Make your own Boombox

Make your own Boombox

about five years ago this homemade boombox pulled around a simple car radio was credits but over time the whole construction slowly fell apart and the big n happy 12-volt 70 and battery Oh lost quite a bit of its original capacity so obviously it was time for an upgrade and in this video I will show you how great this new lighter louder and overall easier to operate in box that can even be powered by the integrated batteries or by mains voltage which simultaneously can charge the batteries let’s get started the heart of the new system is this pioneered eh X 6600 step car radio which will be powered by two 12-volt 7.2 amp our lead acid batteries and for the actual sound playback I will be using those salvaged 17 centimeters 40 watt speakers I connected one of them to pin B 3 and B 4 of the car radio clock according to its standard I spin out for first test run then I hooked up the ground pin of the radio to the negative terminal of one battery and got myself to double pole double throw switches which are basically two switches in one package the first one received four wires which utilized the opposing of put terminals of the switch pair while the second one only got two wires soldered on one switch of the four wires which pair is hooked up to pin a 7nf of the radio and is also connected in series to the two wire switch which acts as the main battery power switch by connecting the positive terminal of the battery to the circuits after hooking up the overpriced digital radio antenna to the car radio and to the 12-volt power pin FIF it was time for the first test which turned out to be successful and just in case you’re looking for cheap antenna to receive digital radio why not use a short piece of plain old wire the funny thing is it works just as well okay moving on to power the radio with mains voltage and shot the battery as well I used the 12 volt 30 amp power supply I hooked up the live neutral and protective ground wire applied mains voltage and set the output voltage to around 14.5 volts DC this voltage is necessary to reach the charging voltage of fourteen point four volts of the batteries and does also work as a supply voltage of the radio next I connected the output of the power supply to the input of the charging controller and that outputs to the battery and if we are thinking to herself why not just use 14.4 volt of the power supply to charge the batteries directly well the charging current of a constant voltage source will most certainly exceed the rated initial current of the batteries which could lead to serious damage the charging controller however can limit the currents and thus improve the lifespan of the batteries but nevertheless let’s finish this test circuits by connecting the remaining switch pair of the four wire switch between the power supplies plus terminal and the pins a seven and a four of the radio this complicated four wire switch basically cuts off the battery voltage from the radio and replaces it with the power supply voltage this way the charging controller can charge the batteries without interfering with the rest of the circuits while the radio keeps on playing its music without any interruptions and so far this wiring seems to work pretty well but later on I also added a voltmeter in combination with a switch in order to keep track of the battery voltage to prevent an over discharge since the radio works with voltages as low as 10 volts but 11 volts should be the threshold value of over discharge I also later edit another switch in combination will be speaker terminal in order to hook up external speakers as well a complete parts list with the wiring scheme and better pictures can be found as always in the video description the last missing part of my boombox was a wood chest to mount all the components minus dimensions of 37.5 by twenty seven point eight by eighteen point three centimeters would fakeness of around 1 centimeter firstly I applied a layer of protective oil on the outside and inside of the box installed the mounting process by marking the location of the speakers on the left and right side of the chest and used the jigsaw to create the circular cutouts next I determined the location for the Radio 2 centimeters underneath the upper ledge marked the square and cut it out as well with a jigsaw then followed three of five millimeter holes at a level above the radio for the battery would meet our ant mains operation switch and afterwards a smaller square underneath or for the voltmeter on the back side I created square cut outs for the mains voltage sockets the speaker terminal and one additional 5 millimeter hole for the external internal speaker switch the last major cutouts was a hole with a diameter of 2 centimeters in the front left corner of the lid for the antenna which I mounted into place immediately then I got myself a 25 centimeter white sheets mark bending edges left and right from the twenty seven point eight centimeters long main section cut off the excess sheets and finally created a u-shape after removing the protective film I pressed the customized sheets to the bottom of the chest and were two or four millimeter holes through the front and back side of the box through the sheets but before bolting it to the box I used another sheets to create two more u shapes that came out my batteries to the side of the box as well with the help of m4 nuts and bolts I secured the sheets and batteries which will leads the thin bottom part of the box from too much weight but don’t forget the protective conductor which later connects to the PE terminal of the mains inputs because safety first afterwards I do all the necessary holes for the speakers and secured both of them woof m4 bolts and nuts as well with the same tactic I then mounted the speaker terminal the mains inputs and the handles to the box for the power supply I firstly created a template for the holes taped that to the bottom drilled the holes and then secured it of em for bulbs next I press the voltmeter into place and hot glued all the switches to the designated spots the almost last step was the wiring which should be pretty self-explanatory years since I talked about the wiring scheme at the beginning of the video only difference is that now I’m using proper Farrell’s and baguette omelette blocks to establish a good electrical connection as well as to car radio sockets in order to remove the radio at any time once the cable chaos was complete I performed a successful final tests cleaned up the wiring with zip ties mount the radio in its place added two pairs of magnets to keep the lids properly closed and the project was finished I’m really happy you were power turned out and with an average current draw of roughly 1.6 m/s I should be able to enjoy my music up to nine hours continuously which is not bad I hope you liked this project and maybe it inspires you to build something similar as always don’t forget to Like share and subscribe consider 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  1. Hay Scott…I have a problem…my car stereo go safe mode when hit the beat…I use an old PC smps to power that up…what I do ..?

