30 & PMR-30 22 Magnum

Keltec CMR-30 & PMR-30 22 Magnum

welcome back to the channel guys I’m hank strange this is my buddy Chad from Kel-tec chad do you want to tell everyone what
we’re up to this weekend yeah we’re out here for a couple of days shooting with iraqvet 8888 and his whole crew as you can hear
they’re popping rounds off in the back round having some fun probably with some awesome Kel-tec products and yeah they open up their
range to us and the hankstrange nation and talking lead and we’ve had several friends come out Aaargo Jay, Peter Palma and so we’ve just been shooting
some steel and videoing everything and doing some testing and having some fun the really cool thing here is that
kel-tec gave an exclusive to the iraqvet crew with the new RDB and the CMR right that we have
here and then the M43 you know at Shot
Show people didn’t get a chance to see those things actually being fired but
everyone fell in love except for one little caveat they didn’t see it being fired yet right yeah so
we’ve been doing a little bit of prone shooting and standing shooting
and I think today we’re going to stretch out do love a long-range
shooting as well and hopefully we can get a little run and
gunning and if we can’t do it this trip they’ve invited us back to actually come out and do some running and gunning on some steel and paper and and all kinds of crazy targets or would
love to see them in Florida absolutely since they’ve been so gracious
and opening and welcoming to us here on the farm that’s right the IV 8888 farm come out to Florida and let us
roll out the red carpet for you guys absolutely let’s do this back to the shooting what do you got in your hands chad right here we have a burnt bronze PMR-30 this is my personal slightly customized PMR 30 very sweet this is one of my favorite guns from Kel-Tec really fun to shoot it’s like my little laser beam. which we’re
gonna demonstrate in a minute right very lightweight but you know then we’ve got Bam! CMR 30 coming out soon. Everyone thinks
this is vaporware Chad is it? it’s not this will be out third quarter. we did
introduce that few years ago at SHOT Show we just had
some problems in the firearms world with guns getting banned and all that stuff
so we did put it on the back burner for a little while it is coming out third quarter this year. cool do you know what the price is going to be when it comes out? the MSRP on it again will be around $575 I’m not 100 percent sure on that but it’s in
that area is it coming out as it is here as it set up I mean are
you guys making little changes to it or there’s a couple add-ons to this
particular gun here this little deflector here is put on it will probably sell as an
accessory for left-handed shooters all of the gun does eject out
pretty well without this thing you know but for left-hand shooters it ensures the brass isn’t going to come back in their face and everything else in the gun is completely ambidextrous so this is why we put that on there another another accessory we may add is the extension the charging handle if you flip it over here you see on the top of it here there’s a seam that’s an actual extension for the charging handles okay and these aren’t
not reciprocating by the way so as you are firing its not
moving okay and so what do you mess with to close this down. I know you have
some different positions gotta go all right here yeah there you go okay that’s just like
my KSG that’s sweet I like that yeah now the beautiful thing about these
obviously is if you know how the PMR runs there’s
no magazine but the magazine goes into PMR right
so the same magazine from the PMR is the magazine that goes in the CMR awesome can we get like a 60
rounder or something Toby can we please get a 60 rounder somebody make a 60 round I mean it’s
sweet 30 but 60 is always better than 30 I think our engineer Toby he did build us I
think it was a fifty rounder and I think it functioned pretty
well and it actually looked pretty going into the gun because there wasn’t a lot a
lot a magazine sticking out he actually built it so the bottom plate
on the magazine was formed to fit alright so yeah what we’re
gonna do is shoot this beautiful bird bronze PMR 30
that you have and then we’ll also shoot the CMR i’m always ready to shoot something
what are you going to shoot out here with the PMR pick some targets take those sodas
down how about that alright i’ll take down a few of them yeah I want to see those sodas go down all right i’ll give it a shot I’m not the greatest shooter in the world everybody ready eyes and ears Hang on a second who loaded this mag hankstrange oh I forgot to tap tap the mags hahaha oh and its rim-locked all right let me see where i’m hitting on steel real quick why don’t you try hitting some steel with it you like it I love it man that’s how hankstrange loads his .22 mags wait a second how do you know I loaded that I don’t but i’m blaming it on you anyways you’re going to call it a hank you see how I get blamed for everything I load my PMR magazines I loaded two
mags so if one of them worked good more than likely I loaded the good ones and you loaded the messed up one I loaded Speer Gold I don’t know where
these where this came from so okay those hollow points I don’t know
let’s look the okay I might have loaded that yeah yeah thanks again Hank for
making me look bad i’ll shoot it for you here shoot the same model that more
people want to see again yet that this is really sweet on of
course I’m waiting for the RDB yeah but man I’m really looking
forward to this by the way we just threw that that vortex razor optic on there I
didn’t even touch it adjusted on and it’s
hitting dead on very sweet and we’d like to thank vortex
for all their support too but see if I can make those little tiny guns move you’re hitting just a little bit low let me go out here to that tree go a little further here let’s do and I ran outta ammo man now this gun does have a last round bolt lock this is a prototype so it’s just you
notice a little quirky we have to work out this is really nice man I’m really really really looking forward to this you know I don’t know which one it’s hard to
choose either the RDB or the CMR they’re both really exciting and that’s why you need to get both
yeah you gotta get both now we are going to shoot the CMR from about 75 yards Yeah we’ll see if we can go on
couples of those 100, 150 whatever were standing we’ve got some silhouettes
down there let’s do it enough talking you want to go first no you go first I’m going for the same target alright I’m out good shooting no i’m not out only one left but we can’t let that one
stay there get a head shot see if you can hit that gong out there in the center It’s having issues feeding that’s it it’s hitting you got some good hits It’s pretty cool I can keep this one and just keep
testing it further I could even clean it and everything for you so I already
promised that to six other people yet but they’re not hank strange this is true yes so let’s forget I don’t know who those
people are but we’ll just forget about them wait there’s
a round on the ground let me see that thing one more time one more get there
should be more than one on the ground what do you think all the way out a couple more there Who gets Eric from iraqvet bringing them ammo not everyone plus a special delivery here look here’s a few more should i shoot it go for it no we want to see you shoot it alright i’ll load these in Hank Strange don’t worry about it you gotta do some work you can’t just be here looking good all the time pretty good sweet alright so there you go CMR I be rachet I be rachet I don’t know I’m not even good at that alright so now we’re going to shoot This is Hank Strange this has been the lifestyles of the locked and loaded respect it

