Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboutit Mini U Lock | Bike locks | best bike locks 2019 ✅

Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboutit Mini U Lock | Bike locks | best bike locks 2019 ✅

Hi everyone my name is Koby and I’m with Silver Eagle Locksmith Las Vegas YouTube Channel. In my channel i will teach you
and show you how you can do it yourself Get your house or business more secure,
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releasing a new video. in this video Today we’re going to talk about the mini
Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit U Bike Lock I will show you and explaining why it’s
one of my favorite bike lock so stay tuned. Ok, the Mini Kryptonite U Bike Lock
one of the reasons that I recommend this Lock is because it has a Sold Secure
Gold Certification, now sold secure is a Non-profit, independent organization
based in the UK. now they do different Security tests to defeat locks to be
open, they use different tools and Techniques. the amount of time that
actually takes them to defeat lock to be Open that’s basically how they rated the
locks, now this lock have a gold Certification, basically it’s offering
the Highest Security Level and there is The Silver and the Bronze. now the silver
offer compromise between security and Cost which is a good choice as well but
of course it’s not the best. now the Bronze Certification basically offers
the Lowest Security rating and I won’t Recommend to buy these locks if you see
bronze certification on them. so So definitely I would go on Gold
Certification by Sold Secure that’s the first thing Ok the second reason why I
Recommend the Mini Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit U bike lock is because it’s a
very heavy duty lock, now when you get Your hands on it the first time you’ll
get the confidence that you did make the Right choice and you did buy the right
Lock to secure a bicycle or your Motorcycle.
another thing the way they design the Shackle, as long as you install (lock) it in a
very solid object you’ll get the best Security because it’s going to be very
Difficult to use tools on the inside to Try to force it open, to cut it open or
whatever. so make sure to install (lock) it in a Very solid object ! that way it will leave
No room for thieves to use their tools. Ok, third and most important reason why
I recommend the mini kryptonite U Bike Lock is because it does offer a high security Keyway, now a high security keyway make the lock to be Pick Resistant and it’s increasing the security of the lock. now
There is a video online that show how You can pick this lock in about 30
seconds?! There is actual somebody doing it in
about 30 seconds, and I just don’t buy it! So the reason why, is because it does
take a lot more time to pick a High-security lock definitely you need
to have a lot of knowledge and Experience, it’s things that I’m always
explaining on my videos and I just Pretty sure that they edit the video in
a way that they show only what they Wanted to show, so just don’t fall for it.
don’t buy this bullshit because it’s not easy to pick a lock that have a high
Security keyway if it’s not easy for me as a professional locksmith definitely
it’s not easy for somebody they’re just Trying to show negative stuff about this
Product so just don’t buy it guys. Ok fourth reason why I recommend the
mini kryptonite U Bike Lock is Because when you buy it and you register
the product and the key online on their Website if your key ever get lost you
Can always get a new key so make sure That you register the product online so
if you ever need a new key for it that’s How you can order it. just registered under
your name on their website and that’s Pretty a good thing because not many
Lock manufacturer offer it. so it’s a very Very good option just so you know. The fifth reason why I recommend the mini Kryptonite U Bike Lock because it does
have a double deadbolt, now Both side of the shackle have a locking
bolt and let me show you from close up How it looks like. Ok so let’s open it
Now this lock does have a dust cover so it’s a very good thing for Weather
Resistant Now I do recommend you guys to Lubricate
The keyway every couple of months using a special Lock Lubricant and I do have a
video that talks exactly about that so Make sure to click and watch that video
now let’s open it this is how it looks From the inside so this is the double
Bolt one in here and one in here this is When it’s open now when it’s locked as you
Can see it act as a double deadbolt Both of them are locked it’s a very good
Thing and another thing that even if Someone actually cutting one side of it
it won’t spin because of the way they Designed it so that’s another really
Good thing about this lock that won’t Twist some other locks U Locks out
There doesn’t have it and when you cut it on one side it’s just going to spin
it’s just going to twist and spin and They can just steal your bike so this is
a very very good option here and that’s it guys. Thank you so much for watching
this is Koby with Silver Eagle Locksmith Las Vegas YouTube Channel if you like
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  1. As someone who has spent some time picking on these locks, my view is that the 30 second pick video is plausible, but only with a skilled picker who knows the binding order and bitting in advance. A blind pick (no foreknowledge) would take an experienced picker longer, but not a whole lot longer. All that said, I would not hesitate to use this lock. The reality is that bike thieves don't take the time to develop picking skills.

  2. I just bought a new masterlock d lock for £20 which is sold secure gold rated. Clearly it not as good as this much more expensive one…this looks much thicker bar. Maybe they need a higher rating , like gold extra or something

  3. Hey, I just bought a new bike.. and it wasn't cheap.. for me anyway.. so.. Considering that I shelled out $900 for the Giant Toughroad SLR2 I would like to keep it secure when I go out and to the store..
    I have been looking at Kryptonite Locks.. Ulock and Big Chain.. also Have been looking at Folding Locks.. I like the Portability of the Folding Lock and strongly am considering a combo of a Folding Abus Bordo Granite X Plus 6500 and This Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit Ulock.
    I think the combination would be the way to go.

    What do you think?

  4. I might meantion that picking this lock does require some picking skill. It also requires a pick that in some cases has to be modified.
    That is normally too much effort for a thief. They will use a grinder.

  5. a lil slow but great video indeed! (fixed by using x1.25 speed)
    thank you, i think i'll buy this one
    regards from Chile

  6. I got my bike stolen on Monday. And I must admit it wasn’t the best lock I had. However the fact that any lock can be cut and picked with the rite tools. So the best and safest way would be to get a lock with an alarm. Because I still can’t function that was my way of exercising and commuting. Also I feel very violated. So seeing I am passionate about riding I’m get to replace my bicycle and a lock with an alarm.

  7. Great video. Hi I just ordered Kryptonite 180111 New York Black/Yellow 16mm Long Shackle U-Lock.
    And I will get it next week. Can you show me how to register on line please. Because I do travel a lot, and will lose keys at some points. Thanks

  8. How about a U lock with a center filled with a friction igniter,detonator and R.D.X. to target the grinder method and operator

  9. There ain't no suck think and a 100 true lock its ment to slower the ass holes down so u can catch them if your lucky

  10. Hi! I am living in Canada. I bought kryptonite u lock around $ 200.00 Canadian dollars 6 months ago. And
    I often go to Vietnam every year for 3 months. And I will bring a heavy duty kryptonite u lock with me to Vietnam. If in case I lost keys during 3 months in Vietnam. Then I have to go online to order replace new keys, which I was already registered. Will kryptonite company send keys to Vietnam for me? Thanks. I hope to hear from you please

  11. Hey Koby can you measure the diameter of the shackle with the plastic wrap around it? I know the metal diameter itself is 18mm. Thanks

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