Köper en begagnad bil för att åka till Tofta, Gotland VLOGG

Köper en begagnad bil för att åka till Tofta, Gotland VLOGG

Good Morning from Visby. We are getting ready to go to the beach. I put sunblock on Harry. On my back as well. Yes, on your back as well. Kimmo, Lisa and little Ellie arrived last night. Ellie is Harry’s favorite. Did you sleep well? What did you dream about? I dreamed of a toy. A little little toy. You dreamed of a little toy. What would you like to do now, go upstairs to Ellie? Yes. Ok, take out that pacifier then and let’s go. I look cool. Right? Yeah, you look good. You are cool Alma! And there’s Ellie. Does she like that? Yes, she does. We are going to meet Axel who’s been away for a while. Hey! Hey, this trip keeps being spontaneous. Is this our new car? Tell us where you have been. I bought this car. We are going to be here for a few days and I want to be able to get around. Ok, so this is what happened. Axel had a look at a second-hand site, found a car at Gotland and bought it. Our car is parked by the ferry in Nynäshamn. We couldn’t get a car ticket to Gotland as we booked so late. It’s nice to have a car and be able to get around here though. And used cars are cheaper to buy on this island. So I can sell it when we are back in Stockholm. The car has sky lights. And the kids have lots of space in the back. Wow! Oh my! Come in. Alma doesn’t seem to like it. No she disappeared like a salary. So this is how you’ve started the day at Gotland. Should we go somewhere in this car now? Yeah, let’s go. Harry fell asleep in the car. We have one child that’s awake and two parents that are awake. We’re on our way to the beach. He is out. Are we ready? Let’s go. Beach Club. Smiley face. Can you see that it’s a smiley face Alma? Yes! Mouth, head and two eyes. Do you like the music? Yes. She will grow up to be someone who likes to hang out at beach club’s and dance. You think so? Harry is in deep sleep. Good! Look when I dip my head under water. Ok. Good work! Show me how to swim. Good. We haven’t been in a pool for a while. Alma really likes it! Lovely. Fun! Look, there’s lots of algae here. Look at the waves, it’s like Malaysia. Is it like Malaysia? But there is algae in the water. I used to swim here as a kid and it wasn’t algae in the water back then. I don’t want to touch it. What’s so stinky? Alma! It is the algae that smells. It must be rotten. It is 4 o’clock now and a live band is playing over there at “After Beach” . Axel, Alma and Harry are in the pool. Hey! Hey! Wave Harry! Are we done here now? I can’t find my flip flops. They are over there. Let’s go and get them. Harry take my hand. I take Alma. There is loads of people here now. Yes. Hey! Harry! Our kids are quite tired. Hey Ellie, you are awake. It’s been a long day with lots of sunshine. Have you had a good time? Yes, and the day is over now.The evening starts. Yes you are right. I’ve loved being at Tofta Beach, because I haven’t been here since I was your age Alma. I like that the beach club was quite far from the beach. And there were people in the sand dunes, playing beach volley ball, listening to music and hanging out. It was really nice. But it must be nicer here when the wind blows in another direction and there isn’t algae all over the beach. The algae smells bad. It smells like someone has farted. So the kids preferred the pool. Yes, let’s go in the new car. Hey! This is the world’s happiest baby. And we are just four adults. What happens now? We are going to have dinner. After a long day in the sun. The barbecue master. The children are asleep. Axel? I edit drone material from today, on my phone. Axel edit drone shots. They might end up in this vlog. Yes, of course. It has been a sunny day. Press thumbs up. Or thumbs down. Hopefully thumbs up. Be honest. Feel free to leave a comment. Subscribe. And have a great day. This is an awful angle. Bye! Bye!

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  1. What a lovely sunny day for the family. Wow, it's so easy to buy a car there. Will you make a profit when you sell it back in Stockholm ? If this is in Malaysia , everyone would bring their cars to the mainland to sell and there would be no cars in the island…. hahaha…. Speaking of Malaysia your kids' minds are still very much ingrained with that country 😀

  2. mysig familjevlogg 🙂 synd bara min fru  e kameraskygg annars hade ja velat göra samma i vår familj med barn på 2 + 4 år 🙂  följer er nu efter ja såg er från gustav o  johannas kanal 🙂

  3. Hej! Jag och min dotter som ör 6 år gammal tittar på är vlogg ni ör bästa 😀😍 så fint havet var ligger detta jag skulle också vilja åka med mina barn där nu till sommaren 🙂 jag bor i skåne hölsningar frpn skpne 😗😗😗😗😗

  4. Kul vlogg! Ni får ta och åka tillbaka, för ni missade SÅ mycket (tyvärr) Men i och försej så finns det för mycket att göra. Tumme upp från mej!

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