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  1. CMRs are readily available now. I waited until I bought my PMR since they had issues with the gun as it was issued first time. They had problems with the fluted barrel but once Kel-Tec replaced the barrel with a re-engineered version the problems went away. I also waited for the prices to go down since Kel-Tec couldn't keep up with demand and it sold everywhere for way more than MSRP. The MSRP is $415 meaning without supply issues you'd be able to find the gun on the street for $350 or so. As it was I paid $430 for mine with shipping. They were selling like mad for almost $700 for a couple of years before supply finally caught up with demand. (some retailers need to be reminded of that since many of them are still priced over $600 on Gun Broker but those sit) I read the instructions on loading and paid strict attention to the way I loaded the magazines by tapping the back of the magazine every 5 rounds for the first 20 and then after every round up to 30. I actually only load 25 since the last 5 are too hard to load and it's not worth the hassle. I also use only Speer 40 gr. GDHP and Hornady Critical Defense 45 gr. FTX ammo. I have shot Remington Premier 33 gr. and Federal 50 gr. Game-Shock before without any problems but the aforementioned loads are the ones I use mostly. I have avoided all 30 gr. loads per Kel-Tec since they say it could cause the guns not to cycle although I know many people who have shot the Hornady 30 gr. A-MAX loads without any issues. And guess what, I have not had any issues with the gun. I have had a couple of duds as rimfire ammo is prone to do sometimes although .22 mag is not as bad as .22 LR and a couple of issues when I let someone else load the magazines. (they don't frikkin listen) Now the CMRs are readily available but the street price is $850 plus and more. The MSRP is only $575 so it could be awhile before you see it come back down because it seems like demand for these is high right now just like it was with the pistols. These guns are perfect for a bug out bag. The same 30 round magazine works for both the PMR and CMR and spare mags are only about $25 each and are also readily available. I bought 4 extra mags for my PMR. I haven't got any idea what kind of increased muzzle velocity you get from the CMR carbine but I'd be willing to bet that it is at least 200 fps additional compared to the PMR. The Hornady CD 45 gr. FTX would make an excellent lite hunting load and I think the Federal 50 gr Game-Shock would be an excellent hunting load out of the CMR as well. I wouldn't risk trying to shoot a deer with a .22 mag unless I was in a dire situation. But you could make it work if you had to (with a bit of tracking albeit) considering you could keep poring out the lead. The round is perfect for smaller game although in most cases it is too devastating for squirrels and rabbits so head shots would be important. 2000 rounds of .22 mag weighs less than 20 lbs. Carrying both of these guns with that 2000 rounds of ammo would not be too burdensome weight wise so they are a good choice to keep in your B.O.B. along with maybe a pistol in a larger caliber you could carry on your person in a holster. I would also think about putting one of the inexpensive but good quality rimfire scopes made by Leopold, Nikkon or Redfield on the CMR to ensure a decent level of accuracy. The .22 mag is not the most accurate round in the world but at 75 yards and in with a scope on the longer barrel CMR you will have plenty enough accuracy to get the job done.

