Low profile Kobalt truck box fits Toyota Tacoma product review

Low profile Kobalt truck box fits Toyota Tacoma product review

It’s pretty hard to find a truck box that
will fit Tacomas. I have a 1998 two door Tacoma with an extended
cab and finding a truck box that would fit it was quite the ordeal. I finally found one that’s the Kobalt. Lowe’s sells it. It’s pretty darn good. It fits right over the little edge there. It only comes in silver though, so I had to
paint mine black. It worked out pretty well. It’s kind of covered in insulation dust
right now. As far as the lock goes, it does have a lock
and the reviews that I read about it online said that the lock is usually the first thing
to go on this. From what I can tell it’s pretty sturdy
so when it’s locked it doesn’t open up at all. The lid is pretty secure. Obviously, you know, you can get in it if
you wanted to. Opening it up. Just kind of go slow. I just did a couple dry wall jobs and stuff
so I’m pretty full right now. But other than that, the box has worked out
pretty well. Like I said, it’s one of the only boxes
that will fit in a Tacoma. I wanted the low profile for mine just because
I don’t like it when they stick up past the window; it’s kind of annoying. So yeah, if you have any questions let me
know. I think the whole box costs like 250 bucks
from Lowes. The thing is if you go to the post office
and get like a moving kit, they usually have a 10% off coupon that you can use towards
any perchance. As far as like the lock mechanism inside goes,
it’s just this little bar that goes up into the top and then down to the other side. It’s the same kind of mechanism over there. One guy on the forum said that when your lock
mechanism breaks, he just took a metal bar and put it straight across from the two – a
more secure metal bar – and he said that worked out fine. Yeah, I haven’t had any problems with it
so far. It doesn’t come with a mounting kit either
so you have to buy a mounting kit at the store. Basically it’s just two little bars that
go in and kind of clamp onto your…the lip of the truck, like right underneath there. So…pretty fun. When you don’t have a garage, you have to
take care of your tools somehow. Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Mine didn't start doing that until i had used it for a few months. I realized that all i needed to do was adjust the little lever on the lid of the box though, and it fixed the problem. You can unscrew that little nut with a pair of pliers, adjust the length of the latch, and then re-tighten the nut. Problem solved. Let me know if that works for you!

  2. I dont quite remember… It wasnt anything expensive though. I think it was just the glossy black paint from lowes. Ill put a link in the video description of some good paint to use. I cleaned it off, then sprayed it with flat black primer, then did 2 coats of the black high gloss.

  3. Lowe's now sells a black, narrow toolbox for mid size trucks (#14646). It's 60Lx12Wx14H. The Tradesman low profile (60Lx16W) in the link above is my first choice, but short bed people might prefer the 12" one. The UWS 00333 is also a good one, but it's only about 9" tall. These should fit old and new Tacomas with 60" beds. I've also spent a ton of time trying to find more options. There are some chest boxes that look good too (Deflecta-Shield 288271). Hopefully this helps others.

  4. @JerryRigEverything How'd you avoid getting paint on the latches and the Kobalt logo? They look riveted onto the box. Also, how'd you get paint all the way around the box? I'm assuming one side at a time?

    I know which box you have there. They have the silver? chrome? one at my local Lowes for 150. I was thinking about getting it, then spray painting it black such as you have done here.

  5. I put the whole tool box on top of a cinder block, that way it was elevated off the ground and i could paint all the sides and top at one time. I put masking tape (painters tape) over the latch and logo so that the paint would only get on the tape. Then when i peeled off the tape, it left the latch and logo clean of paint. Have fun!

  6. I washed it down, and let it dry. Then i sprayed it with a black primer. Once i was done w/ the primer, i put 2 coats of black gloss on top. Its been about a year now and the paint still looks good. The only scrapes are from when things in the back of my truck rub up against it. It was a pretty simple project.

  7. Toyota website has the actual box for the Tacoma for $280—just get it there, its almost the same price.

  8. @JerryRigEverything , did you use a regular primer or a self etching primer? I thought about painting a box as I was also having trouble finding a low profile box in black to fit a ranger.

  9. Its been four years now… I still have this truck AND the truck box. One side of the latch (looking at it from the truck bed its the right side) Does not latch anymore, but I have not tried fixing it. I am sure i could. but the other side latches and locks just fine, and I dont keep anything super expensive in there. Hope this review is still helping people now in July 2016!

  10. They sell boxes at lowes made by kobalt for Tacomas. I just bought mine a couple days ago. It was on clearance and it was 50 bucks! Tacomas are hard to find tool boxes for, but this one fit like a dream.

  11. Im looking for a toolbox for my Tacoma. Its been a hectic ordeal. Cant seem to find one. Searched the web and alot of sites point towards Kobalt. I did see them at Lowes too. But what size is the right size? 61.5? Also trying to get a low profile box.

  12. Nice , thank you, I've got a 2011 Tacoma, so I'll search one out, It has only 56 1/2" of width available because of a rail that has the tie down things that can be slid forward and back. How wide is this 1998 model ? Any info on that ?

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