  2. The boombox I built like that back in 1995 still works great, though it is on its third battery. Those lead-acid batteries only last 3-5 years.
    I used a Radio Shack 40 watt EQ booster, two 6.5 inch 2-way speakers, and originally a 15AH battery from Science Surplus. Box was made from 3/8 inch plywood, glued together and L brackets for corner support. I meant to put in hinges for the lid, but just having it press fit into some weather stripping held it in place pretty well. I plugged my Walkman into the aux input, and enjoyed my favorite tapes. Of course now I play my music from my phone's headphone out.

  3. Too heavy, bulky and expensive.
    This project only makes sense if you got a spare car radio with Bluetooth but then you need to buy expensive batteries plus other things.
    Better just buy a Bluetooth amplified kit and add a radio component.

  4. I built a boombox of my own out of a old car radio(obviously) and a toolbox and i got the antenna off a junk car

  5. I have a speaker and radio unit setup in my closet just begging to be turned into a boombox lol should I do it? I DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT WIRING! but I do wanna try to make something like this

  6. at the moment i am working on a speaker which is similary to your boombox but the main speaker(subwoofer) is powerd by 1kW. if i power it how do i power it i only have a 24V battery?

  7. Interesting because is an actual stereo with power and a head/control unit and not just a ampiflied speaker that then connects to a device

  8. i suggest mount speakers in a separate internal box,to avoid loose bass range…i have make one,but the radio are divided from speaker with a intermediate wood panel in the box…so you can "comprimed" the bass,and made a frontal bass reflex duct

  9. Well, I have some car speakers I got for free and considered making a boombox, now I'll just sell them instead, this is far too complicated..

  10. You should have added a 120 mm cooling fan into your boombox to keep the car stereo unit's heatsink in the back from getting hot. Once that heatsink gets too hot, it might burn up wiring or anything else that touches it. You may need to build or upgrade your boombox again.

  11. I made a similar boombox about 25 years ago. Several in fact. Seeing your video, reminds me I could use a CD player boombox with an input for an MP3 player, or SD cards..

  12. It would be better with front facing volkswagen stock speakers and a bigger internal volume.

  13. Must have been 1965, or perhaps 64 not sure which, when I saw my first car radio run from 110 volts. It didn't work great, but after some tinkering, we got it playing well enough so listen to the KOMA Good Guys (KOMA was a very powerful radio station in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Everyone in the Midwest tuned their AM Radios to 1520 anytime after the sun sat!) My buddy didn't have a radio in his bedroom, and wanted to be able to listen after his huge family (mom-dad and 8 brothers and sisters!) went to bed. So we visited the midnight auto supply (we broke into the local wrecking yard after dark) and acquired (stole) a car radio from an old Chrysler (they had fancy radios!) to power it, first we tried an old battery charger (found at the local dump ground) but the rectification and filtration were just not that good and there was a Lot of noise over the speakers, (2 count 'em 2) front and back speakers! So we tinkered some more, and I think we finally found a way to filter the power from my old Lyonal train transformer through an old motorcycle battery, and at long last we had radio! While at first all we could get was the local AM radio station, another visit to the midnight auto supply found us with a pair of rear mount radio antenna's with very long cables that allowed us to mount one antenna on each window of his bedroom, we ran a ground wire from the normal mounting points where the antennas grounded out on the car body, and drove a six foot long copper rod into the ground. That night, we had KOMA and the Beetles blasted away through his bedroom. We thought we were in rock and roll paradise! Then his dad came in and saw what we had built. Now he was an old fart, he had farmed most of his life, and was probably the most honest man in town, so all the parts from the Midnight auto supply were returned and the music died. Nice to see that our idea survived. We were lucky his old man didn't find our stash of 8mm porn films, secretly ordered from the back pages of some men's magazine. Man those were disappointing, all they consisted of were some very blurry black and white films of naked women playing baseball! If you ran them at 1/2 speed though you could almost see nipple!