  2. i am 28 year old guy, i love firearms but have never had the chance to own of fire one.

  3. All I want to say is the magazine design is bad not just in the prototype but even in the pmr-30s on the market and it always has been. it needs to be redesigned so it is more reliable and easier to load. Everyone I know that has one of these pistols including myself has the following issues:

    #1 getting 30 rounds in the magazine (nearly impossible at times and usually ends in bent brass cases NOT GOOD) I have this problem even when loading the first rounds in the magazine. They just bend too easily and I have tried all the brands and even the CCI maxi-mag case bends from the loading of the following cartridge.

    #2 difficult loading leads to denting the brass when loading due to the force to load the magazines

    #3 issues with getting the cartridges inserted correctly. You need a course in loading these things because everyone loads them incorrectly from time to time. Even the reps cant load these things reliably.

    #4 high amount of feeding failures

    *When it works it is an awesome little pistol but every time I pick it up I wonder if it will work or not. I would say 30% of the time something goes wrong. Even the Kel-tec rep can't keep the thing running and that includes the PMR-30 which has been around for several years.

    It isn't the prototype guys it is a problem with the magazine and feed design. You guys at Kel-tec are in denial or just not being honest that the design is bad. Fix it and give us a better magazine and then do a press release that you fixed it so we all know about it and offer something to everyone that has one already for a reasonably priced upgrade.

    You guys at Kel-tec are very creative and have wonderful ideas but you need to stop designing new products and focus on fixing all the ones you have already made and make them reliable. The PMR-30 magazine and feeding design is probably one of the worst designs out there.

  4. The beautiful thing is it uses the same magazine. Talk about a statement to ruin credibility. Right there it shows failure in the handgun.

  5. I've been looking for a CMR can't find it…. got the PMR I like it. Sooo I see now by the sales rep, if it malfunctions just hit it on something to fix it. OK! 😒

  6. In regard to the CMR,
    I just want to stress this point in case Kel-Tec cares about what consumers have to say;
    THIS GUN (especially at this price-point) MAKES NO SENSE IF IT'S NOT
    A.) AFFORDABLE TO SHOOT/FOR PLINKING (AS IN .22LR, especially if it's a malfunction prone rim-fire)
    B.) A CENTER-FIRE PISTOL CALIBER CARBINE (IDEALLY 9MM & 10MM WITH A 16" BARREL, because if it uses ammo that costs more than .22LR, it should BE CAPABLE OF MORE THAN PLINKING and have some MAN-STOPPING-POWER. It'd make for a pretty sweet tactical pistol caliber carbine in these calibers, and if they made it so YOU COULD SWAP BETWEEN 9MM AND 10MM CALIBERS, these thing would FLY OFF THE SHELVES AT THAT PRICEPOINT, EVEN A SLIGHTLY MORE EXPENSIVE ONE…)
    Seriously, who at Kel-Tec thought people would pay this much for an expensive to shoot, malfunction-prone, plinkster? Did they design this in a vacuum or an echo-chamber?

    Judging by the failures, they should've used a centerfire round if they're not going to use the economical .22LR. But even if they did, I wouldn't buy one if it wasn't .22LR. UNLESS they bumped it up to 9mm/10mm, THEN it would be worthwhile and a truly badass design. But it ONLY makes sense as either a .22LR so that it's affordable to shoot or 9mm/10mm so that it'd actually be useful as a tactical/defensive weapon. I'd put money on this gun attracting H&K fanatics (like myself) due to its MP7 like design and the charging handles.
    You'd think a H&K fanatic like myself wouldn't be concerned with prices, but I'm not rich, so I can only justify H&K prices if I'm buying an H&K. This gun ISN'T EVEN close to living up to H&K standards.

  7. Hey the guy said "Prototype " people. You do know what a prototype is right? Hold judgement until it hits production and the stores.

  8. I would like to see a 22lr and a 9mm version of this and the pistol come out. Maybe excepting M&P and Glock magazines. This is a interesting little firearm. Thanks for the video.

  9. Funny, I have literally never tapped a mag after loading it and I've never had a problem. Sounds like a garbage pistol to me.

  10. I realize guns need break in but these malfunctions are the norm. That would be an amazing 500$ gun….. If only… 22 mag…. Love it!!!!! Can shoot for a year with my Sig or Ruger with not one issue.


    Cool weapon. Man do I want one. The video is so awesome on a great gun.

