Kristen Bell’s Trade-In | Enterprise Car Sales Commercial

Kristen Bell’s Trade-In | Enterprise Car Sales Commercial

So, I can buy from Enterprise Car Sales
and you’ll take any trade-in? We do. Really? Any trade-in? That’s right. Great! Here ya go. Well, it does need to be a vehicle. Yeah but, I need this out of my house. Maybe it’d look good in your place. Ah heh… With a fair and transparent value for every trade-in. Enterprise makes it easy.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. She is an idiot for doing this tired "women hate recliner chairs" bit. I am starting to see how she ended up with Tom Arnold's best friend Dax Shepard.

  2. Please please please stop airing this commercial!! I wouldn't buy anything at Enterprise just because of this stupid commercial!! I am so sick of seeing it. It isn't funny never has been! Spend some money on a real comedian!!

  3. Anything but transparent, I worked at enterprise home city locations and if car sales is anything like home city in terms of honesty I would say no to transparency

  4. Like all you people criticizing wouldn’t make a dumb commercial for the right price…. get over yourselves. If you don’t like the commercial don’t watch it. Very simple actually…

  5. You guys don't realize the joke behind this. She bought this as a bday present for her husband and she talks about how she regrets it because he parked it in the middle of his living room (there are Ellen segments about this.) That's the point of the joke…

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