  14. with a imax B6 you can put a clamp on the "start" button to start charging automatically in its previous battery setting when it is powered.

  15. By the way greatscott you should have had the yellow wire (constant power) of the radio directly connected to power

  16. Make it water proof a bit in the openings so you can take it to beaches without any worries and also play it in the rain

  17. hi, i like your idea. can i use it? im going to put a radio into a military ammunition cannister i got when i was in the Marines. i think the link for outside speakers is a great idea.

  18. That charger is overkill, they make much simpler and cheaper chargers for lead-acid batteries. Also, the 30-amp power supply is way overkill, that radio probably only draws a maximum of 10 amps at full volume. Although, the wiring job is done well and looks very professional.

  19. Thanks I used this to make a subwoofer backpack so i could walk through stores with a gasmask in Poland

  20. Tengo radio cd de coche pero me falta algo que cuando corte la corriente se quede solo la batería, tengo un cargador automático con la batería en el cable amarillo de memoria antes tengo un diodo para que no revote al cargador y una fuente de alimentación aparte que alimenta el cable rojo pero solo consume el amarillo el problema es que tengo una batería de Pb 12V 1.2A pero veo que tiene poco amperaje era para mantenimiento pero el cable rojo no consume apena y el amarillo que es el de mantenimiento consume más quiero cambiar batería PB 12V 7A pero no sé cómo hacer que sea continuo si consumir batería, en el video veo que tienes tres interruptores uno de Encendido, Antena, Carga y Led; como van conectados el de carga y los otros; me gustaría ver el esquema Gracias

    I have a car CD radio but I need something that when I cut the power is left only the battery, I have an automatic charger with the battery in the yellow memory cable before I have a diode so that it does not bounce the charger and a separate power supply that it feeds the red cable but only consumes the yellow the problem is that I have a 12V 1.2A Pb battery but I see that it has little amperage was for maintenance but the red cable does not consume distress and the yellow that is the maintenance consumes more I want to change battery PB 12V 7A but I do not know how to make it continuous if I consume battery, in the video I see that you have three switches one of On, Antenna, Charge and Led; how the cargo and the others are connected; I would like to see the scheme Thank you

  21. Ok I I have been thinking of doing similar project and just have to have most of the supplies. 30 amp psu, check. Pioneer radio, check. Heres where mine differs (; I'm going to add 2 bolts labeled subwoofer out connected to the output of a polk 500w 2 channel amp. it's gonna be a 2.1 system with the speakers powered off the radio and a optional external subwoofer

  22. какой ужас, какая ужасная система, у меня системы в разы лучше…

  23. Great electronics but that speaker box is really bad. You should never have stuff inside the box like that. Instead you should have your speakers on a single side with a bass port

  24. Hii please suggest me the amplifier unit

    I have 2 woofer s and 2 speaker

    Woofer-6 OHMS each
    Power -30W each

    Speaker 3 OHMS each
    Power – 20 W each

    Waiting for your replay
    I need the Blutooth and usb also

  25. How would you wire a similar box without a battery? Just a plug n play only option? Would that power supply you used still be the best option?

  26. Nice design but more for the commercial user rather professional. Though the batteries give a lot of power, they are too heavy.

    I want to try and make a rig based off the roland street cube, which is lighter and has a couple of mic inputs, line input and effects. DC or AA powered, I would redesign it to use rechargable lithium's. a bit heavier and space consuming, it would give more battery life.

  27. I have that radio! It’s been in 4 cars 3 broke down the other caught fire due to a recall not getting done. I still use it today! But it’s now my speakers for my computer.

  28. I love your content. Your radio uses an average of below 2 amps, plus under 3 amps for the battery charger. Screw it he says! Enormous 40A power supply to power it ??

  29. Alright, Scotty! I just built my own boombox yesterday and mine has a cooling fan at the back. It provides air flow to the heatsink on the back of my car stereo to reduce the risk of overheating.

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