Lexus RX (2009-2015) buying advice

Lexus RX (2009-2015) buying advice

The Lexus RX has had 4 generations. This is
the 3rd one, produced between 2008 and 2015. It wasn’t until 2009 that it appeared at the dealers,
because production started late 2008. This car had only 1 engine available:
the 3.5 V6 with or without hybrid technology. You got to choose. The RX 350 was the 3.5 V6
with 273 hp. The RX 450h hybrid has 295 hp. The latter was a bestseller in the Netherlands.
It had more power, yet it was cheaper. That’s because it’s cleaner thanks to
the hybrid technology and gets less CO2 tax. This meant that 62,000 euros bought you a new RX. An AWD version was 10,000 euros extra, while the
RX 350 (V6 with 273 hp) started at 80,000 euros. Was there a reason to buy an RX 350? If you
didn’t want hybrid technology, but more torque. That engine had more torque because the hybrid
has a CVT, which can’t handle the torque. I think. That’s the only reason I can think of why
this car has less torque than the gasoline version. ENGINES
gasoline, hybrid You can find about 25 Lexus RXs on All have an automatic transmission
because a manual one wasn’t available. All are RX 450hs at the moment. The 350 has been sold, but not many in the
Netherlands. None are for sale second hand now. PRICES
minimum, maximum Reasons to buy a Lexus RX.
Reliable. I’ll get back to that later. It’s not mundane. We know
the German products and this is rarer. And it’s a comfortable and quick car. It’s not the best handling car,
but that doesn’t matter with an SUV. Of course there are things to watch out for.
Let’s start with the interior. You should know 2 things. First, the mouse
control unit thingy… I don’t know what it’s called. It’s difficult to use, especially when you’re driving. It’s overly sensitive sometimes. That’s not great.
Some people complain about this. Lexus sticks to the concept, though. Another thing, which you won’t encounter in
the Netherlands often, is a cracked dashboard. This was reported in other countries with large
differences in temperature that affect the dash. I think you won’t see this in the Netherlands often. The 3.5 V6 is rather bullet proof.
The only thing that breaks are the ignition coils. That’s a thing. I think they break in every car
nowadays, because I keep pointing them out. They can break, so starting problems
are probably caused by the ignition coils. Another powertrain thing: the transmission
can leak / sweat oil at the rear gasket. This doesn’t have to be a problem.
It shouldn’t squirt oil, though. Check and top off the liquids regularly. It doesn’t
hurt to flush the automatic transmission either. I can recommend this.
It shouldn’t cause big problems. There’s a thing with the undercarriage,
especially the brakes. The Lexus RX can do regenerative braking,
charging its batteries when you go off the throttle. It brakes on the wheels. The forces on
the powertrain generate electricity for the batteries. Because this happens, people don’t use
the brakes much. The brakes start to rust. The solution is simpel: brake hard sometimes. One final thing to watch out for:
the power windows’s motors can break. That’s easy to check. Open and close all windows.
If they work, the motors are probably OK. These were the things to watch out for.
There aren’t many and they’re relatively simple. Lastly, the car we’re driving today.
We borrowed it at Lexus Utrecht. It’s a facelifted RX 450h in F Sport trim.
The facelift happened in 2012. It’s easy to recognize by its spindle grille.
This car has one too. It’s a pretty, well-optioned car. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale of which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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  1. In België is de maandelijkse kostprijs 2x hoger als die van een Lexus CT200 H (als je deze als particulier tweedehands koopt).

  2. Een van de weinige merken die nog naar betrouwbaarheid streeft. Zal deze auto zeker op mijn verlanglijsje zetten. Wel met een AWD 😉

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