Man Confronts Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend Who Admits To Physically Abusing Her

autumn has been through physical abuse and mental abuse through her parents stuff that’s happened her whole life growing up autumn has told me stories about where her dad has hit her and where he’s like drug her out the house by her hair she told me I heard probably used to call her a Raging Bitch and she’s also told me that her dad is racist so I don’t know if I’ve ever met anyone more foolish than me yes sir let me let me carefully define the situation for you yes you’ve come on stage and you’re smiling and you find great humor in the fact that you’re sexually assaulted there’s no there’s no humor to it there’s no you had the courage I don’t think I want to call it that I think I want to call it the the poor decision to look my wife in the eyes and use your fingers to illustrate but if you listen to me I want to outline your situation for everything you think yes I’ve trained thousands of warriors soldiers to take the battlefield yes and some of the most austere and dangerous conditions imaginable yes sir against some pretty scary armed aggressors yes you understand that yes sir that’s probably why your daughter comes looking for you and I’m gonna just tell you that by the grace of God in heaven I was unable to find you and it’s only through my inability to do so that you still draw breath yes sir so you’re gonna kill me [Applause] I’m just gonna tell you angry enough are you threatening to kill me are you threatening to kill me no I just know what would happen Oh based on your behavior nobody can have a sensible conversation with you you’ve got my daughter wrapped up in this cycle of domestic violence where the tension phase builds up no and then she does something to try to gain your favor but it triggers you and then you batter her and you beat her and she tries to get through it as quickly as she can so she can get into the honeymoon phase to try to please you again yes what we’ve tried to explain to her and that’s when the sex happens by the way she’s tried to explain to us that she thinks that that’s who you really are the guy during the honeymoon phase what she doesn’t understand is everything is about getting to that for you but surely the other guy you’re the guy that lives in those other two phases see this is you when you see all that you’re the guy rapes women you’re the guy that has the nightmare a woman to come on stage and look my own wife in the eye on national television and illustrate that you’re going to have sex with somebody with your fingers I know that dr. Phil has the ability to figure out what’s wrong with you because the Lord knows that I don’t

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