Live PD: Get Out of the Car (Season 2) | A&E

Live PD: Get Out of the Car (Season 2) | A&E

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  1. Why can't people just listen to officers? Seriously did she think that she was going to be in less trouble if she didn't obey and stay in the car?

  2. FIFTEEN MINUTES to get her out of the car. My own mother would have dragged me out about two and a half minutes in…

  3. It's really not all that difficult to not drive after you've been drinking lol it's probably one of the simplest things in life EVER.

    Been drinking?

    It's actually THAT easy.

    If you get caught drinking and driving, you DESERVE whatever happens.

  4. They will shoot a brother reading a book in a park but this b** gets to take a drunk and nap in the middle of the road

  5. Excuse me, I can do what ever I want, don't you know that? You have some nerve asking me to get out when all I am doing is traveling…..

  6. Do these stupid people think that an attorney is going to just meet them there? Why are they saying they'd like an attorney to the cops? This can't be real. Fake show. Too stupid to be real. Anyone else think this is fake and in disbelief or is everyone else just stupid too?

  7. Me: I'm sorry officer, my wife ran off with a cop that looked like you, and I was afraid you were bringing her back!

    Cop: You are free to go!

    Seriously though, when a cop tells you to do something, DO IT! You are not going to win!

    Except in California where you can outrun their Tesla! Then claim to be an illegal alien and get off scott free after murdering 100 American citizens as long as you vote Democrat!

  8. How many cops for one unarmed woman? But cops don't use excessive force, right? It doesn't matter that she was taken without injury. The fact that that many armed officers were called to a traffic stop is a show of excessive force.

  9. Wtf?! Where was the equality in that? If that would have been a dude doing that!!! They would have had to also bring out the paramedics to make sure they didn't hurt him too bad!

  10. They made a man who was paraplegic get off his holder and crawl towards them I don’t think they’re gonna give you a break lady😂💀😭

  11. And I say it again: alcohol makes stupid people do silly things and silly people do stupid things. DUI charge and possibly a disobeying a lawful order charge. I wonder what did she blow down at the station.

  12. Omg they stopped her because she’s black!!!!! Wait…….. oh sorry she’s white. Lol. So they pull over their own kind too??? 😱. Wow I didn’t know that. 😂🤣😅

  13. And if she had been black this would have proceeded in a much more rapid manner. If she had been attractive, it would have proceeded yet even more slowly.

  14. I love watching people argue cops about the law when a cops job is to force those laws lmao people are actually horribly horribly stupid🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Bye, bye lush. Didn't do anything? Only DUI, & risk who knows how many lives. It's oddly in favor of the impaired driver who either survives or seldom gets injured.
    Gr8 work officers.

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