Live PD: The Runaway Wheel (Season 4) | A&E

Live PD: The Runaway Wheel (Season 4) | A&E

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  1. Awesome officer and awesome person he knows he’s in the wrong and owns up to it. Sadly not enough people can do that

  2. Lol this happened to my girlfriend in my Subaru, I’ve since replaced it with another Subaru and every time she gets in it she thinks the wheel is coming off😂😅

  3. When you’re decent and polite, the cops will even give you a ride (sometimes, obviously not all of the time).

  4. As a mechanic let me tell yall how this went down.
    that tire requires 5 studs to hold the tire. there are only 3 studs there and they all snapped off.
    the other 2 studs were not even installed.
    BUT his brakes look good tho LOL

  5. Here in Britain if your caught with no insurance, you lose most of your bank account, the car gets crushed and your insurance premiums will cost nearly 5 times as much. My friend found out when he got reported for no insurance and what would’ve been a £1400 insurance bill is now nearly £6000

  6. Cop: You're not getting arrested.

    Putting him in the back seat.
    Some criminals who are arrested get to sit in the front lol

  7. Something going on here. My 99 Dodge Ram did that. Driver side front. And my case somebody loosened up the lug nuts. I think somebody was after my son, but that's a different story. I was going about 10 miles an hour when it rolled off. I found all the lug nuts too. Had my floor jack in the back so I'm good to go. Never did find out who did it. Thank God I wasn't on the interstate!

  8. At least they were nice enough to give the man a ride. I hope the poor lady got her car fixed. Last year a guy almost killed me on a motorcycle and had no insurance and I was stuck owing 5000k on a motorcycle and 10s or 1000s in DR Bills because of that

  9. Fell off? More like over torqued lug nuts. Someone probably used and air impact gun to install the wheel and stretched and weakened the studs. The other 3 are likely the same.

  10. This happened to me and a station wagon full of my Jr. High friends on the way to the amusement park. Thank God my bff's dad was a professional driver!

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