Killer Look! Pro-Line Racing Upgraded Traxxas X-Maxx Build – Giveaway Series Part 3 | RC Driver

Killer Look! Pro-Line Racing Upgraded Traxxas X-Maxx Build – Giveaway Series Part 3  | RC Driver

So what should we do today actually I know exactly what we’re gonna
do today because I didn’t get those new parts yet that I told you guys about for
our Proline X-Maxx giveaway build so we are going to concentrate on the only
thing left that proline has to offer that we haven’t talked about yet and
that is the body now this is the stock body looks very cool but proline makes
some awesome options for the xmax and I decided that we are going to put the
Ford f-150 Raptor body on this thing from proline it is a pre-cut body and it
comes clear and that means it needs to get painted right guys and we can’t just
give the winner of this truck an ordinary old one color paint job so I
sent it down to my buddy Larry at Kustom RC Graphics in Florida and he came up
with something very cool are you ready to see this this is this is the custom
Ford f-150 Raptor Proline body that one lucky winner is going to get with this
build truck and you know proline make some really awesome bodies this has some
cool detail it comes pre-cut from the factory and you know what it’s really
easy to install because it’s pretty cut even the holes are drilled so I can go
and transfer the inner cage from the Traxxas body into the proline body I’m
going to do that right now alright I’ve got that body mounting
system swapped out here and I mean this thing just looks so cool guys whoever
gets this is just gonna have a dial truck let’s see how this thing looks on
here it’s just awesome doesn’t it guys Larry did a great job on that and that
pro-line body is just fantastic I forgot to mention it does come with
decals as well so if you go and grab one for yourself after you’re done painting
it yes you do get all the decals put on there but I don’t think it’s done just
yet I think we need to install pro lens dual roll light bar and I gotta do that
right now Wow how sick does this body look
pro-line knows how to make an awesome looking
body and this rafter is just sick and this paint job is killer as well custom
RC graphics knocked it out of the park but what I really like is this light bar
on here now makes the truck look so aggressive and it’s pretty easy to
install all I did was put the light bar up on the top marked where the holes
needed to be drilled drilled a couple holes and then bolted it down with the
supplied hardware then I went drilled another hole to run the wires into the
cab and I actually went to took the connector off the wire so I could run it
into a small hole so it’s got a nice clean look to it then when put the
connector back on after that went down to the receiver box pop the top on that
and put in that supplied wire harness that proline gave with a light kit
pretty easy to do just have to plug that into an auxilary port and then of course
plug everything and and look at this truck so aggressive so cool so sick
really wish I didn’t have to give it away and if you like the look
this body if you light that light bar or any of other prolines cool accessories
for the xmax you can always head over to proline
racing comm put your stuff into the cart and then when you go to checkout make
sure you use discount code RCDriver10 so you get 10% off of your order now we
do get a little cut of that but you save money in the process which is ultra cool
alright guys that just leaves those new parts I told you about and they’re on
their way I already got the UPS notification for it so that is going to
be next week’s video you’re gonna see those new parts so make sure you hit the
subscribe button the notifications bell and then at the end of that video I
might just tell you how to enter the giveaway

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Greg can't believe that is an really awesome looking truck; what a beast and everything is coming together.
    Thanks great build and great channel to watch .

  2. That is one Awesome Build. Great Channel I always get a lot of great ideas. I can't wait for the give away.Wanted to say good luck to everyone who enters. It would be nice to win but , To me who ever wins its a great win !!

  3. Dude that body is Sick my brotha, incredible job Custom RC Graphics did,and the truck looking so stocky and beefy, it just looks mean ,Great Job!!!

  4. Loving the build !!! Love the shocks, and that new body is sweet!!! I agree with who ever wins this sweet truck should do a vid on it !! Keep up the awesome vids RC Driver!!! Be safe ,God Bless!!

  5. I would die for that thing !!!! Bro youve done a hands down excellent job on that….
    infinity WOW's but hey I'll never win im in the uk🇬🇧😭 and that hurts to know but A+👍

  6. I installed a light bar on one of my XMAXX and it didn't last very long after a few roll overs,, but looks awesome 👍🏼👍🏼

  7. Man that truck is going to be a beast!! Looks killer! The remote reservoir shocks peeking out over top of those trenchers. Awesome!!

  8. This has to be my favorite RC car YouTube channel I heard about this and I was thinking that who ever wins this is going to love it I just hope that however gets it I hop they don't use it as shelf Queen and if you are going to use it as a shelf Queen don't enter the giveaway let some one how is going to have fun with it get it

    Well if you are still reading this have a amazing day good good luck to you

  9. Woah Giant X MAXX Giveaway? Wow! so I thinking buy your online shirt are RC Driver Eat, Sleep and Drive RC and RC Driver RWB Apparel look COOL shirts!

  10. That's a Super Paint Scheme and the Double Row Light Bar is Crazy Cool on Top.. Great Video My Friend.. ✌️😎👍

  11. Good luck to the winner of the x max God knows how much I would love to win this truck cuz I will never be able to afford it with all the upgrades ….

  12. The XMAXXS of all XMAXXS.!!! THE RC MEGA TRUCK OF THE YEAR..WOOOO HOOO. Man it's like eye candy..I promise if I should get lucky enough to win it I promise I will take awesome care of it..

  13. I’m 14 and am really wanting the Xmaxx so I’m going to sell my electronics because I felt like it will be better for me to be off of the electronics but I would love having this so bad because my family doesn’t have that much money because they don’t have that good of jobs. Would love to win this and start a channel based around it

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