Male or Female? How to Tell the Sex of a Kitten!

Male or Female? How to Tell the Sex of a Kitten!

Good morning! Hi! Boop! Hi everyone! This week I rescued
a litter of five kittens from Philadelphia. This crew is a mix of boys and girls so I thought this would be
a perfect opportunity to teach you how to tell
if the kitten is male or female. Mmmhhh! Yummi! First I’ll teach you some tricks for telling what sex the kitten is, then I’ll quiz you to see how you do and finally I’ll introduce you to all five of the new babies. Good job! So for a female kitten you’re going to lift the tail and see that the genitals
are really close to the butt. Female genitals are going
to look like a line or like a teardrop. So if you look and think “That’s look like a line” you’ve probabily got a female. For a male kitten if you lift the tail
and take a peek you’ll see that the genitals are not right next to the butt
like on the female, they’re actually a little further away. That’s because this whole furry area between the genitals and the butt are where the testicles will be that is until they are neutered. The male genitals are going
to look like a circle or like a mound of fur often with a darker,
not furry center point. If you look and think “That looks like a circle” you’ve probabily got a male. So that’s the easiest way to know. Line close to the butt:
female. Circle farther from the butt:
male. Sometimes this is a little harder to do when the kitten is a newborn, because they haven’t reached
sexual maturity and their parts are still
really small. So one trick you can do with kittens
3 weeks and under is watch the way they pee
when they’re stmulated. When you’re caring
for an orphan kitten you have to stimulate them
to go to the bathroom using an absorbing tissue. There’s a noticeable difference
in how males and females pee. When females are stimulated their pee will generally come out
and pour directly around the body it doesn’t have a very strong stream
and it sort of just flows out. See, it’s kind of like going down
on the side of her body It’s not a super strong stream it just kind pours out of the body. You got a lot of pee! Good job! Males on the other hand
BEWARE! They have a serious stream and if you remove the tissue
while they’re peeing it’s going to look like
a water fountain. Okay here we go. So this is what it looks like
when a boy pees. Okay! Did you see that? So… this is why is important to use
the tissue over them all time. He’s doing a great job showing this. Woooh!
Oh my god! In 3D! Wooo ooh! So that’s just one more way
to confirm the sex of a kitten if they’re a neonate and
you’re having a hard time telling. Okay, let’s do a quiz. What do you think? If you guessed female
you’re right. This is Velouria and Velouria is a
female kitten. Okay, what do you think? If you guessed male
you’re correct. (Meowing) This is Winston
and Winston is a boy. (Meowing) Good job, Winston! What do you think? If you guessed male,
you were right. This is Philip
and Philip is a boy. What do you think? (Meowing) (Meowing) If you guessed female,
you’re right. This is Margot
and Margot is a girl. Good job Margot. smack Okay, last one. Any guesses? If you guessed male,
you’re right. This is Barnaby
and Barnaby is a little boy. So we have three boys
and two girls. Our little boys are named
Philip, Barnaby and Winston. And the little girls are
Velouria and Margot. Many thanks to these little ones
for being our teachers today. I hope this helped. (Meowing) (Meowing)

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Is it possible for it to pee like a female but look like a male because two of mine look like a male but pee like a girl

  2. I can't describe how much people like yourself are appreciated for helping these little beauties. Once again you have captured the hearts of all of your followers and it is heart warming to watch your interaction with them. God bless you and best of luck always as you help our furry friends.

  3. I now know my new kitten is a male. I’m now wondering if my adult female if actually female. I have named said kitten mufasa.

