Luxury and Mainstream Car Auctions With Factory Warranties

Luxury and Mainstream Car Auctions With Factory Warranties

Greetings folks Bob Assadi, it’s game day. Okay. We’ve been doing a lot of talking today We’re gonna walk the walk bobert show me the car come again Bob at sell me the car dot-com link in the description below This happens to be the Toyota row for every vehicle that I show you they’re going to be three more behind it these are mostly 2014 to 2017 still under the factory bumper to bumper warranty So the mechanical risk is completely removed from the equation all that remains as I? Inspect the vehicle closely the on line condition report in addition to if it’s in Las Vegas or Southern, California actually Physically inspect the vehicle walk around it make sure that It doesn’t have any glaring flaws. I actually put a paint meter to every single one of the panels to make sure that None of the panels have been hit, and if they have been hit that they’ve been repaired Adequately okay as you can see here. There’s a large selection so what I’m offering you is not only Absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt the best prices anywhere in the country, but I’m offering you the best selection Possible anywhere as well. We’re looking at 200 to 250 thousand vehicles Nationwide between just the two biggest auctions that I have complete access to but in addition to that Regionally I’m looking at two thousand vehicles weekly just in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m looking at 10,000 vehicles Weekly in Southern California and like I said 200 to 250 thousand nationwide and obviously there will be several Thousand at auctions in your city if you want to save on the shipping Expenses okay it all depends on if you’re looking for a needle in the haystack, or if you’re looking for a common vehicle now I’ll tell you some of the hang-ups some of the hang-ups Do have to do with color because most of the vehicles that you’ll see here Do see a lot of red? But most of the vehicles will be the neutral colors. They’ll be like the black white silver and gray there’s some red mixed in as you could see a Few blue ones so you have to keep that in mind and most of them are equipped they’re equipped I would call it a mid trim, so Yeah, you’ll have navigation, but you won’t have some of the over-the-top features and most of these vehicles like you know lane-departure You know blindside was a was a big deal four or five years ago. Not every vehicle had the side view camera for instance now it’s pretty much standard in a lot of Accords there are a lot of manufacturers almost every manufacturer you could think of holds a big sale like this like there must be at least I think there are 300 maybe 400 Now I’d say about 300 of these 2014 to 2017 Toyota’s here alone Okay Compare this to driving all over town in your city your your your two or three Toyota dealers Combined in your particular city you have a you know Average sized city they don’t have these many they don’t have these many they don’t have a selection like this You don’t have access to prices like this who are we kidding? I have access to wholesale prices You don’t have access to this you ask for wholesale prices at a car dealership. They’ll tell you to take a walk They have overhead they can’t do it, okay So basically you know where do these vehicles come from you’re looking at a lot of lease Expirations a lot of off lease vehicles they fall out of the lease for one reason or another Especially in Las Vegas which is a very transient town? You know a lot of military personnel, they get relocated so on and so forth you’ve got program vehicles Which are one of the best sources? The lowest mileage the best quality the program vehicles you’ve got open Factory sells like we’re looking at Toyota here and again There’s also Honda Nissan Kia Hyundai, you know the luxury brands BMW Mercedes you got Ford Chevy the Japanese luxury that you know your Lexus Infiniti Acura alright they all have gigantic sales where again there will be let’s say 300 or 400 other vehicles at one sale that I have access to now we’re talking I have access to the condition reports I could tell you how many owners I could tell you if it’s been in any reported accidents I could tell you how much tire tread is left on the vehicle I could tell you if there any Nick’s scratches scrapes Anywhere inside or outside of the vehicle I could tell you if a panel has been repainted okay very meticulous I could tell you if there’s a dot on the windshield I can tell you how gas is in the gas tank and if it’s not a full gas tank then the seller actually gets deducted They get grading scores rate ranging from zero to five five being best okay and again two thousand vehicles weekly in Las Vegas I got access to ten thousand in Southern California weekly two hundred and two hundred fifty thousand nationwide again Bob It’s only the car. Calm Bob. It’s tell me the car calm make sure you look at my other videos I show you exactly how to approximate what I will be paying here at the auction using just Kelly Blue Book Calm which everybody has access to I relate MMR black book to Kelly Blue Book And I help you approximate what you could buy or sell your late-model vehicle for over at the auction here I also deal with the cheaper cars this particular auction I actually come to this one to buy the older cheaper better condition, California car because we don’t have the heat fluctuation here in Southern, California as we do in Las Vegas So you know these vehicles are enjoying eighty degrees year-round Its January 2018 you guys on the East Coast are buried in snow okay? Your vehicles buried in snow for two or three weeks. Okay? You know after years and years of Experiencing these blizzards from time to time alright. They’re not comparable to a California vehicle that enjoys 80 degrees all right That’s for you guys on the