Luxury SUV Test: Audi Q5, Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5

Luxury SUV Test: Audi Q5, Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5

With SUV’s growing in popularity, it only made sense to get some on this show. So, in this review, we’re going to compare three of the best rated luxury SUV’s on the market. This isn’t going to be easy. We got our hands on an Audi Q5, a Porsche Cayenne GTS, and a BMW X5. I’ve decided to spend a day in the Hamptons with each of them, to get an in-depth look. Now this is This is the Q5, it’s Audi’s mid-sized SUV and it starts at about $41,000. Which is way more affordable than the other two cars that we’re looking at. This is kind of like the IPhone of luxury SUV’s. It’s designed so well but it’s also affordable within the segment. This is a 4-cylinder all-wheel drive, 7 speeds, automatic with paddle shifters. 252 horsepower, and there’s no lag. Immediate power, immediate response, the minute you step on the gas, you’re there. The Q5 has by far the most futuristic interior of the three cars. It’s minimal, It’s clean. The sunroof spans the entire width of the ceiling. It’s really cool There’s plenty of room for 5 adults, lots of headroom, but this is the smallest car of the ones that we’re testing. The trunk is 29 cubic feet, which is in the middle of our range. A family on a trip might have trouble fitting everything in. There are other cars that are more powerful, that look more distinct, but it’s also really affordable and Audi has really kind of hit a sweet spot. So how did it add up? The immediate response really made me feel in control. The Horsepower was a little weaker at 252 and the 22 mpg means this is the middle of the road. Looks-wise, it was a bit conservative. It’s the smallest of our three but with a sleek interior
And the pricing is the best at 41 thousand dollars. Now this is the BMW X5 hybrid. That means it gets 56 miles per gallon combined between the electric motor and the conventional engine. This car starts at $62,000, so it’s right in the middle of our group. The electric motor and the engine switch off depending on what drive mode, how fast you’re going, all of that. What you won’t find out from the stats on the website, is how big this car feels when you sit in it, and how small it drives. It’s a nice balance. So, the interior, it’s not as futuristic, it’s not as clean and modern feeling, but it’s also a little less full of buttons and levers and gauges This does feel like it’s the roomiest of the three. I think a lot of it has to do with the natural light. The most visibility for sure. And with the seats in use, the trunk still comes up with nearly 36 cubic feet, which is massive. To recap, The handling was exceptional. 308 horsepower is middle of our range. And an amazing 56MPG with the combined electric motor. It was sporty without being over aggressive. The roomiest but with a toned-down interior. And at 62K, it’s midrange for our selection. Now the third car in our group is a Porsche Cayenne GTS. This is a higher tuned version of Porches Cayenne and it starts fittingly at 97 thousand dollars, that’s by far the most expensive of any car of our group and it’s also our most powerful. Porsche was among the first of the luxury car makers to introduce an SUV. It really sets the standard for a lot of things. The engine here is a 3.6 liter V6 twin turbo charged engine. 440 horsepower, it’s almost double the horsepower of the Audi. 443 foot pounds of torque, and you definitely feel it when you push the gas pedal. The thing that you notice, are the buttons, and levers, and knobs, and vents. So, if you’re someone who likes those cockpit stuff to play with, you’re going to love this car. This trunk was actually the smallest at 24 cubic feet. but after you put the seats down, you’ll get by. It drives fast. it feels really luxurious inside. it’s really striking to look at. It just costs a lot of money Ok, This car was the most powerful. 440 horsepower 434 foot-pounds of torque. Unfortunately, only 19 mpg combined. This is a true sports car in SUV form, It had decent space and the interior was loaded with gadgets. But the downside I’d say is price. 97 thousand dollars, means this car will dig deep in your wallet. The luxury SUV segment is a competitive field.There are a lot of really confident players. And these three are all excellent vehicles. However, after three days of driving, I felt the BMW checked the most boxes in terms of performance, agility, and style, and value. Was it the fastest or most powerful? No. But it was the most versatile while moderately priced for a luxury SUV. With the largest interior, the most visibility, and the fact that it’s a hybrid with a 56 miles per gallon rating, that just pushes it over the edge. This car is a great value, and anyone would be happy to have it.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. This is like an add for Bloomberg. You should use our service to determine the best information and present them accordingly, otherwise, you get a video comparing three different car segments, which doesnt make any sense at all. Only thing these three have in common is that they all have 4 wheels.

