LML Duramax Diesel Tuning – 5 Questions & Answers

LML Duramax Diesel Tuning – 5 Questions & Answers

(upbeat music) – Duramaxtuner.com presents
the five most common questions about LML tuning.
(upbeat music) – The first, most commonly asked question we get relates to mileage. Both what mileage I can
expect when I buy the truck, and what mileage I can
expect when I tune the truck. Now, you’ve gotta
understand from our side, there’s just so many
variables that play into this. There’s the climate where you live,
there’s your driving style, there’s what tires are on the truck, are you towing or not? What does your commute look like? Right, so all these things play in. Now on a truck that typically
gets 15 or 16 miles per gallon which is pretty normal
in a temperate climate, reasonably driven truck, unloaded, it wouldn’t be uncommon to
see another mile per gallon or mile and a half per
gallon out of our tuning. Are we gonna promise
you that? Of course not. Your driving style, anything,
any of those variables that I mentioned earlier
can play into that and skew that number. Now where we really see gains in mileage comes in the situation where we can lower the mean operating RPM of the engine. So if you’re lightly loaded,
or you’re causing the truck to downshift with a trailer behind it, a situation where we add the tune and we really fatten up that torque curve, we allow you to run in the
same higher gear for longer. And when we can allow you
to run in the same gear for longer or run in the higher gear, we can lower the RPM and lower
the parasitics on the engine. Any time we can do that,
we can save you fuel. So light loads, with light
tow tune or heavy tow tune, typically the best situation
for saving you money on fuel. Number two commonly asked question we get relates to TCM tuning. So you’ve read about the ECM tuning, you understand how that works, now you’re asking about
transmission tuning and how does that affect
the way the truck drives. When we build the ECM calibration
we alter the torque curve, so that means that we bring
more torque in at lower RPM, we widen the torque
curve, we fatten it up, and we also “raise” the torque curve so, you make more peak torque at
most points in the rev range. As you do that, the transmission
calibration benefits from being matched to
that changed torque curve, so by tuning the TCM the transmission is able to anticipate the
torque load from the engine. As it anticipates the torque load, it can understand what the
shift pressure should be, it understands when to downshift, so when you’re calling for more torque than the truck can make at that RPM, and a downshift is needed, and understand, that’s different than
a stock calibration is, versus a tune calibration. And then the torque converter
clutch lock-up strategy. When the torque converter
clutch locks up or applies, to put that power to the rear tires and really hunker down, give
that diesel torque feeling that you’re used to on a tuned truck, setting up to match the tuned torque curve is something that we can
do through TCM tuning only. The third question relates to LSP tuning, for our switchable platform. On the previous model year
trucks we called it DSP, on the LML it’s called LSP, and really what it is is an ability to switch between different torque curves depending on what your
usage is for the truck. Now you can switch on the fly,
using the supplied switch, all you have to do is reach down, adjust the dial, and it
switches in real time. Now previously, on the truck,
we required you to stop, turn the truck off, and go
through a one minute reflash to change the power level. The fourth question relates to
deleting emissions equipment. It’s the taboo question, it’s no secret that in the after market the ability to delete emissions equipment
exists, and is available. What I would ask you to
do before you consider tuning your truck, is
to consider the needs that you personally have for the truck and the benefits that
you want out of the truck before you decide to
delete emissions equipment. By leaving the emissions
equipment on the truck, you maintain a quiet truck,
you maintain a smokeless truck, you maintain a truck that is
in compliance with road laws, so you’re not subject to fines by the DOT or anybody on the road,
and then resale value, so. By resale value, I mean most dealerships will not take a deleted truck on trade. It’s also noteworthy that
it’s much more difficult to undelete a truck than
it is to delete a truck. If you drive a truck that’s been deleted, through a winter, odds are
that most of the connectors are corroded to the point where you need to replace all the corroded connectors, so you really narrow your resale market. For most users, I don’t see the advantage. Power wise, you’re within
five, seven horsepower, very small number you would not notice, seat of the pants, we’ve
tested on the DYNO, back to back emissions equipped
truck versus deleted truck, at the 520, 530 rear
wheel horsepower level, it’s less than you’d be able to detect in the seat of your pants. As far as overall performance
of the truck, drive it first. Put a tune on it, most of the benefits that people who are telling
you to delete your truck, most of the benefits you’re gonna realize from tuning the truck can
be realized from tuning without deleting instead
of tuning and deleting. The fifth and final question, coming off of this delete discussion, comes the warranty discussion. Is tuning going to void my warranty? It really depends on the degree of the warranty work being done. So if you have an axle sealer,
if you have a broken spring in your glovebox or if you have
a door seal that’s leaking, or a battery that’s bad,
these sort of things are not caused by tuning, and are as such, not relatively sought out
to see if you’ve had tuning on the truck before they
approve a warranty claim. So our experience has been that most guys who have tuned trucks really
have no warranty issue when they go to the dealer
to have routine things fixed. That is, things that aren’t
caused by the tuning. What I would do if I were you,
talk to the service writer. They’ll give you an
indication, good or bad, how they lean, and you can
make your decision from there. Now understand, if you get to the point where you need a replacement transmission or you have a major catastrophic
failure with the truck, however rare, these things
do occasionally happen, if you have something like that happen, odds are it’s gonna be escalated
up the chain to regional. If it gets escalated to regional, then they’re gonna check and see if the truck’s ever
been tuned then the odds of a warranty claim being
denied are much higher. So, there you are, the
front and back of it. A little more to the story, a little more gray than black and white. I appreciate you taking
the time to listen to me answer these five commonly
asked questions about the LML. We have a lot of time and
energy invested in LML tuning and performance, most
commonly in our DT520 pack, and in our LSP switchable
tuning for the LML. If you have any questions relating to what we talked about here, or about tuning your truck specifically, please give us a call, 815-568-7920, and me and my staff would
be happy to talk to you about any of these things. I’m Nick, thanks for watching. – For more information, visit
The Diesel Tuner’s Blog, located on the web at
blog.calibratedpower.com/blog (upbeat music)

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  1. I was wondering, you guys seem to really be pushing for emission equipped power. I also understand as a business you can't condone breaking federal law as it could come back on the business, but I guess my question is would you guys tune a deleted truck now that you've made this push towards emission equipped power? I haven't seen this question before, so figured I'd throw it out there. Thanks in advance.