East Coast over in Las Vegas, Arizona You know you guys have the heat fluctuation you’re talking about a hundred and fifteen degrees summers And then you know in the wintertime it gets down to the 30s or 40s I know you guys on the East Coast or laughing at that Yeah, okay, but you know still it is heat fluctuation it affects Not only the paint But also you know you sweat in the summertime it affects the interior the the fluctuation affects the interior regardless The wheels the tires all the rubber under the hood all the sensors all right. Hey add it up What does that add up to it adds up to a lot of money? It adds up to thousands these California vehicles are just superior Okay from top to bottom And they do a lot of a lot more freeway driving in Southern California that really is true It’s not just you know something that rolls off of everybody’s tongue when they’re trying to sell you a vehicle it really is true Now again, I want you to check out all the videos in my library Links in the description below. I’ll also link it to the end of this particular video I explain to you exactly What’s involved when you’re purchasing a vehicle from the auction what you could expect when you’re selling your vehicle through me over at the dealer only option instead of having it sit on you know Craigslist around alright CarGurus or for months and months without selling I actually bring it down here where you know dealers with deep pockets looking for your type of inventory I’ll give you top dollar a lot of times close to Kelly Blue Book private party or more okay – obviously an auction Selfie and – my fee is I don’t work for free. I’m very good at what I do I’m very meticulous, and I’m in love with my business man. I’m all about cars. I’ve been out here since 5:00 a.m. I got here at 5:00 a.m.. Yesterday, and I looked at cars until 6:00. You know the Sun Goes Down, it’s pointless after 6 o’clock so Again, we’re still on Toyota man for every car that I’ve shown you every Toyota I’ve shown you in this particular row this particular. There are five behind every single one. I show you well This one has for most of them have five now now we’re looking at for every one I show you there are four more behind it as you can see right there, okay? Alright, so at this point. I want to pretty much wrap it up I think you get the basic idea here again Bob It saw me the car calm if you have a vehicle you’re looking for please do all the research I even have a video on how you could research your vehicle ok from from start to end a to Z to help you get exactly what you’re looking for including how to figure out the pricing and Figure it out ok figure out exactly narrow it down to like two or three vehicles in a two or three-year Range and then after you have your financing you’re ready to pull the trigger You don’t have a house that you’re purchasing or anything You don’t have to sell a car still you know it’s a raise the money to buy my vehicle Okay, you have your loan approved you have your cash in hand you’re ready to rock and roll because when you call me alright I’m a serious business person okay, when you call me what I’m gonna. Do is. I’m gonna ask for the order okay? I want to ask for a deposit from you. I’ve got an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I’ve got $100,000 bond with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles so when you call me. I’m going to ask for deposit on the vehicle Okay, I’m telling you right up front And I’m gonna be ready to do business after You know 20 30 minutes of showing you some vehicles online I expect a commitment from you a yes, or a No all right I’m very straightforward. You know I don’t pull punches. I don’t do the soft shoe dance Okay, what you see is what you get with me all right? So if you have any questions, please ask him down below Don’t forget to Like share subscribe comment down below Make sure that you check out the links in the description where you’ll find all the links to my social media add Me to your social media Because when I see the vehicle that you’re looking for here’s what I want to do okay? Now by the way, I’m not showing you the sellers on these vehicles Alright, because it’s just out of respect for the dealers I don’t want you to know you know which one of these vehicles are being sold at auctions so that it gives you a Leg up on the competition all right But I will obviously share condition reports with you as much as I can and information if you give me a commitment a commitment To do business with me that means you’re gonna put some money up, okay I’m putting my money where my mouth is with my hundred thousand dollar bond. I’m expecting the same from you You know if I could prove to you that I could get you the best price in selection So what I would do is I would do a walk-around All right make sure you add me to your social media I’m going to do either a 10 second to a one minute walk around if it’s a 10 second walk around the vehicle Obviously, I’m just gonna upload it to Instagram if it’s one minute It’ll go to Twitter or Facebook so just to be absolutely sure Go ahead and add me to all three so you get the leg up you get heads up on the best selection the best prices nationwide over the competition all right So there’s a good look at one it didn’t even take a minute to do that and I was yapping okay so what I would do is show you all the all the Desirable attributes that I know you’re looking for after our little interview over the phone Skype text screen share however we’re going to do it a combination of all and Then I would also show you the flaws I show you the pricing you’d be a hundred percent sure that you’re getting the best deal And then we would go ahead and pull the trigger all right pretty much wraps it up Thanks again for your time Bob of Saudi deals on wheels I’ll see you on the next video You

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