Lost keys to 2002 Kawasaki Motorcycle | Mr. Locksmith Video

– Hi I’m Terry. We’re gonna make keys to
a 2002 Kawasaki today. The dealers very rarely
have the key code for these so you basically find
the key blank, pick open the gas cap or the helmet
lock or the seat cover. They usually have partial wafers inside, this particular model have
five of the six-wafers so we picked open the gas cap,
made a key to the gas cap, and then the six-wafer,
which really is the first cut on the ignition, we just
progressed it from one to four and it worked the ignition, so finicky, little bit tough but you
can make keys to them. The main point is just
get the right key blank and then figure it out
from the code machine how to cut the right spacing and depths. Okay, thank you very much.

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