Limit Switch Reset Procedure for Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota & Lexus Anti-Pinch Window Motors

Limit Switch Reset Procedure for Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota & Lexus Anti-Pinch Window Motors

hello and welcome back to another
addition of ProTech today we’re going to go over resetting
the limit switch on Nissan and Toyota vehicles equipped with anti pinch window
lift motors using mechanical limit switches with this type of window with motor the
anti-pinch safety feature causes of the window to bounce back and stop if it
encounters resistance when the auto up function is selected the only problem is that a small
oversight during installation can make this feature work against you by causing the motor to malfunction the problem occurs when the auto up feature is selected and the window closes but then bounces down 2 or 3
inches and stops this happens because the motor was
bench tested or operated before being installed into
the window regulator which cancels the upper limit position the window travel limits must be set for
the motor to know whether the window is closed or open so let’s run through the installation
steps to set those travel limits and confirm that the replacement
motor is functioning correctly First, remove the cover panel and remove the
window lift motor from the regulator while keeping the motor connected to the
electrical connectors Next, lift the window control switch for 10
seconds as if you are raising the window the motor will run freely and after 10
seconds released the window switch Then install the motor into the regulator using the window control switch place
the regulator near the middle of its travel. Neither completely up or
completely down now go ahead install the cover panel
and ensure that the wire harness for the motor is tied down with the strain relief make sure the wiring does not interfere
with the window operation lift the window control switch to fully
lift the window releasing the switch when the window
reaches the top lower the window completely to reset
the ring gear sensor mechanism and hold the switch down manually repeat the sequence of raising and
lowering the window 3 times then lift the window using the auto up
feature the window should continue to rise
automatically all the way to it’s closed fully up position the window should not bounce down after
stopping at the top of the window opening if the window bounces the travel limit was not set properly repeat the process carefully following
each step now it’s time to test the anti pinch
function lower the window completely using the
auto down feature test the anti pinch function by allowing
the window to close on a cardboard paper towel roll while raising the window using the auto
up feature the window should stop and reverse
3-4 inches after contacting the paper towel roll you should repeat the test sequence
3 times the verify the motor is functioning properly I hope this information has been helpful
and your installation goes smoothly thanks for your time and i’ll see you on
our next edition of ProTech

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I have a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder . Today while at a drive thru, the window went all the way up bounced and came down 3 to 4 inches. It did this repeatedly. This is the first occasion that it has had to malfunction. Is there a way to reset the regulator so that it stops this anti pinch performance?? The regulator and motor both seem to work as usual except for this new behavior the window bounces which is the top and comes down 3 to 4 inches.

  2. Thank you very much for this video. I had this exact problem and didn't want to sell my car with a broken window but also didn't want to pay a shop hundreds of dollars to fix it. Your video made it possible for me to fix this problem myself. It wasn't quick or easy, but I did it. 2002 Altima.

  3. I have a toyota 4runner, 1999, with scissor lifting mechanism, NOT the cable as shown in this video. How do I reset this type of motor?

  4. Thanks for the comment rpierini, the reset button worked great on 03 Infiniti g35. I'm a locksmith and I made a key for this car late on a Sunday and I messed up the motor position when reassembling the door. The reset button made it a 5 minute fix. AWSOME!!

  5. Do you have to remove motor and do 10 second up position again if reset procedure is not working? I have a g35 coupe and it's not working for me.

  6. As much as I didn't want to believe winding the motor out in the up direction for 10 seconds made any sense at all…it worked on my 2005 Lexus ES330.  The left rear window didn't move at all.  I tore the door down, pulled the motor out, moves fine juicing it right off the battery.  Installed back in the door, window works now, but the Auto Up goes up and then kicked it down half way now.  After trying to hold the auto up and auto down for 5 seconds, trying to disconnect and reconnect the battery, etc. I broke down and pulled the motor and gear out, took the motor off, hooked it up to the harness, cranked it UP for 10 seconds.  I set the motor back in the gear about midway, threw the sucker back in the door.  Brought it down manually, up manually, down auto, and up auto.  Wala- its fixed.  The original cause of the window getting stuck maybe have been from the regulator binding in the closed position.  There actually is a TSB for this.  Lazy Toyota.

  7. I've a 1999 altima I just want to raise the window, it looks like I can do that from inside the door. If I fix it later fine but now it has stopped going up and only goes down, I need it up.

  8. Thank you!  Used this method on my 2001 IS300 to fix the anti-pinch from dropping the window back down after auto rolling up, and it worked the first time.  Just wish I had known about it when I initially took the regulator out to re-grease the tracks do to the window getting stuck closed.

