Lexus vs Acura, Which is Better

Lexus vs Acura, Which is Better

rev up your engines Lexus vs. Acura
which one’s better the first Lexus was 1989 it was the LS
400 the v8 engine, and it had a rather bizarre beginning, in 1985 Japanese ray
the house in Laguna California and yes in this case truth is stranger than
fiction, they were actually studying American to see what cars do rich
Americans want to drive, and they decided it was a v8 rear-wheel drive car,
now 1989 they brought in this ls 400 and by 1991 Lexus was the most sold
imported luxury cars in the United States, only took them two years, they
obviously figured something out there now they were still called Toyotas in
Japan, it’s just a marketing ploy in the United States they figured Americans aren’t
going to spend that kind of money for a Toyota so they’re still toyotas but we’ll
call them Lexuses in the United States now Honda actually beat Toyota to the
punch, 1986 they sold the Acura Legend in the United States, it was their version
of a luxury car, they didn’t sell Acura’s in Japan they still called them Hondas,
they realized hey the Americans they think that Honda are lower end cars and
you’re not gonna pay a whole bunch of money for them, so they just changed the
name of their luxury division, unlike say the history of Cadillac, which originally
was its own company Cadillac, eventually GM bought them and now their just fancy GM’s
which aren’t such great vehicles in the long run but the Japanese just made the
whole thing up, so Acura they stand alone as the first company to make a true
Japanese American luxury car and truthfully when you compare an Acura
Legend to the previous Honda’s that were little puddle jumper type cars, they were
very luxurious cars, I had a lot of customers back then buy Acura legends, and
one of my customers was the first one in Houston to buy one,
they loved that car, now both the acuras and lexuses are pretty well
made cars, but they really come from different philosophy of car design, so
depending which one you want to buy is gonna depend on what do you want in a
car, for example a lot of people say a true luxury car has to be rear-wheel
drive like the Lexus, Honda doesn’t make rear-wheel drive cars, they make
front-wheel drive cars they’re experts at that, they make all-wheel drive too,
but they don’t make just plain-old rear-wheel drive cars, while lexus was
going for elite status cars, smooth rides Acura was more towards handling and
brute speed, to give you a modern-day example the Lexus UX 200, it’s a
relatively slow vehicle it goes 0 to 60 miles an hour in 8.9 seconds, a 2017
chrysler pacifica minivan it’s faster that that in a zero to 60, and of course the
two of them are battling back and forth especially in the SUV market that’s a
big market where a lot of vehicles are sold, but it still pretty much stands true
to form, that if you want a more luxurious SUV get a lexus, if you want
one that’s a little more zippy, handles a little better, you can get an Acura, but
you have to realize there’s a caveat to that, the acura suvs especially
the ones that are all-wheel-drive they’ve had a lot of problems with their
automatic transmissions, I’ve had more than one customer with one have the
automatic transmission go out on an Acura SUV with the big 6-cylinder engine,
cost them $8-9,000 to have the transmission done over, and I
have never ever had a Lexus customer with any of their vehicles ever have an
automatic transmission actually go out where they had to have it rebuilt to
replace, and I have customers that have lexuses that have 350 thousand miles on them,
a safer bet in the long run it’s really
the Lexus, where Honda being more of an engine company, even today they make more
internal combustion engine each year than any company in the world, have
perfected a lot of engine designs for speed, and they did the suspension to
handle that speed, Acura and Lexus are just made up names its Honda and Toyota
and Toyota it’s got legendary long life, where Honda they’re known as being
really well-built cars too, but they’re more slanted on the performance angle
and one thing that you have to realize for both Acura and Lexus is, their part
can be very expensive, switches on the door for the power windows the master
switches that cost over $400 on those things, and due to the limited production
of a lot of luxury cars, there often isn’t that big of an aftermarket so in
that case I told the customer hey either go to a junkyard and pray that one is
okay, or you gotta buy it at the dealer because nobody else makes that
master switch, and in the olden days the original legends those had rubber
timing belts but those v6 engines were interference engines, so if that rubber
timing belt broke the Pistons hit the valves and goodbye engine, now only a handful
of the older lexuses had interference engines with rubber timing belts
most of those were non-interference engines, and today in most cases it
doesn’t really even matter anymore, because almost all of the engines have
gone back to the better design of a metal timing chain instead of the rubber
timing belt, if you really want to go back in history even before my time
they had timing gears in engines, where there are actual gears connecting the
crankshaft to the camshaft, so you didn’t have to have anything that was flopping
around eventually from wear and breaking, but it just costs too much money to make
timing gears and they do tend to be noisier too, a lot of the big trucks had them
and they didn’t care about noise, in cars people don’t
accept the vibration and the noise of gears running the engine, so now they’ve
gone back to timing chains which is a good design, you make a good chain and change the
oil, a lot of times those things gonna last three four hundred thousand miles
if they’re made right, and when it comes to the modern electronic conveniences
that a lot of people seem to want, both the acuras and lexus are just loaded
with those things, so my conclusion is this, if you want a true luxury car that
rides really well and still has good acceleration, get yourself a Lexus if you
value your money over time especially if you plan on keeping it for
years and years and years like cheapskate Scotty, my wife’s is 18
years old, it still runs pretty much like it did today it was made, I would really
say the Acuras I really sports sedans versus luxury cars, and if you’re
thinking about getting an SUV, SUVs are SUVs they’re based on a truck chassis
really, so they’re not technically luxury cars, but if you want a more luxurious
one get a lexus, if you want one that’s a bit zippier, a little tighter handling,
but it won’t take bumps quite as well as a Lexus will, get yourself an Acura, but if
you’re like Scotty and smart get yourself a used one, because they’re
extremely expensive new and you never know what kind of a deal you might find
later down the line, especially as many older people like luxury cars, they don’t
put many miles on them, and when they finally can’t drive anymore, you might
get a really good deal at an estate sale so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. The Honda S 2000 is front engine, with rear wheel drive. The Lexus LS 430, in PWR mode, is very fast.

