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  1. thank goodness they found this ugly person. such a crazy thing to do to someone you don't even know. I hope the adult/kid recovers from this, hes gunna have PTSD from now on

  2. Did the pant load give a reason for stabbing the college student? Or was it just a normal day of being a total sack of shit ?

  3. Hmmmmmm.this seems like it was a targeted attack (drugs or other ?). There was a person right in front of him, and another just on the side of him, he could have stabbed……. but he walked up the aisle and stabbed this other person. Something more here we are not hearing.

  4. Oh well, he's a POC so he'll get sanctuary kid glove treatment and in 2-3 years he'll be free to stab some more.
    Great job California 😂

  5. Guy talked to me at crownies literally like 2 hours before he did this but when he was talking to me he was wearing a white suit. I knew he was crazy just by his demeanor.

  6. If anyone shall get caught in this scenario use all the power u have in your legs & feet since most of your muscles lie there!.This poor victim must’ve panicked & game in.Sad :/

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