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  1. oh my jenny I wish the MOST luck for you I love you soo much I wish I could meat you I live in Utah I love this place but I moving some time soon if I could meet you I would cry soo hard all the luck to you guys bye 😀

  2. I had to write a poem for school so here it goes…

    There was a tall chicken
    Whose name was Craig Hicken,
    He is pretty funny,
    and not a bunny,
    So most call him Tall Chicken

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  4. sorry shaun and jenny I forgot about this vlog and am only watching it now so good luck even though I was late

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  6. Since there's too much cereal for you to eat in time, you should make cereal art with the stale cereal. Kinda like macaroni art but with cereal!!!!!

  7. Haha I love that bus. Signed it 8 years ago in Colorado with the original crew chad, ben, and derek. An absolutely amazing mission and people.

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