Magic School Bus Theme Sung by a 13-year-old

Magic School Bus Theme Sung by a 13-year-old

(imitated beeping noise) SEATBELTS EVERYONE! Please let this be a normal field trip… With the Friz? NO WAY!!!! Aaaaaaawwwww… Cruisin’ on down Main Street You’re relaxed and feelin’ good Next thing that you know, you’re…umm… umm…octopus in the neighborhood? (What?) Surfin’ on the Segway Swinging through Mars… Take a left in your intestine Take a SECOND RIGHT PAST MARS!!!! On the Magic School Bus… …Something about a NOSTRIL… Climb on the Magic School Bus!!! jhkgfhkgkfjv PLANKTON too… (Take that!) ardghvdfh MAGICSCHOOLBUS Ride on the river of LAVAAAAAAA On the Magic School Bus… Just a fine thing to do WHHHHOOOOAAAAHHHH So strap your bones right to your seats… Come on in and don’t be shy! …and just to make your day complete, …You might get BAKED INTO A PIE!!!!!! On the Magic School Bus… Step inside; it’s a wild-a ride (FWOOSH) (audio messed up on this part so for some reason you don’t hear anything) RIDE ON THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!!!!!!!! (ssshherww) (imitated beeping noise)

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