Landcruiser Troopy V8 Camper Build | BUILD SERIES 1 – DESIGN & PLAN | Troopy Travel

Landcruiser Troopy V8 Camper Build | BUILD SERIES 1 – DESIGN & PLAN  |  Troopy Travel

After a whole year of good times and good service we are rebuilding the Troopy inside and out we’ve stripped out the old camper set up in the back, sold the fridge, saved all of the electrics, and bascially made it a complete blank canvas, to hit the road. we drove just over 1,000 kilometers from Melbourne up to a town called ‘Gloucester’, in New South Wales which might give you a bit of a clue as to where we’re going Before the trip, we added some more driving lights, some new rims a much better sound system and cruise control, which was SO good…! But specifically for the camper set up in the back, the whole idea is to keep it simple. So, Step 1. We’re gonna build a big box behind the front seats and before the wheel arches to house a 60 litre Engel fridge on the left and all of the 12 volt wizardry on the right Step 2 Between the wheel arches will be two pull out drawers they’re supposed to be equal, my drawing just isn’t that great… but these will house things that we don’t need to access from inside like all the cooking equipment, the stove, recovery gear… all that kind of outside stuff Step 3 those two drawers create a false floor for the rest of the camper build so on the left we’ll have a big ol’ storage chest, possibly divided up, to house everything that we want to keep clean and dry like clothes, bedding and pillows the storage bench on the right hand side – that’s a bit more of an awkward space to work with so that’ll house things like dry food and anything else that we need to access from inside Step 4 is… is the nerdiest part of the whole thing which I’m stoked about we’ve installed a gullwing window behind the drivers seat and the idea is to build a cupboard that we can access from the outside AND from the inside in which we can store all the camera bags, the drone and all the battery chargers it’ll keep them safe, it’ll keep them secure and it’ll make them so much easier to access. and that’s about it really! From blank canvas to colourful canvas… to the best of my drawing abilities… Final things to mention – the dead spaces on the right and the left on the right we’ll have a water tap from the tank on the left will be on the 12 volt sockets and switches that we need and we’ll have a couple of drop in panels to make a bed across the top of everything we’re not going to sleep in the pop-top – we’re going to have a much wider bed downstairs and just use the pop top for the extra headroom and that’s it man! give us a couple of weeks and we’ll report back and let you know how we go..!

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  1. Enjoying the vids guys! Have fun at the tops. Might even snow, if you're lucky. Looking forward to seeing the new build 🙂

  2. Really nice!
    Be sure to leave enough space between the left and right red storage boxes that it does not become too tight.

  3. This a little different to the other Troopy builds I've seen so far, good thinking!
    You'd want to make sure that you can access the fridge easily though, as you will cook on the outside and have to go inside the car to access the fridge.

  4. Hope you are seeing Luke of Drifta, him and his guys will do a great job.Good luck ,take care keep up your enthusiasm.

  5. Not sleeping on the upper bed would be a rite pain having to keep moving all the bedding? I have and ex KEA troop and this is one of the best bits about it.

  6. I own one of these HZJ78 (2000 model), and I´ve had it since 2000 😉 And been wondering if I should change the back part into sleeping /cooking area 😉 . Could you show us in more detail how you fasten the new interior stuff to the car securely? I live in Iceland and do some highland interior travelling, i.e. not on asphalt roads 😉 so those fastenings need to be really sturdy but I expect that Austrailinan off roading would need the same sturdiness 😉

  7. Why would you remove the kitchen area from the inside and waste all that space above when that is kind of the point of the pop top roof?? Each to their own, but I don't see the point, now whenever you need to access stuff the bed will be in the way and if it's raining outside you have to deal with that and mozzies when cooking 🍴 …??? Personally I prefer the previous setup from my experience with a similar setup. Great videos btw (Y)

  8. Bro, this is so well done it makes me ill. Awesome, awesome job! (we're hopefully getting a troopy soon….)

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