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  2. from Kolkata,India!
    watching this on 13-02-2019..at 19.10 o clock.
    wondering about how I was on 24-07-2010 and how these people are today!
    Taking the promise to be nice to all from today!

  3. What a beautiful Arancio Atlas Murcielago roadster, I have to agree with you now, being dead to the world is worth infinity more than an LP640 any day..

  4. This film made me smile, and laugh, and cry at so many different times throughout. I live in America. At first I thought how lucky I am. Then I began to think, how unfortunate me and so many other Americans are. Most of us have no idea what it means to really struggle, to really work hard for what we are given. We don’t appreciate the things we have the way we should. We go through our days not realizing what living really is.

  5. i marked this day on my calendar when i was 15…i was starting to get into artsy movies because my friends were introducing me to them. i'm now the one sharing this to others… 🙂

  6. Hehe was right there with you back in the day…. I had a riot of a time! But much happier now that I don’t require those expensive toys anymore. Which makes life now ….priceless ❤️🔥🔅

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  11. I watch this at least once a year and its still as good as the first time.Also gotta say thanks for a little look into all your lives.

  12. So amazing to come back to this video. This video helped me a lot when I went through depression. Gave me a strange feeling of structure. Made me feel face to face with humanity and somehow myself

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  14. اريد وحده من النجف عندي بيت وحدي فارغ تحب خلي تراسلني وتدلل

  15. Gaz para uso nos carros eu sei que vem da Bolivia, agora como proposta para tocar a frota de caminhões dizem que o Brasil é auto suficiente. É assim que vivemos de mentiras. Vindas do governo.
    Privatiza esta coiza.

  16. Best video I've ever watched so far
    I'm touched by so many pictures in it
    I feel life is really free, it has so many opportunities if you allow yourself,or just change your perspective even though it had been sticking with you for a long time,you can actually drop it just*t like you drop an empty can
    Change your perspectives and you can eventually change your life
    You can live a totally different life next moment,like bringing a homeless guy, home.

  17. Unexptected (,/'_'.)

  18. Always come back here when I'm depressed, to reassure myself that it's OK to feel lost and sad sometimes. Seeing that there's a lot of people out there living a much difficult life than I do, I told myself that I have to stay strong.

  19. Easily, One of the best Documentaries that pierces through to the edges of the world; portraying a side of us, the humankind, nuances of the World we live in, that ever so rarely has been brought to this kind of subtle spotlight.

  20. 58:33 when the dog heard that guy say "he's not just my friend … he-, he's my boyfriend" opened his eyes in amazement, got up and left. That dog's react is the divine sign that God has left (killed me).

  21. I remember seeing this when it was made. My birthday is July 25th so I thought it would of been very cool to see how so many people spent that beautiful summer day, the day before my birthday. It's incredible seeing all the comments explaining what this day/movie means to them. I love it. I always come back to watch this every few years. Thank you for keeping it here on YouTube. I hope you never remove it! 🙂
    It's a month away from July 24, 2019. I hope everyone in this doc and in the comments are healthy, happy and overall well. I know that might be quite unlikely but a girl can hope!

  22. The clip with the teen boy shaving his face for the first time has always been my favorite (except I cringed so hard when he pressed the blade so hard). My two brothers and I grew up without a father. You know the joke about Dads going to the store for cigarettes and never coming back? That actually happened to us… Still like the joke though 😛

    My brothers never learned properly how to shave (they hardly grow facial hair but that's besides the point). When I saw my brother shaving his face with only a bit of water, no shaving cream, it killed me but he had no one to teach him. My younger brother looks very similar to the boy in the clip (especially the way he said "uhhh…15") and is about the same age today (mid-20s). I always meant to show him that clip but never did… We hardly talk. But I think I need to make a point to show him. <3

  23. I first watched this back in 2014. I remember I cried a lot. Suddenly after waking up today I remembered the movie and I'm here again to feel and cry.

  24. How can anyone support abortion after the birthing segment? This is why abortion is evil. There's no debate, there's literally no excuse for killing something that did nothing.

  25. This is why we actually need nationalism. How can we expect to have diversity if we are the same race due to decades of enforced multiculturalism?

  26. I think I know my New Year’s resolution:
    Film about 10 seconds of every day for a year, then watch it all back.
    It’ll be interesting to see how each day was, and how I changed with every day.

  27. I was relatively comfortable until 43:50
    That scared me.
    I thought it was quick, i thought it was painless.
    The shot merely immobilises it.
    To stop it from preventing the horrors to come.
    I’m still going to eat meat, but I’ll never think of it the same way again.

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  30. I didn't mean to offend you, but my army tricked me into saying this to you. They didn't think that you were good for me, so they convinced me to leave that comment as a way to sabotage our potential mariage.

  31. you lost me at 44 minutes. that was too brutal, I can't get past the image of a cow being killed in such a heartless manner, really ruined an up-until-then really good film, but I can't go on with it now.

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