  2. So I was just listening to your most recent podcast and you guys said you are giving a 10% discount on tuning for all duramax's and I noticed you didn't specify it must be emissions compliant. I was just thinking you might want to mention that because I called twice last year wanting to get my lmm tuned and due to the fact it was already deleted you guys couldn't tune it for me (which is really to bad because I loved the tune Nick gave me for a lb7 I had 7 or 8 years ago, so I was quite disappointed). Now please don't take this as a complaint I'm just making a suggestion. I really enjoy the podcast, definitely one of my favorites so keep them coming!!

  3. "MPG depends on your driving style" constantly races and plays around on the road and wonders why he runs out of diesel so much

  4. The reliability of deleting make a big difference. I don't by trucks and trade in to get the new motor/body style…Those people will not benefit. I towed 20k lbs and don't plan on getting a new gmc duramax for 10 years. My last deleted duramax was 2008 and had no motor issues. Before I deleted I fought the particulate filter regeneration 5 or 6 times with only 12lbs. Deleted trucks have lower egt's than a stock truck. I had no problem trading in my truck…if you live in CA. don't bother. I do plan on doing some of these upgrades, the quality is 2nd to none.

  5. In re: tuning and the warranty voiding question — Magnuson Moss Warranty Act 15 USC §2301. Be aware of the burden. As with any legal matter the answer is, "it depends."

  6. Yes .you are pushing note to delete, but you know it's not good for diesel to have all that trash in. My duremax deleted has 478 k. An still running like champ.😉

  7. Do you guys offer a delete kit with your tunning. My truck has all emission on it but his hitting the regen up to 3 times a week because it doesn't get hot enough anymore. I short drive it 4 trips round back and forth to work. I dont think running could help to much by lowering the spot grams that would help it from regening as much. From the sounds of it deleting is my only option

  8. So today I'm at my local GMC dealer I asked about installing a fass lift pump because that's something I've wanted to do to help the cp4. I know stupid idea to ask about modifying the truck but I did. They said it would void the warranty because it's sending more fuel and would just recirculate through and could damage other components. They even said lifting the truck could void the warranty so I guess be careful what you do if you want your warranty. Just wanted to get your thoughts on this thanks!

  9. If you tune for heavy towing and then tune back to stock for service, can they tell if it was tuned and then void warranty?

  10. Your truck engine and transmission are built to specific tolerances. You decide to tune your engine and transmission, adding more stress and wear and tear, and not changing any parts in the engine and transmission. You should expect your tuned engine and transmition to have problems in the future. And that’s why your warranty gets voided. Or you could take the video advice of a guy selling tuning products. This comment probably will get deleted quickly.

  11. I have a question? I have a 2015 lml, 3500hd and I need insight on deleting my truck. The pros and cons. I’ve heard that it clogs your truck. Or steals power. People just say to delete it, it’s better. I have no real reason why I would delete it or why I wouldn’t. Please help!

  12. So I have never owned a diesel and am just now looking into it. Don't you have to get an annual emissions inspection just like on a gas motor?? How do you get around that if you have deleted?

  13. I want a full delete as to not pump all the garbage back through the engine and lower my EGT The fact my oil comes out so full of soot is concerning.

  14. They say that second hand smoke is more dangerous to others not smoking than the one smoking, So why would i allow my truck to breath in all that second hand smoke? Who ever thought of routing the tail pipe back into the engine needs that exahust pipe shoved down his throat.

  15. What about regeneration? So in tunning you add more fuel right? And if it's not a super clean tune itll throw your truck into regeneration more often because as everyone knows more fuel more smoke hence more regeneration. Worse full mileage. Just delete and be done. What I've learned is dont waist your money on the fancy crap. Keep factory piping minus dpf and everything else under the truck, factory intake box, swap the cp4 to cp3 and call it a day unless your doing some serious engine and trans work.

  16. Hey nick great info in the video. Question. I just bought a canyon diesel and thinking about tuning. It really needs it. When going for service should I flash the truck back to stock before bringing it in for service so they don’t know it’s been done or is it a waste of time. This is my first diesel so I’m trying to learn as much as possible. Thx …. Paul.

  17. My problem with whole delete discussion is as follows Three time i have to spend money to repair the screen, filter and had to have forced re-gend three times as well at $750.00 each time and no it just today turned over 10094.0 miles so its now out of warranty and its acting up again so i cant afford to keep going through these problem as i drive it everyday to work, and i could care less about what the EPA has to say because4 for some crazy reason they are the only private sector Organization that has more power then our Congress and they abuse it for sure. So until somebody will keep paying for truck to get fixed they can kiss my Rebel rear end.

  18. Hi nick. 2011 lml with p20b9 code. Def heater. Any helpful tips where to buy a good heater? Other options? Thank you

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