  12. a parrot on your shoulder? a giant bird lizard like a parrot but very large with something on it's shoulder well dexterity but ah I was pondering the parrot having a gun on its shoulder

  13. The bolt on the CMR is bouncing back when going into battery with a fresh round and that can cause problems. The bolt really needs to lock forward when going into batty with zero bounce.

  14. Do you know is the CMR-30 will be available here in the UK? S&W 1522's are very popular here but .22wmr in semi auto is legal too but no semi auto 'black rifles' are available in .22wmr up until now. It would just need to have a 12" barrel and be 24" overall length.

  15. I haven't really seen anyone SBR one of these yet. As cheesy and finicky as these carbines are, it's the closest thing you can get to the HK MP7…A gun I'm dying to get.

  16. can you guys start manufacturing boat loads of 22 mag. ammo also since it's very hard to find and expensive when I do find it.

  17. a pistol chambered in .22 lr with a 30 round cap. mag.
    would also be a great idea since all other 22lr pistols like Ruger sr22, Smith, all have only 10-12 round capacity mags.

  18. The number of "gun pro's" that cannot say AM-BI-DEX-TROUS is amazing. It isn't like "industrious" or "illustrious".
    It's just an AMerican guy named DEX who wears a TRUSS. Bambi Is his pet. He's kinda "BAMBI-DEX-TRUSS."

  19. Why THE FUCK are Keltecs so hard to find online, and so fucking expensive when you do find them in person???? Over MSRP usually, its bullshit.

  20. RELIABILITY…..these guns just can not be relied on to perform on a consistent basis. Just look at all the trouble these guys were having on this video….SMH

  21. I just brought a brand new pmr30 for $450plus tax and im already having doesnt want to eject the fired spent round from the barrel so it can load a new round..i want to get the CMR to but Jesus christ keltec fix your guns i have to open a claim with keltec amd wait 8 weeks to get this issue resolved..freaking sucks ma

  22. Give Keltec credit. They are willing to take chances on unique firearm designs and they keep the prices very low.

  23. I Have had 4 keltec 22 magnums this week 3 pmr 30s and 1 cmr all 4 will not feed reliably. For the price it should run like a Swiss watch. I would not recommend this gun to anyone, but at the same time I have a keltec ksg that I love. The CMR is very accurate when it works. I also have a keltec PF9 that I love. Guys I like what you at keltec are trying to do with the pmr/cmr but this one is a dud.

  24. Sales rep is as terrible as the quality. Whilst holstering A Glock, he offered no specs, accessories, features, or any info on his own product. Pathetic.

  25. I just bought my Kel-Tec CMR-30 rifle. It was apparently the only one at the local gun show, the dealer did not replace it with another on display 5 hours later. I had already checked every pawn shop and gun store within 25 miles, none. I cleaned it overnight and fired it next day. I had no problems except those caused by a failure to properly load the magazine. I added a short scope, a 3×9 at 40 mm. I 'zeroed in' using a barrel laser and a few shots at 25, 50, and 100 yards, maximum available space. I was very pleased. I added a homemade carbon fiber forward hand grip. I will add a white light and perhaps a laser for close counter.
    It is a very well made rifle and is much fun as well as a serious weapon. Recoil is straight rearward, allowing quick access to target again. I do recommend a firm pull-in grip to shoulder. When firing from a non-shouldered position it handles very well. Instinct shooting at close range is very attainable. The 22 WMR at 40 grains was a good choice for this rifle. I had no misfires and only a few failure to feeds. I began at 20 rounds in each mag. Fired 400 rounds for the day. I want to thank Kel Tec for making a fine rifle. I have fired a few other of their guns and riles, but not a bull pup as yet.

  26. Good news is Kel Tec fixed these problems . With every purchase you get a free 55 gallon drum to bang your mag on and a tech to follow you around to clear all jams.

  27. I love the the concept, but how can I buy something that malfunction so much. kelTec needs to fix those problems before I will buy it.

  28. I really wanted the cmr but after seeing multiple videos of it jamming,I picked up a ruger 10/22 instead. I set it up with a nice stock and sights,still cheaper than the cmr plus reliable. I'm thinking the only quality product kel-tec has put out was the sub 2000 2nd gen. They have great designs but I wouldn't use a keltec for self defense. The "it's a prototype" excuse ran dry,what now ?

  29. Sadly the production version still has too many issues. These malfunctions happen to mine. I wish I hadn't been as excited when I bought it. It's one of those things, if it cycled correctly 100% of the time I would say it was worth every penny. It does improve slightly after it breaks in, but for near $500.00 it should work out of the box.

  30. Hey Hank, does Keltec or any ot their distributors offer a package deal on the PMR and CMR? If not, they should!

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