  3. Acura have much better looking cars. I do however really LOVE the idea of a luxury quality Toyota vehicle. I own a Honda Accord Euro (Acura TSX) and love it to pieces – very disappointed in Honda for killing the Euro in Australia because we don't have Acura here. The current 2019 Honda cars don't appeal to me at all and I'm seriously considering a Lexus unless Honda introduces Acura to the Australian market.

  4. In my own honest opinion I think Lexus is more prominent in the Luxury division and yes they are more expensive as well. Acura is still good but I feel like it more premium than being a luxury car.

  5. When i moved to USA five years ago, from Pakistan and i saw one Acura sedan for sale on Craigslist it blew my mind i was like this is. Honda why its been called Acura lol i thought some company just copied the Honda Design and selling under Acura name lol 😂😂

  6. Hey scotty what is your opinion on Infinitis? They seem simple and old-school but well built and reliable cars

  7. I would argue Lexus today makes faster cars than Acura. Lexus IS F is faster than any non supercar than Acura makes. In supercar terms the LFA is faster than the NSX.

  8. as a valet driver and i driven many cars, i can safely say that Lexus just has smoother steering and acura has smoother acceleration. i am a huge fan of both but i personally prefer acura.

  9. I've got a 2007 Lexus IS350. I still love the car. The front calipers both got stuck. I had a scary moment. With The GPS system went out. They wanted $3500 to replace it at the dealership. Luckily, I found a mechanic that replaced it with a used one for much less. Still a great car.

  10. Yo Scotty Kilmer, you have the best YouTube mechanic car show, always have so much information, love it! I change my fan two weeks ago for 80 bucks. The auto shop wanted to charge me 700! I watched your video how to change the fan, save me $620!

  11. I don’t even consider Acura a real luxury brand. Their cars look cheap, ugly and outdated. If you want real luxury with reliabilty, buy a Lexus. They compete more with the Germans.

  12. Excellent insight, as usual my friend. As a family of 5 in need of third row seating a few years back, we decided on an 02 Acura MDX with around 140k, and we did so knowingly (from a test conducted by our own sources) with a transmission in torque convertor lockup. We took the gamble based on the overall condition of the car and drove it for about a year before it started to go as expected. We replaced with a certified rebuild and are thankful to have had no issues since. We've added another 100k and it still runs strong. I do prefer the solid road feel and performance over comfort, but on your word the comfort of Lexus has its appeal as the years crack on. My dad purchased an 88 Legend as soon as the showroom and service center were built, having studied the car since 86. It was the first non-fleet vehicle he'd purchased and his last, and still alive via handdown. Thanks again for the great, entertaining insight. Wish I'd have known this stuff much, much earlier, take care.

