Learn the Basics of Pistol Shooting | Olympians’ Tips

Learn the Basics of Pistol Shooting | Olympians’ Tips

(HOW TO…) My name is Elodie Clouvel. I’m European Vice-Champion
in 2015 and World Vice-Champion
in 2016, and recently
Olympic Vice-Champion at Rio. I’ll be showing you
the pistol shooting event. It’s laser pistol shooting,
and we usually do a combined event –
running and shooting. I’ll now show you the
shooting event in its whole, in order to learn how to shoot. (LEARN BASICS OF SHOOTING) Shooting is a very
technical event, and its peculiarity and
principal goal is trigger pull. You must have
a good trigger pull in order to reach the target. It all starts from the finger,
from this finger. There’s a trigger blade,
and there’s a break point. The finger goes
on the break point, and we’ll do little exercises
in order to gain the feeling with your finger. We take our finger, maintain it until the
break point, and we release in order to really feel
the break point, and once we’ll have
that feeling we’ll go until the break point and progressively
we’ll go until the gunshot. The pistol must not move
when discharging. It’s what you must feel
with your finger, and it’s important in order
to have a good trigger pull and hit the target. I’ve just showed you
one of the keys for shooting, the trigger pull and its gunshot
with the trigger break. And now it’s your turn! We, of course, use laser guns,
it’s not dangerous. Do not try with a real gun, but you can start shooting
with a laser gun, the new event combined with
modern pentathlon. (HOW TO…)

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  1. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh kinda hard to learn the basics when I can't even understand what she's saying 😂 I'll figure it out someday

  2. Man! Ask rather a sport shooter how to shoot 😉 I like modern pentathlon, but what kind of recommendation is "don't try real weapons if you want to shoot"? Now, really…

  3. Sure let someone who shoots a laser pistol explain how to shoot. With no recoil, lock time and follow through to manage its like teaching car racing only explaining about throttle and forgetting about braking. This is why I hate the olympics; just take someone who looks good instead of a real 10m shooter actually firing a pellet. They dont want to teach, the just want to promote.

  4. You know, after careful study, this female laser pistol athlete JUST MIGHT BE FREDDIE MERCURY'S SECRET LOVE-CHILD. RIP The best ROCK voice ever!

  5. That was terribly unsafe gun handling. She muzzled herself a number of times, and was waving the gun all over the place.

  6. Keep the trigger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot or get off the range. Her gun handling is totally unacceptable!

  7. She should NEVER be allowed to handle a real gun. That was a video of how NOT to ever handle a real gun. That was an embarrassment and total disgrace to the sport.

  8. Shame it's not a "real" pistol and just an arcade toy. Of course, the way she handles that toy I wouldn't give her a REAL pistol!😱

  9. Hi, I'm a right handed person but my left eye is dominent so I'm a cross eye dominent so can I play shooting in this condition. Please guide me.

  10. “Learn the basics of pistol shooting”? She literally just pointed it straight at her hand with her finger on the trigger FIVE TIMES IN THE FIRST MINUTE

  11. This is a complete idiot … How is she a professional shooter look at how she constantly got finger on trigger 100% of the time if not wrapping both hands around trigger as she constantly lazers her hand and face …I know gun more than likely unloaded but come on if Yu teaching shooting teach proper shooting not show us all wrecklessly

  12. Holy cow, her muzzle discipline and general safe-handling skills are horrific! I don’t care if the weapon was cleared before the shoot; always, always, always treat a firearm as if it’s loaded.

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