Lancer stereo removal and aftermarket install Part 2 of 2.

Lancer stereo removal and aftermarket install Part 2 of 2.

Hey guys, Explore the known here, Welcome to our second part of factory .. .. removal of the stereo, and our aftermarket install of the stereo. And .. We are about to install one of these … Beuties, this is actully one of my friends .. Stereo, this is only for illustration purposes, I’m not going to put this one in. But .. to give you an example, We are going to install a single .. single DIN stereo. So, this is a single DIN stereo and .. DIN is .. I think pronounce it’s DIN yeah? Correct my otherwise. DIN is a german standard, .. I think its like .. Duttch instutie fyyyyr .. .. something. Anyway, one DIN is 50mm of height here so that is a single DIN stereo. And a double DIN stereo is then .. yeah, double the height so 100 mm. And this kit .. That I’m about to use to .. install the .. stereo, it’s compatible for both single .. DIN and double DIN .. stereos. So .. Doesn’t matter what aftermarket stereo you have, it will fit. So, yeah. Let’s go over .. To check what you need to have, in order to .. complete this quest. *horse sound* Alright, so .. This is what you need, this is a dash .. that I bought from a .. website .. I’ll give you a link in the .. description below the and as I said before, its .. compatible with both double DIN .. stereos .. or single DIN stereos and .. as you can see, Im using a single DIN now and .. the good thing is that .. then they send you a tray so you don’t get a empty hole here. So you get a useful tray instead and the reason why I’m using .. a single .. DIN stereo and not the double DIN? Well, I had this stereo at home and my factory head unit died so that’s the reason and I don’t want to spend any money on a .. double DIN stereo at the moment. Not right now. Yeah .. anyway. It’s very simple to install, I cheated some so .. This video wouldn’t be like an hour long. So if you just .. put it on the side here .. you see how it’s done .. you just slide in two panels .. side panels here .. and .. one on the other side and you bolt it up. Or you screw . the slide panels .. into the stereo. and i haven’t used sufficient
amount of screws here This looks like s**t to be honest but .. yeah I did it quickly just to .. show you guys. And the tray .. you just need to slide the tray in and it will automatically lock up with the help of this plastic clip. But as you can see we are missing some parts. So we need to transfer .. some old parts our old dash into this dash So .. remember this beauty? This was our .. dash that we slaughtered in the latest episode. So we need to transfer .. this dash with the warning triangle, passenger airbags warnings .. and passengers seatbelt warnings. And we need to transfer the air ducts so .. Lets do it! Alright, One thing that I forgot to mension you’ll a Iso cablage or an iso adapter. So this .. This little adapter transforms the wiring harness .. from your car to a iso adapter that will hook up with almost any .. aftermarket stereo . so you need an iso adapter as well. Yeah, so .. This is how it will look in the car, so your car wiring .. harness goes here .. into the ISO adapter and onto the harness from the stereo and booom .. into the stereo. Easy enough yeah? Let’s start by removing .. this panel on the front side .. there we go and .. put the screws somewhere safe and snap .. it goes off. Then we can remove this flat wire harness as well, I don’t know if you it, its really tiny. Soo .. algone. and .. yeah, Why not .. Let’s put it on right away so we don’t have any loose objects laying around. And there’s two clips here so .. Screw back the … 3 screws. And the last screw. I’m just going to .. get a better position so .. remember this is plastic so .. it can brake easy. there we go. now let’s .. Transfer the air ducts. On the back side .. you can see .. hopefully you can see .. here! Here you can a small clip. So just unhook it from the clip. In each corner. I think its two in the front and two in the back. This can be tricky And if you don’t want to scratch the plastics, don’t use a .. metal screw driver use some kind of plastic or rubber but this is not visible so noone will be able to see the scratches so Im using a .. metal version. Come on .. And as I stated before this is plastic so .. they tend to