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  1. Great video, I learned a bit. Thank you. You had me until lipstick. This fair/cool skin and blue/gray eyed Mama will NEVER give up blue- red lipstick. Life would be so boring. ❤

  2. Guess what I have blue eyes and I use BLUE EYESHADOW to make my eyes pop because Warm tones make me look awful and closes the eye. This is out dated and old.

  3. Famous beauty icons must have broke all these rules. " First Learn The Rules. Then Break Them" – Author Unknown

  4. Wow thank you for that info, I have cool skin with green eyes and have used purple eyeshadow and red lipstick, which lipstick color I learned to change to a warm pink, so thank you for that, I appreciate it !!!

  5. I have fair skin with cool undertones and blue eyes, I would never wear an orange or brown eye shadow as you suggested because it looks too obvious, and I don't want orange or brown on my face. LOL! My best colors are burgundies, red-violets and rich berry shades, those colors naturally work better for my coloring being fair and rosy. Its hard to find red based purples for eye shadows nowadays, so many always seem to be blue based and not rich and vibrant enough like a red based purple should be.

  6. I bet I’ve watched 200 color theory videos and this is the first one that has ever made sense to me! Thank you!!!

  7. Fantastic. You’re the BEST 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I have green eyes, and all I wanna wear is red and pink eyeshadow. Is that ok?
    Also, a gloss will make you look younger, than a matte. Trust a senior citizen on this.

  8. Oh my gosh, this was an excellent video! I really learned a lot that I Never thought of. Thank you so much!!

  9. Thank you for incorporating makeup as the color wheel. It's simple but who thinks about it when doing your makeup. My friend likes me to do her makeup and she has blue eyes. I'll try the copper tones on her.

  10. Idk why this was recommended to me but as an artsy makeup lover I appreaciate it lol. Only problems is that I have one green and one brown eye. 🤔

  11. I'm impressed with his video today.It is more interesting to watch with the. Eye shadows .My first time seeing his color explanations. Thank you .😍

  12. That blue is purple. And those "warm blue" colours on your wheel that you added yellow to? GREEN. Your art school education was a complete waste of time and money.

  13. For the first time in four decades, some realistic and common sense markup advise. Can’t wait to watch more videos like this. THANK YOU!

  14. i have somewhat thin lips but they have a weird shape, like they are fuller in the middle and very thin on the edges. my mouth is also fairly small for my face. weirdly, i've noticed that darker lipsticks, like the traditional red make them look better. i can't pull off purples browns or black but darker reds work for me

  15. For someone that is pale enough to pass as dead(LOL) this was so helpful especially with blushes and lips…awesome video!! Thank you!!

  16. I have green/brown hazel, and purple is my favorite color 💜💜 I do notice it's really fun to wear an army or olive green shirt though, and it really brings out the gold and brown in my eyes.

  17. I know this is coming from a professional pov but the goth in me got very defensive about not wearing dark lipstick. I like to wear heavy reds and blacks as lipstick

  18. Love the video! But he's like "this is gonna make you look dead" and I'm like "yes, that's what I'm going for, keep talking" 🤣

  19. I’ve never disliked my blue eyes until I started doing makeup. I don’t enjoy brown,neutral eyeshadow looks. I think they are boring but I’ve noticed through my own experience that blue and green looks awful on me.

  20. As someone with a very cool skin tone and blue eyes I wish there was another option other than copper and gold to bring out the blue because the warm colours look awful on my skin tone!

  21. This video was incredibly practical. Most make-up videos on color theory are like, “Here is the color wheel. Do something with it.” It can be confusing how to apply it in everyday make-up looks. Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise with us!

  22. Very clear and well done explanation of best colors for different skin tones- a theory I have is- what color are yours lips, and 😛 tongue-some are more pink, some more orangey…I have Ivory/beige skin, dark brown eyes, and my lips are sort of plum/pink…so I tend to choose colors similar or lighter for lipstick and blush…also peachy pink is a nice neutral pretty shade. ☺️👌🏼💋

  23. Who wants to tell the 800 small lipped goth chicks who keep wearing way too dark brown lipstick about this?

  24. I feel like the lipstick part is the only part where he was kinda wrong, I’m extremely pale with a cool undertone and dark lipsticks look great with my skin, in fact I hardly ever wear lighter lipsticks

  25. I'm convinced this video was edited when his laptop was on night-mode so his eyes wouldn't strain…….cuz these colours…….

  26. He didnt cover grey eyes-I didnt think he would but I was holding out hope. I'll have to keep looking 😁

  27. To make a purple a warm purple you add red to it not yellow. Yellow would make it kind of a poopy brown color. It would not be attractive.

  28. You skipped over the neutral colors, they are neither warm, nor cool. But this is an excellent basic tutorial. GOOD JOB! 👍💟

  29. Agreed, except for the lips. I'm very pale and I still rock burgundy and dark purple lips :)) I think the pale shades are often a bit boring/more of a casual daywear

  30. This is great. You are amazing. I've always just kind of given up and gone with copper and bronzer on my eyes and occasional purple because I have two tone eyes that change color. Usually blue with green in the center and often they are look grey. It was so confusing and you just made it super simple.

  31. Great Video. I would love to see an more in – depth explanation id possible. eg. On blue eyes what shade do you put where maybe. Also does this mean that purples, greens etc. should never be used? Or can you blend them with a good shade in a certain area to use them possibly? Maybe? Thanks so much.

  32. This video is amazing! I’ve struggled for so many years trying to understand this color thing in makeup… thank you so much!

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  34. I was thinking my colour wasn't much interesting, but now I feel happy to have dark eyes…at least, no more troubles about eyeshadows colors, yayyy!!!

  35. I’m so happy. I’ve been doing one make up thing my whole life. Just one. I always get a blush that is the color of my natural pink, because I blush so easily. 😂 I don’t count my eyeshadow choices as I’ve got very dark brown. The rest I’m a lost cause.

  36. Great video in tip on lipstick size with darker lipstick. I cannot stand wearing a dark lipstick with my lips because they are so thin already! I always wear a bright color and my lips look bigger.

  37. I learned so much! God bless you for this video 😇 I just subscribed! It will help with all my clients 🙌🎯

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