  13. I like this Video I have a 93”GS 300
    332,000 +miles, had my car
    20 years I’m 42 year old. I love this car and I won’t give it up. Everyone tell me to get a new car. But my Lexus been good to me. So I concur to this video. Scotty is a Toyota man like myself 👍🏾
    For those that don’t know Toyota/Lexus is better than any BMW or Benz!! There over rated!!
    Tell it like it is Scotty ✊🏾

  14. @6:44 did you just say…”heck, my wife is 18 years old”? I’m almost 50, & I don’t think I could Handel a wife that was 28 years old let alone 18!

  15. Scotty: Toyota builds awesome transmissions and have fantastic overall quality, and Honda builds outstanding engines!!
    Literally Nobody:

    Me: What if Honda and Toyota built a new line of cars together??

  16. I HAD a Lexus RX300 that needed a transmission rebuilt at 100K miles. HAHA
    No more Lexuses or Toyotas for me.
    I stick with Chevy now, after all they can last hundreds of thousands of miles as well and I pay much less, and is not rare for Chevy Metros, Malibus or Silverados to go over 300K miles.
    So for me Toyota is just an expensive car that serves the purpose of people’s prestige, an icon of show off.
    Brand new Chevy Spark is on sale now for $10K at many dealerships. What’s the cheapest Toyota you can get? Maybe 17Gs for a Yaris? And I just saw a guy on YouTube reviewing his Spark with 300K miles with no mayor problems, CVT and engine running perfectly, no lights no codes.

  17. I love Scotty’s channel for instructional videos but when it comes to opinions about car makes I completely disagree, he worships Toyota just tooooooo much.
    But well, he said it. It’s just one man’s opinion.

  18. I was really debating on buying a used 2009 Lexus IS 350 but for cost reasons I got a 2010 Toyota RAV4 V6 limited.

    It has the same engine but with 30 less HP. Best part is it only had 91000 KMs on it when I got it.

  19. I know that Honda=Acura and Toyota= Lexus that is old news… but some stuck up ppl with money thick that buying a luxury car of these two brands well make them spacial some way actually they two companys laughing straight to their bank at you 👏👍🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. I got mdx 2016 and my father got mdx 2015 , 9 speed vs the older one 7 or 6 speed not sure exactly , gear got screwed more worse , more jerky jumpy inconvenient feeling , they made rdx with 10 speed and i don’t know how it looks now , regard luxurious , its not very as scotty says but its ok with that despite of bad blind spots angle detection and bad bluetooth audio delays

  21. Dear Scotty, would you know about when manufacturers decided to go to metal timing chain. Thank you for well made videos.

  22. Hi Scotty, I own 3 Hondas and 4 Acuras. I have enough on Honda's cars. It is good when less then 100-130 miles. After that start burning oil and have electrical issues. If you own 6 vehicles from Honda you know Honda and Acura compare on reliable they are not ask good as Toyota.
    I own 3 Toyota Corolla, 1 mini van, 2 trucks, 1 Camry, 1 4runner and 1 Supra. They are the best ever makes car from Toyota.

  23. I have a 2004 Lexus RX 330 with 220,000 miles. All I have fixed is a fan relay switch and a wheel bearing. In stark contrast was a 1998 Acura Cl that I had bought new and put 225,000 on it. The Acura went through 4 catalytic converters, 5 radiators, 3 sets of radiator fans, uncountable window motors, motor mounts like they were going out of style, and a blown head gasket that sent it to its grave at 225k. I’d never buy another one.

  24. Owned 1st and 2nd gen Acura Legend. Will never forgive Acura for killing that model. Was epic. Everything since has been plastic crap and boring. Acura used to be the Japanese honey badger, taking on BMW 3 with the Integra, 5 series with the Vigor, MB with the Legend, and Maranello with the NSX.

    Lexus is alone now.

  25. Not completely true when he talked about acura transmission . It was true for the TL 2002-2003 . HOWEVER I currently own an 11 MDX and I have had no issue with it . All I have done is to keep up with oil change and other vital maintainances … currently my car has 188k on it and no issue noted with transmission

  26. Acura is no comparison. They haven’t earned any rings in the United States. Lexus have. Acura and Infiniti is far behind.

  27. When comparing the two, I believe in the 90s they were very similar in overall quality but by today’s standards I feel Lexus has the edge. They’re the most reliable luxury brand across all their vehicles. While some are just luxury interiors wrapped in their respective Toyota platforms, their other vehicles are in a league of their own. For example, the RC and GX.

  28. I bought my first FOREIGN car ,an Acura MDX, and it's the best car I have ever had. I have never had a Lexus so I can not say

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