LaRusso Auto Group: We Kick the Competition – Cobra Kai

LaRusso Auto Group: We Kick the Competition – Cobra Kai

Banzai! Daniel LaRusso here
for LaRusso Auto, bringing you specials
on all of our inventory. We have an excess
of luxury vehiclespriced to go.Get a lease for only… nah. Make that… cha! We are chopping prices on SUVs,crossovers, sedans,
and convertibles.
( glass shattering ) Hyah!
So come on down
and visit LaRusso Auto Group.Every customer leaves with their very own
bonsai tree.We kick the competition.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Yes, Mr. LaRusso,, I need a family car that seats 5, have any suggestions? Please call or test me @ 555-555-1234. Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you. BONSAI!

  2. I so thought this was a real auto sales at first no B.S. I even asked my wife was the guy from karate kid movies selling cars now. Looks like a cool series.

  3. Hahahahahahahahaha! Great car commercial! I loved the movies as a kid and this show looks like it's gonna ROCK! Thumbs up and it's great to see a sequel that people are actually excited about!

  4. Ralph Macchio=Bin Laden……Please do the research. They sent laden here as a kid to do karate kid (ref People Magazine 1983 article The Macchio Saudiwood files) then he went back to afgan grew a beard and using his celebrity essense to run the mohajin fighters and then he did 9/11 with silverstien and mohamed atta and barbara bush. he faked his death in pakistan then came home to complete the circle and fight johnny (american tyranny). Its all right there.

  5. FOR SALE..karate kid karate suit…headband…6 by 12 breaking board Autographed by Ralph Macchio ..BRAND NEW…still in plastic…comes with certificate of Authenticity ..READ BUYER REVIEWS at JIMMYS AUTOGRAPHED GEMS….free shipping…plus lots more stuff…everythings brand new…never opened..comes with COA

  6. This is so cheesy, but I guess it makes a lot of sense, and y'know what? I'd be totally willing to buy a car there. If I lived in California, anyway. Which I do not.

  7. Welcome to Cobra Kai Dojo, where we teach you to "sweep the leg" of your enemies! Get a free body bag and LIVE Cobra with your membership!

  8. "We are chopping prices on SUV's, crossovers, sedans and convertibles." 💲💲💲💲👊👊👊👊💥💥💥💥

  9. Best autoservice in the valley, stuff is nice people, well, maybe exept guy named Louie, i think he owner's cousin or something.

  10. Miyagi would be laughing if he saw that commercial. I mean he'd be a bit cheesed to see Daniel use his Karate for an advertising gimmick, but he'd be amused at the commercial and the fact that it combines his love of Bonsai, Karate and Cars. Add fish and Sake there and he's got the entire Miyagi package.

  11. I need a new car! I think I'll be visiting the LaRusso Auto Group soon and I am thinking of joining that new dojo in the strip mall down the street Cobra Kai. Although when I dropped by earlier today the blonde guy told me he doesn't accept female students at least not yet.

  12. interesting, in the series episodes the commercial has different car brands in place of types of cars and the logos for the cars are on too.

  13. Someone should do a Chuck Norris Facts style facts on Daniel, Johnny, Miyagi and Kreese with the former of which basing the facts on the Cartoon series. For example.
    Aisha: I heard Mr. LaRusso surfed on a Torpedo once.

  14. Banzai! Daniel LaRusso here for LaRusso Auto, bringing you specials on all of our inventory.

    We have an excess of Jeep Grand Cherokees priced to go.

    Get a lease for only–Nah.

    Make that–Chop! Yes, we are chopping prices on all of our Hondas, Nissans, Acuras, and Audis.


    So come visit any of our locations in Tarzana, Woodland Hills, North Hollywood, or Sherman Oaks.

    And as always, every customer leaves with their very own bonsai tree.

    LaRusso Auto Group.

    We kick the competition

  15. Me: Oh a car commercial
    Me: Mom who’s outside?
    Daniel: We are chopping prices!
    Me: On what?
    Me: Sees a lambo take my 💰 give me that lambo

  16. I'll buy a car from Daniel! He kicks the competition, and you leave with your own bonsai tree! 🙂 And to think it all started with him 'washing the cars.' It's a bit early to tell. But I wonder if when conflicts get serious later on, if Daniel will actually start having his students 'wash the cars' there. Think about it. The power of industry combined with Mr. Myagi's wisdom. It's at least possible. Would Kreese and Cobra Kai stand a chance then? I think not!

  17. I wonder if after the series ends the real-life auto companies (Ford, Chevy, etc.) try to hire Ralph to do commercial/promo work for their stuff. 😄

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