[Music] [Applause] [Music] finally they arrived I’ve been waiting for so long for those packages and inside is very very precious and special tuning part for my RC bike and as you can see it says the tuple racing suspension so let’s see what’s inside [Music] hey I know what it is probably a rear suspension because it’s smaller than front which is logical oh man whoa oh what am i suppo home for your sound the box man check this hahaha i’ll cnc-machined maan it has like a preload you don’t need a big tool you can do it with a small ranch and you have compression rebound and this this will be amazing this can bring my tricks to the next level okay let’s check the other box [Music] like a keeper when it’s Christmas [Music] see it’s already I expansive part when they pack it so perfectly another cool foam for your studio ho ho man so for those who don’t know what I’m holding right now is actually so-called cartridges and you take all the original ones you put those ones in and then you have here you can see it’s adjustable you have rebound compression everything so this is pure racing stuff and it’s pretty light Headlands time for some suspension for [Music] first things first let’s take all the stock rear shocks [Music] okay before we put the new shock in I’m gonna try to explain you as simple as possible because suspension is always so high-tech and it’s hard to understand so on the stock one you could only adjust the spring preload that’s this thing with a with this big tool you could adjust the spring free tool spring free tool so the new one as you can see has the here this bolt very small tool very easy low-speed compression that means slowly it compresses and then can adjust how fast it rebounds which is really important when you do like circles when I go and compress the bike and try to jump in a different position so it’s gonna help me to jump easier and keep the bike much more stable and then this is a hydraulic spring preload system yeah and it just looks amazing with a red color it’s quite a big difference in the way so I just on the scale that we have here in the garage first the stock one so the stock one three kilos something like that I check out now the b2 Bo 12.4 so let’s say two and a half kilo so 1/2 kilo different that’s a lot it doesn’t just look cool but it’s pretty light also ok let’s put in [Music] [Music] that was a quick job is like 15 minutes very easy what you can see now I have already a link pipe from a crop which on the bike so if you’re using your stock exhaust the instruction says that you cannot adjust the spring preload if you use that suspension it’s better to use the Racing link pipe and it’s much easier it’s actually also a racing suspension so it’s quite logical in the end ok now it’s time for the harder part of the tuning the front suspension heck don’t make check this man what is this fog this is a huge male inside here let’s take it out okay we have like a 50-50 chance if I take that one out the tire can be punctured or I have luck and I can still do some burnouts with it let’s see oh the tyre survived luckily check this how huge it is this tires still gonna die today [Applause] [Music] so tell us why be – oh man we we texted so many companies if they want to support us and so one of those was be to go and already from the scooter days I was actually using their shocks on my scooters and it was really good really high-quality and I asked them if they want to know to update my KTM bikes and they say yes for sure we are very happy to help you out and we’re happy that you test our suspension and eventually is a win-win combination so thanks be to for supporting us and I cannot wait to test the suspension right damn it man this DIY tool is not working Dennis we need to go back to drawing board to make a new tool or buy it or buy it guys give us a second three days later we are back we made the DIY tools it took us a bit longer than one second but anyway let’s get to work now then it stopped the sealing off the glue inside now with the heating on so it’s easier to open up the card cartridge come on come on come on we can do it we can do it yeah man we did it that was pain in the ass oh ok next step we need to open up the so called foot of the pork it’s same thing we need to be the top and also use the max day2 you put it on first we’re gonna tape it so we don’t destroy the fork and then we’re gonna put it on tied it up and then we can open it up so that’s how we gonna do [Music] [Applause] it’s working man let’s go over to the garage and remove it and put the new cartridges in let’s do it Oh so that’s now empty tube so we’re gonna take out all the inside so we’re gonna reuse the inner tube and outer tube and that’s the only thing that we’re gonna need because the all the springs and everything else we’re gonna throw away you don’t need that anymore and we’re not gonna put this brand new b/2a cartridge inside and this comes this way and yeah we’re just gonna put everything back together refill it with fresh oil we’re ready to go to test the front suspension let’s do it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] this looks like super complicated actually it’s a little bit yeah that’s not a tutorial so we skip a lot of steps to rebuilding the suspension if you want to attune your Forks you get manual how to build the suspension so that’s not a tutorial just in case [Music] [Music] [Applause] time to jump some kangaroo stop is let’s go and I’m getting so excited always when I get our new our new stunt part you performance part I cannot wait I can sometimes I can cannot even sleep so the suspension is on and I’m not really the most technical guy I don’t know a lot about performance part or so ever so I always learn from my mechanic and I have my manual with me so I’m gonna try to adjust the suspension and I’m really curious how it gonna feel now when I have all the adjustable suspension on the RC I cannot wait to try it out [Music] dude what the problem there’s no problem and I’m just adjusting the rebound because when I do these circles I want to jump from one position to another and I can adjust that how strong it rebounds so I want to have a stronger rebound that’s what I’m doing right now okay that’s it no make let’s go see if the rebound is no better [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] laughing it’s perfect huh I adjusted the rebound for the circle wheelies and I adjusted the compression so it’s pretty stiff my bike is not floating I always say it’s floating when you’re doing drifts so it’s very stable and makes the drifts much easier and the front suspension is also stiff I need to adjust it a little bit but now it’s time don’t make too do some stop is right move the left step right let the last step to test the front suspension so let’s do some stop ease [Music] [Music] Oh perfect the test is done don’t make what do you think did you see through the camera some difference with the suspension not really no yeah you can actually see the difference on the suspension because you need to feel it so my feeling tells me that it’s much better than before sure the stock suspension you can use with some basic tricks no need for racing suspension but once you reach the higher level instant riding better to have some racing suspension I was searching I was googling you tubing to how to set up a stunt bike and there is zero videos how to set up some suspension so I couldn’t learn from nothing so just my mechanic told me the rear shock is actually I don’t know need to change I feel really good the rebound is perfect the compression is really good for drifts just the front suspension I need to play a bit more I want to have the stiffer compression more rebound so I can do some kangaroos I think I couldn’t do them today so I need to get a new feeling to learn with the suspension and that’s it so thanks be to bow for supporting and guys I hope you liked our new tuning video with the RC see you next week don’t forget the most important to share our vlog on your social media thank you guys and drop some comments below I’m always reading them so see you next week until then rock on [Music] [Music]

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  1. please send me full details about the rear suspension and crash bar set. your stuntwork is absolutely out of this world. my bike is the RC 390 and I am UK based respects Bill.

  2. Hi bro 1st things ur costumes R soo Gud Nd ur duke 250s graphite is soo cool I really love ur bikes graphics rock on
    I’m ur fan no 1 🙂

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    Actually first servicing time which engine oil I will refill…?

  6. KTM rc 200 are Made by bajaj, bad Quality, a Lot of engine problems, temperature problems , electric problems .

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  8. ..hi there, I was so amazed on how you do your motorcycle stunts, how I wish to learn it someday, ilikeit much! !!!

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