  9. Greg, It would have been nice if you would have included procedure to R&R window from track and door. after all it is part of this fix.
    Also you never say where to position track BEFORE you remove motor assembly.

  10. Before anyone decides to purchase a new motor you may want to know that the limiters are based on resistance. If your vehicle is exposed to fine dust for long periods of time this will collect on all the parts of your power window systems thus creating resistance and stress. The motor sensors will recognize this stress due to resistance and thus not move your window up and or stop and reverse at some point of rising. Quick remedy is to open the affected door and flood your inner door chamber with WD40 spray. Be advised to place newspaper under the door to collect run off or what other substitute you feel fit to collect the WD40 oil dripping out from below. FYI if you hear clicking while trying to raise the window on the door that has a problem with rising the window the most likely problem is what I mentioned above. The clicking coming from the affected door control is normal and means there is a jam and or to much resistance. After the WD40 helps you out it is only momentary- you will need professional help to clean the power system and re-lube all parts associated to movement of the window system.

  11. I had this issue. The motor was at fault, simply required the standard reset. Give that a try first. Youtube: Nissan Window Bounce – Fix

  12. The shortcut to fix this issue is:

    Take apart the door panel.
    Locate where the window motor is.
    You'll see a black circle, like plastic, just in the middle of the panel.
    Push it hard, behind it is a button.
    You'll notice it whem you lower the window.

    Raise the window, manually, all the way up.
    Now push that button.Keep it pushed while you lower the window manually.
    Release the black button.
    Now raise the window again manually.
    Then lower it.
    Now try to raise it automatically.
    The window has been reset.

  13. that's funny how it says Nissan and Toyota, and he's demonstrating how it works on Infiniti lol (ps I know infiniti and Nissan is the same thing) just curious why not add infiniti and Lexus to the description

  14. My 2006 Murano's drivers side window just now acted up and quit working.  I pulled into the garage, put the transmission into park and engaged the two front door windows to close.  While the passenger side window closed completely, the drivers side got about 4" – 5" out of the door, stopped, then retracted back to fully open.  When I engaged the switch to close again it repeated the same process.  Not knowing what was happening I tried one more time and the window just stopped at 5" raised and the motor just quit, nothing, nada.  This had never given me problems before.  Any advice???

  15. Hey! Great video! I was looking for a solution to this problem almost since I've had my 2012 Nissan Pathfinder (about a year). For whatever permutation of my searches online I couldn't find anything about this until today. I'm really grateful. I got out there and got this solved because of your video and I thank you. My 2012 Nissan Pathfinder doesn't allow for removing an inside cover panel so you have to remove the window glass first and then the regulator from the whole door housing to get at the motor. Remove the glass by removing two screws accessed when the window is 3/4 the way down – you'll see the screws only in one access hole and a large opening. Thanks again!

  16. Hi, I am a chinese, could you help to explain in word for toyota altis 2006 about how to solve the mentioned issue, so that I can translate myself. Thanks.

  17. Hallo, thank you for your help. I have this problem with my Toyota Land cruiser J100 , 2004 . Almost similar with Lexus . Does this video work for my model too ?
    Wube, Ethiopia

  18. I just finished replacing my 350Z window motor and it works fine but I have problem when I push down a little (to let the air in/out so it doesn't get too hot inside my car) the window will go back up as soon as I locked my car.. What should I do to fix this problem? thanks


  20. Resetting

    After installing each component to the vehicle, follow the steps below.

    1. With the door open, lift up and hold the power window switch until the door glass is fully closed.

    2. Get inside the vehicle and close the door.

    You need to close the door so the door switch is fully depressed.

    3. Press and hold the reset switch. While holding the reset switch, press down and hold the power window

    switch until the door glass is fully opened.

    4. Release the reset switch.Then, lift up and hold the power window

    switch until the door glass is fully closed.

    5. Open the door to release the door switch. The door glass should

    partially move down.

  21. Worked perfectly on my 2003 Nissan Altima. The factory motor has been doing the auto reverse at the top for like 2 years. Didn't know why. This fixed it!

  22. I bought a 2007 lexus es 350 and the windows clips on front right window were broken so I found clips online and installed them. After doing that the window would roll down on one-touch up operation. I had tried the holding for 10 seconds up and same down but it did not work. I did not want to have to remove the motor but it was not hard to do. I could not find videos of same model doing this on youtube so i did record it. Anyway this fix worked!! I was very happy and thanks for the help.

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