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  1. Thanks for the review, Does the cab models have interior lights? Working nights in snow and drop something a light(s) would be nice. Keep up the good reviews.

  2. With the B 2650 with the cab on can a back hoe be attached and used at the same time without having to take the cab off? Do they make a cab for the b 2601 that can be used with the back hoe attached?

  3. I am going to buy a B2601 soon and I was wondering if you have heard or know if you can increase the hydraulic pressure by adding shims. I have watched videos of the BX 25D where shims have been added to increase the hydraulic pressure. Thank you

  4. Hi, I own a 2009 B3200 tractor. I was having trouble locating the power beyond line to add a third function valve and was wondering if you could help me out.

  5. How is the mid mount mower controlled height wise. I'm very new to these tractors and trying to weigh my options between brands. The JD 2025r that I looked at seems to be the most comparable to the b2650. The JD has an electronic system to raise the mower separate from the 3 pt control. How does this work with the Kubota? Thanks.

  6. Why do some B Series models have the loader controls on the right fender and some have the loader controls coming out from under the seat? Is it the difference between the B2650 vs. B3350 or the difference between the B2650/B3350 vs. B3350SU?

  7. What do you mean " The cab includes either heat or air"? You can't have AC for the summer that will also blow warm air in the winter?

  8. Does Kubota have a B2650 or similar that have an integrated backhoe like the BX25? I really like the aspect of it but it would be nice to have a slightly bigger frame!

  9. I need some help here on choosing a tractor,, I have a BX now and I love the little beast, but I need to go a bit larger. I stopped by the dealer quickly for a bit and they had both a B2601 and 2650 on the floor the 2650 had a cab. WHile I would love a cab my orchard would clean it off in a heard beat so Im going with a ROPS,, please give me a comparison between the 2. You know the good the bad and the ugly about them both though I dont think theres any ugly. So tell me please

  10. What do you recommend from Kubota that I can have a belly mower and use a 6 foot brush cutter? We have about 14 acres to brush hog, right now we have a Kubota BX2370 and the 4 foot cutter would take way to long so we are looking to get a bigger Kubota but still want the 60 inch belly mower. Or do you think the B2650 with a 5 foot brush cutter be ok? Thanks Ken

  11. Just a little info for those that are in the market for the B3350 in colder states. DO NOT BUY! Nothing but problems in the cold and this is coming from Kubota dealers. I'm still purchasing a Kubota but not that model.

  12. What's the PTO horse power in the 2650 and the 3350? Then reason I ask is because I have 2320 and the horse power on the rear is 22.2 horse.

  13. Is there a physical reason the larger (19.5) R4 tire package is not offered on the cab tractor? I know the mid mount mower won’t fit & you need the steering stop but it would seem they should fit unless there is some cab structure interference?

  14. The tractor community needed a guy like Neil to explain all these Kubota platforms and operation. Thank you for doing these comprehensive reviews. 👍

  15. Is it possible to get a b series without a hydrostatic transmission? I am looking for one for a large garden and in experiences with traditional tractors and prefer the traditional transmission

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