brake .. try to be .. careful. So, now the air ducts are .. removed .. Let’s transfer our old air ducts to our new dash. This is a good time to remeber what air duct goes where. I think this is about right. There we go! Just .. push them in And make sure that all the clips lockup. And test it out .. as well. Up and down .. side to side .. And the last air duct and test it out side to side, up and down. YEAH! Now we need to transfer the clips. This clips to be exact This are the clips that holds the dash in place so the hole dash .. holds in place in the car by these .. five clips .. It should be .. One .. two .. three .. four .. five .. six .. seven .. EIGHT! But im missing the last 3 .. for some reason, but we will do it anyway. And remember .. this is plastics aswell they tend to brake, so be careful I just use two fingers and lift the clip up and then with the screw driver .. I bend the clip up. So .. works fine! And a brief warning to you guys .. I’m trying to quit smoking so .. I’m a bit shaky And you should’t while your shaking .. *Swedish grunt* .. There we go! The last clip. It goes much faster to install then to remove the clips. push that back in the same place but on
the new dash this is the same place right? and as stated before, Im missing two clips so .. Im going to abort now and go fetch them .. So see you in the car! Where we are going to install this baby! So let’s continue with our install then First thing is first. Plug in the cables The iso adapter .. boom. into the .. stereo adapters There we go and stashed it in .. a bit and pull up the antenna plug as well so you have it ready and push down the gear so you get more space to work with. and now we can just simply reconnect all the harnesses the trickiest harness i’ve ever met so
far and the stereo harness. Who’s got a bit bigger now right and the antenna plug in the stereo. uh… wrong side there we go all plugged in! and try to .. store away the cables In some good manner so they don’t get
stuck when we .. put this baby in again all right So and when you got the dash in place again Just .. push it in And the clips on the backside .. of the dash will .. Will come in and lockup So .. Let’s put back the interior .. as well, so lets go fetch some interior parts and .. put them in as well. alright I moved to passenger side for
this It’s much easier to do this from the passenger side So lets Check that we have all the clips for the interior trim panel yea .. All clips is here .. ehm .. no .. one is missing .. uh… we will do it any way. for best-fit all clips should be there. so this will be a reverse process then so start from the .. driver’s side .. and .. Move over to the passenger side and make sure
not to .. bend it too much Check that it sits fine Sits, check. and screw back the phillips screw here in the corner that holds the trim panel and then let’s uh… put back this trim panel as well The last trim panel! and this can be tricky to be honest and i don’t have a lot of light either Okey, so this way and the clip should go there and here .. yupp. there we go and Screw back the last Phillips screw There we go .. and .. Squeeze up the glove box
again so it comes into place Aha okey .. It already was in place all right but then were done Alright so now we are done I guess This is a very cheap and fast operation if you got all the parts you need at home So the Iso cablage Is around .. 30 $ or .. 20 £ and the dash is around 80 $ so about 50-60 £ Lets check it out to see how it looks So that’s your .. aftermarket .. stereo installation with a single DIN stereo. So let’s fire her up and see how she looks good enough One thing though that I’m not too pleased about is the alignment here The alignment around the rest of the interior panel the problem is .. i missed some clips and I think that’s the reason why the alignment isn’t too perfect so I don’t blame the producers or factory that made this product i’m blaming myself because I .. somehow lost some clips and got the clips to run away from me. Anyway I’m more pleased then having the factory one. Especially since my factory one broke down so .. Now I have volume again … yay. Anyway .. Thanks for watching and if you liked these 2 parts please subscribe and like it. and if you have any questions or
comments just drop them in the section below Thank you, and cya guys!

