Leasing New Vans VS Buying Used Vans – which is cheaper? | Vanarama

Leasing New Vans VS Buying Used Vans – which is cheaper? | Vanarama

New Used Now I don’t want to be holding these things let alone putting them on and feeling that stuff against my skin. Yet so many people are happy to drive around in used vehicles filled with rubbish, scratches, fluids from previous drivers when they could be driving a new one on a lease. Now, I’m not going to stand here and tell you how great Vanarama is. What I am going to tell you about is where your money goes… …when you buy used or lease new. On the outside this looks fine. But it’s already 6 years old But this has just rolled off the production line. and is fitter than anyone on Love Island. This engine has almost 45,000 miles on the clock which is low for a van of its age. Whereas this one is still as fresh as a daisy. This cabin is stained basic flakey Is that a CD player? Whereas this cabin is more modern than your smartphone. which you can charge up, right here. And what about other costs? Well, it’s a used van so it needs MOTs from day one and because it’s older services are likely to show up things that need replacing. It’s also going to need taxing from day one. And it’s an older van so the emissions are probably a bit out of whack which is going to cost you more. And when clean air zones come into force well, that’s going to cost you even more. And this is a brand new van so it’s not going to need an MOT for the first three years of its life. It will need servicing, but it’s new so the likelyhood of something going wrong is quite slim. Road tax is included in your monthly payments and you’re covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty. Which means if something does go wrong it’s their problem, not yours. So, where would you put your money? On a used van with all its baggage? Or a brand new one, on a lease? And when you do lease new especially from Vanarama it works out cheaper. Okay, so on one side we’ve got a brand new Citroen Berlingo and on the other side we’ve got a used one with 61,000 miles on the clock. Lease the new one and you’ll only pay £11,000 across 5 years, If you buy the used one one finance over 5 years You’ll pay well over £15,000. Leasing new isn’t just affordable it’s £4,000 cheaper It’s doesn’t feel like much of a toss up unless you like wearing second-hand Y-fronts.

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  1. All very well getting new, if, you want to spend £299 +VAT a month only to give it back, I was in the same dilemma, and this is what YOU quoted me, I chose a second hand with the money I saved up, now I run around with all that cash in my pocket each month, flew through the MOT, servicing every 20k miles, I'm on a winner 😎😁

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