  2. There is a lot of inconsistencies in this review. Not the same classes or engine types. Would have made a lot more sense if it was BMW X3 Vs. Audi Q5 Vs. Porsche Macan. All 4 cylinder.

  3. I don't see any luxury vehicles here: they all use smelly, dirty gasoline, a 20th-century technology. Only Tesla Model X qualifies as luxury now. Sorry Porsche, BMW, or Audi — but it's time to up your game.

  4. did you just say that iPhones are affordable?! wheres the lr4, wheres the xc90, wheres the range rover, wheres the merc, c'mon!

  5. Reviewer must be off her rocker (or paid by BMW). She thinks the BMW is ONE THIRD better than the Audi? Because that's the difference in price. I look at those two cars and looks like a tossup. Why the hell would I spend 20k more for the beamer? Looks like crap inside by comparison. If you want "performance" calm down and realize you probably shouldn't be speeding with your kids in the car anyway.

  6. Are you serious Bloomberg? Yours is a brand name I really respect but this comparison video is absolute garbage. None of these cars are even in the same segment… The Audi Q5 compares to the BMW X3, so why did you pick an X5? Then you even have the ignorance to call an X5 comparatively roomy? Had you picked a Q7 like you should have (when comparing to X5) why would you take the X5 Hybrid??? You're now bringing in a completely new and different angle. At this point I can't even begin to comment on your choice of the Cayennne GTS …. GTS!!!! – are you serious? Do you know anything about the cars you're reviewing??? Super disappointing and definitely taking a hit to your brand here.

  7. Nonsense test. Not even fair and square. It should have been the Audi Q7, not the Q5. And luxury SUV… where's the Volvo XC90, the favourite among rich mums?

  8. Why would anyone compare a GTS with a hybrid X5 and a base Q5??! Hannah is SOOO INCOMPETENT!! Why isn't she fired yet? Does her dad own Bloomberg?

  9. Where was the Jag, Alfa, Merc , Land Rovers, Lexus ..etc ??
    Or was this a sponsored comparison? and the one who throws you the most $$ wins??

  10. Thanks for wasting 6 minutes of everyone's time and 3 days of your own. Most worthless comparison and analysis I've ever seen.

  11. Bad comparison, Audi Q5 is smaller segment. Both of those are competitors to the Q7. Which now I see why they had to use the Q5 😂

  12. I have to agree with many of the commenters here that this is not a fitting test by class or even price and you did not bring in the real competitors

  13. How do you compare an X5 Hybrid with a Cayenne GTS vs Q5… You compare an X5 V8 twin turbo vs the cayenne gts or the cayenne turbo n X5M in the same class. That’s like asking my 11 year old son to take an arm wrestling challenge with the Rock.

  14. Wow… unfortunately this "review" was an 'apples vs oranges' comparison and missed the mark completely. No bueno.

  15. Video is well done but as everyone has said…these cars are in different competitive classes. Btw…Cayenne GTS all day

  16. This video destroyed any credibility you might have given your brand name. The three "contestants" are not even trying to compete with each other. Someone who is looking at a Q5 is not going to be comparing it to a Porsche Cayenne (any trim level). Just because they are all loosely called "luxury SUV" does not mean they should be lumped together. Pure waste of time. Nice assignment though. Where can I get that job?

  17. The q5 is not in the same class as the other 2. It's compact sav. The q7 compares with the x5 and the cayenne. The q7 actually shares it's platform with the cayenne. Come on Bloomberg, do ur due diligence.

  18. Loss of 5 mins 30 seconds I will never get back. As already pointed out by lots of other people, this review is stupid and pointless. In the end I wondered if this review was a joke. Pathetic Bloomberg!! If you are going to group test cars, test like for like or at least test vaguely comparable cars.

  19. First mistake.. base model Q5.. vs top of the line Porsche and bmw… second mistake.. lady reviewing.. get back in the kitchen

  20. Thanks for comparing a bunch of totally fucking unrelated cars. I wanted to see Q5 vs. X5. What does this idiot do? Compare it to a hybrid. Then compare those to a 911 SUV. Fucking stupid and a waste of time

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