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  1. I wish we could have seen link reacting to when he said he didnt pull the headphone cords but obviously did

  2. Link, save your boys and sit back on your pockets and sit up straight. But as a horse owner you did pretty good for a first timer!

  3. Lol I ride every Sunday! I ride English at a little stable near by. I don’t lease or own a horse, but I wish I did!

  4. Link is honestly a natural and his seat is really good considering this is his first time on a horse. I hope he keeps riding!

  5. Didn’t he ride Donkeys at the Grand Canyon?? Not much of a difference lol. Unless it’s a miniature pony which are his all time fav animal!!! Lol!! But if you’ve ridden any saddle animal, you’ve ridden them all lol.

  6. I always laugh at some point during GMM and I like the random creativity of R&L that we don’t always get in full force with the formulated content.

    But this outing was PERFECT! Great job and thank you!

  7. “This is Bishop”

    Link in his memories remembers his mom making biscuits on his half birthday every year

    “Hi biscuits!”

  8. As a member of the Equestrian community for 14 years, I kept yelling at Link through my screen "Don't grip with your knees!  Don't hold onto the saddle horn!"  My co-workers were all a little concerned for my well being.

  9. Funny that something good can’t just happen for link it has to be some sort of joke on him and he has to play along because if he doesn’t he knows he will just get made fun of for being a downer

  10. When they do a skit act like they're the family, it is very good hahaha, like an actual family hahaha, a weird one, but still a family haha

  11. It's good to see Link enjoying something other than eating foods that might be questionable and being put in a snake tank. Good job Mythical Crew!!!

  12. This just reminded me of getting kicked in the head by a horse when I was two. Still have the scar to prove it too,lol.

  13. I feel like someone should have atleast shown Link the basics about, stop, go and steering the horse xD.

    And that day after a ride muscle pain… it's the best

  14. Just saying you guys didnt get pizza hut breadsticks with cheese. as a cheesy bread lover this episode hurts me haha

  15. Link did so well! He should seriously take up riding! For his first time he did really good! I ride once a week it’s very fun.

  16. Did you give them the ENDS of dominos cheesy bread? That's malarkey. A middle piece should've been provided. They're PACKED with cheese and you move closer to the middle.

  17. LTAT has become better than the actual show. They leave the studio. Sadly ive lost interest in GMM because its just the same taste tests and the games over and over.

  18. Link is 41 and a half years old and he's never ridden a horse up until that point?! Even though his favorite animal of all time is a minature horse?! 🤯

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