  4. I thought it was so cute when our vet told us a male genitals looks like a lifesaver candy a circle.

  5. 5/5. ☺️☺️
    I found a kitten today and at first he/she was so scared( i still haven't checked their gender) and I lured him( let's call it him for now) inside using chocolates and crouching for like an hour( got leg cramps but so worth it)by his side to assure I wasn't danger . I somehow lured him into my room and locked the windows and door to keep him from escaping. My room is pretty spacious so it won't be a problem. He didn't move around for a bit..I felt guilty about practically trapping him but he was an orphan and small maybe like 6-7 weeks. So, I let him be for a while. After some time, he came out from the curtains( yes, he was hiding behind the curtain) and was roaming around the room. I tried to reach out to him but he still was cautious so he would come close but run away when i tried to move a little. Since I had to calm him down and make him comfortable, I made a paper ball and passed it to him and viola, he played with it..☺️..He played with it until he lost it under the table ,i think and was again panicking..but I made another two and like he felt really comfortable than before. He even let me touch him after a while. I was laying on the bed and he was on the floor playing and from time to time I would held my hand down to him trying to warm up to him…he would come, sniff it and maybe rub it a lil☺️ and then went back to playing..and after doin it multiple times, after like another hour of his entry to my room, he jumped to my bed and approached me😭😭. Like I was so damn happy. He first sniffed and rubbed against my clothes and sheets , and when I held my hand , he came and rubbed against it. He even PURRED. He then came to me , i was laying on my stomach so my face was to his height level, he rubbed all over my face, even bit my arm while at it 😂😂 and purred all along. He's still not totally comfortable but we're getting somwhere. Now, he's fast asleep , at a comfortable distance from me😅😅 but still I'm so happy he let me pet him. He was meawing continuously when I saw him first and now, he's peacefully sleeping. .I really hope he'll stay with me. I'M SO IN LOVE WITH HIM☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  6. Up in the north: " I wanna check my cats gender but not look at the parts so I'm going to check it's DNA" down south: 'flips the kitten "it's a boy/girl".

  7. I have 5 kittens (not orphans, they have a mommy uwu!) 4 or them are boys 😔😔 and only one little girl ;(

  8. 1:41 that tail 😂
    So thankful for Kitten Lady and this video! I also recently sent it to a friend of mine who just brought a kitten home and couldn't tell if she was a she or not, lol. (Definitely a little princess)

  9. I honestly don't know if my kitten is a male or female. I try taking a look, but they aren't a little kitten, in fact a young cat. Also, they are long haired, which makes it more difficult. Edit- Its a Male cri

  10. Female Kitten: Meow meow meow meow!
    Me: hi boop!
    Female Kitten: Meooow!
    Me: This is death the kid hair~
    Female Kitten: meeeeeoooowww!!!

  11. Any other tips. I have a simi-feral kitten about 8-10 weeks and I'm not brave enough to pick it up and look yet. Do I just have to wait? Or is there another way to tell.

  12. omg you are so good i loved you bc you love animals <3 .. btw i HAVE a cat nd when she was little i thought its a female but the surprise after watching this vd its a male :'( but I treated her like shes a cat female I called her " rosie " im a head shocked

  13. I took care of a male and a female kitten we feed them and I was making them pee and the male did a lil 360 so he peed everywhere

  14. 456 idiots disliked this video! Think she did a pretty good job explaining how to tell the difference, I was able to sex all of my kittens with her guidance.
    Two thumbs up 👍👍

  15. With my kittens i just show them the litter box or set them in it and they just automatically know what to do its great i keep the box outside on the balcony im on the 4th floor so my door is always open a crack for them and thats where they take care of bisness , i couldnt hold tiolet paper for them like that i cant stand the smell of urine !!!

  16. Josefa (our cat) just gave birth to 5 cuteepatootee kittens a week ago. I'm having a hard time recognizing the sex of the kittens. Ill wait for 2 weeks more to check. Hahaha

  17. Ummmm….i think the kitten I just got is a boy and I thought she was a girl and i named her Nala. Oops lol I guess they're gonna tell me at the vet

  18. Thank you for this video, I recently got a 6 week old kitten that was found in a construction site and my vet did not have an opening for 4 days and now I know he is a boy! We named him Sunny

  19. I wish my two weeks old was as easy to deal with. I’m always stressed. She doesn’t poop very often and cry like in pain when I use the tissue. It hasn’t been a positive experience

  20. Its totally sad to watch this vid. The kitten that I had is almost like her kittens. But mine gone tooo sooon. 😣😣😣

  21. I would also love to shove a long sharp poker thru their little arse hole and make it come out thru their mouths on the other side

  22. This video is very helpful. A long time ago, I adopted a black 5 week old kitten, and was told it was male. I honestly couldn't tell from looking. Turns out Vincent became Theresa. She was such a lovely, very girly cat all of her long life.

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