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  1. Glad to help! I have some gauges that I will install soon and I can probably do a "how to" on it :), though I have to replace the clutch on the evo first (burned down after some 1/4 mile practice runs).

  2. Thank you. Yes the ribbon cable/flat cable, It's used to light up the factory headunit's display. So you won't loose any functions by removing it. So no, you don't need it.

  3. How would i know if the aftermarket head unit im wanting to buy will fit the dash plate?
    (pioneer AVICZ140BH)

  4. i installed mine fine, but there was a plug on mine that wasn't used. was that for steering wheel controls maybe? it was plugged into the factory unit but no place for in in my after market one.

  5. Will that ISO adapter work with even an American market car and an American aftermarket stereo? and is there a special model number for that ISO adapter you used that'll fit a 2011 lancer??

  6. My lancer is imported from the US, so yes. It will fit your as well. I didn't buy the ISO adapter from a Mitsubishi dealer so I don't have any specific model #, just drive over to your local car audio shop and ask for a ISO adapter and name your model and year, they will help you out, they usually have them stocked up in the shop.

  7. I'm 99% sure that the flat wire harness is used for the power supply for the factory stereo display. The steering wheel controls has a seperate wire harness that almost looks like the one where you put your ISO adapter for the stereo, they sit next so each other.

  8. That all depends on if your new stereo support steering wheel controls or not. If it does support steering wheel controls all you need then is an adapter to convert the signals from your steering wheel into your new stereo and then your good to go 🙂

  9. Hey, thanks for noticing, I mentioned it in part 1 but maybe I will need to make a annotation about it. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  10. Where did you buy your iso adapter and do i really need it? If I'll get a double din stereo with navigation, do i need another cable for navigation? Btw. Great video, very informative. Thanks!

  11. Thank you, I bought it at my local car audio store, almost every store have them in stock, just ask for a mitsu iso adapter and give them your year and model. Yes you need an adapter if you don't want to splice up the wire harness. That depends on what navigation unit your going to use, stock/aftermarket?

  12. Alright, then you need an iso adapter/wire harness, it works with both the single and double din, no difference between the two. Almost every nav units have built-in gps today so no extra cables are needed 🙂

  13. Great video! You kept it humorous and entertaining but also informative. Did you ever get the alignment between the dash and stereo piece to fit better?

  14. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it! Yes I did actually, I went to my dealer and bought some new clips and after that the alignment was perfect, just like stock.

  15. Hi mate, on the front of the original stereo under the right hand knob, there is a small ribbon wire, can you tell me where that plugs into in the dash please? My friend has installed an aftermarket stereo but now wants the original put back in and we can't find where the ribbon plugs into in the main CD player box or in the hazard light plug area, and worse yet, we can't even find the ribbon itself! Have you got a part number for it at all mate??

  16. A really nice work
    Thank you for the instruction
    Where can I buy the slide panels? What holds the CD player (02:48)
    Where can I buy the adapters? (11:33)

  17. Nice video ETK!
    I am about to buy a dash kit and it includes a wire harness which is kinda different from the "ISO Adapter" you are holding at 04:20. Are they the same thing? Thank you!

  18. For the single din stero, is it supposed to be able to just slide into the dash to get into place? For example, say I'm putting in the din stero but it doesn't go into the slot. Is that what is supposed to happen?

  19. What is the other wire harness for I seen you just stuff it back in the dash. Is it the steering wheel control harness?

  20. U probably should tested to see if the radio worked before putting all the trim pieces back cuz what if u put the trim pieces back and went to turn the radio on but doesnt come on cuz of a bad wire in the harness or something then u would have to take off the trim pieces to see whats wrong.

  21. Guys if your looking for the link to the dash kit itsthe box above the comments box, just click show more. or here it is

  22. Tried to install aftermarket stereo on '08 Lancer but I had no audio at all.  You can see on 11:26 that a factory radio has two connectors and for aftermarket radio you only attach it to one of them.  Did you have no sound issues as well?

  23. I can't find the ISO wiring harness anywhere. I've checked Amazon, various online stores, and my local audio dealers. The only thing I can find is a $150 mess of wires, nothing like what you have here. Amazon has a $20 ISO harness that looks like what you have, but it is for the 2007 model.
    Can you link to the product you have?

  24. does the iso harness have to be specifically for the evo 10? can you give me a link to buy this iso harness i have a 2008 evo 10 thx

  25. Is it possible to still have functionality with the steering wheel controls after installing an aftermarket stereo head unit into a Lancer 2010 sx?

  26. will this work in a 2009 Lancer DE

  27. Hi I have a question .. when installing a new radius will lose contro q I have on the steering wheel that is control volume up and down. And the switch to auxiliary mode . And else. ? Thank you

  28. I bro. A wanna change the original radio, for any else whit dvd player, because my current radio don´t read normal cd or mp3 cd neither. If I change radio will be loose the buttons radio control on the steering wheel?? Sorry for my bad english and tranks….

  29. Hi! How do you retain the steering wheel controls on the new radio? Also, is there a specific name for the ISO adapter? Thanks.

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