Mahindra Di 3200 Truck Light Commercial Vehicle Full Review | DREAM DRIVE 12-04-16 | Kaumudy TV

Mahindra Di 3200 Truck  Light Commercial Vehicle Full Review  | DREAM DRIVE 12-04-16 | Kaumudy TV

Welcome to Dream Drive Today we are going to review, the light commercial vehicle segment truck, It’s called Mahindra Di3200 We know Mahindra & Mahindra, India’s Largest automobile manufacturer Not only that, Mahindra & Mahindra is the World’s largest tractor manufacturer Bus & Truck division of Mahindra is a strong division Before, the Bus & truck division of Mahindra was operated jointly with Navistar International Now the Bus & Truck division was de merged & operated independently by Mahindra & Mahindra Mahindra has wide range of Small Commercial Vehicle & High Commercial vehicles So, This Vehicle comes under category called Light Vehicle Category In this category Mahindra has Four broad variants , ie Four main products That is Load King, Zoom, 4 Wheeler trucks, 6 Wheeler trucks, Tipper And then, this is the last product – Di 3200 So, Let’s see it’s features So coming to the exterior, We will first notice Mahindra’ typical signature Grill design that section comes in Black fibre. with that there is two circle headlights on both sides The main purpose of these headlights are for Long drive,We can use headlights individually Incase of emergency that is if a light is blown out, the lights could use as backup lights Not necessary to use all lights, we can use these extra lights as Back up Lights Neatly integrated Indicators are placed. The indicator are white rather than, old orange indicators.But the light is Orange in colour Coming to lower side, the bumper is metallic.Reflectors are also provided within bumper as a visibility point of view. Another interesting part is it’s chassis which comes near the bumper. Normally its only comes upto the engine space. This is kind of an added protection Coming to the side, there are additional indicators provided for added visibility 60 litres storage fuel capacity For additional protection, there is an extra covering a metal guard provided below the fuel tank to avoid damages to the fuel tank Similarly, an important protection is it’s rear bumpers which is also a good protection, if any bikes or small cars collides the back it won’t go below the truck Company also provided reflectors in the back Di 3200 has a payload capacity of 2550 Kgs In the market , the vehicle is mainly used for.. Water supply, Gas supply & for market purpose like distribution of Vegetables & fruits etc & also used as generator vehicle, that is Generator is mounted in this vehicles for events It’s used for many purposes Coming to the interior, the first impression we gets is it’s space,, an airy feel The main reason is 10 cm is increased. Compared to old models, and the thickness of the fibre is also increased a bit.

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  1. Sharath prakash- keep ur videos crisp and short bro.
    Initially music was enjoyed but later was annoying.
    Good video, keep up ur work 👍🏻👌🏻

  2. 5 minitil theerkanda rivew.. valichu neeti 15 minitil kooduthal aaki…very iritating to watch the repeating shots again and again with the backround music…

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