Today I’ll be telling you how it all started. I’ll start from the beginning, from my first vehicle. You wont believe, but my first vehicle before I turned 18. And by first I mean, the first actual vehicle that was in mint condition and road legal. E30. I am really happy that it had only 2.0L gasoline engine instead of a 2.5L. Because if it would have been 2.5L i’d regret it. It was a really good vehicle. Interior was in a mint condition. And then I’ve started to mod the vehicle. Lowered springs, RZ R-15 wheels, Tinted front headlights. And I’ve also had some shameful mods, since it was so many years ago… Such as varnished tail lights, N1 muffler… I am not proud of that at all. Of course after all of that I had to return everything to an original state. We had some burnouts. Ignas is behind the steering wheel. Because I had to take the pictures. My brother’s 15 years old, behind the steering wheel, doing a burnout. These days this E30 would be really valuable in terms of price. But since it was a 2.0L I am not that concerned about this loss. It’s no secret that BMWs are expensive to maintain. So I had to sell this vehicle. And start learning all the mods on a bit less complicated vehicles. And since we’re on the topic of vehicle mods and repair. Autodoc is a great place to buy new vehicle parts. They have parts for passenger cars as well as for motorcycles. They have broad selection of parts. All the links are in the video description. You can also download their convenient app, and order there. When I turned 18, my second vehicle was a daily driver Mk. II golf. Not just any Mk. II but an Mk. II GTI. Of course the mods are not that great, compared to what we have today. But it was something else during its time. It had a drop, a lip and bunch of others mods done to it. It had a rally style for the winter. With the pirelli wheels. And here’s the picture of how it looked when I bought it. It was a great idea to start learning the mods on the Golf. I’d rather learn how to mod on a Golf, than on a mint condition E30. When I was comfortable with modding the Golf, the time came for the my first drift car. Me and my brother decide to buy E36 320i sedan. During those days it was almost impossible to buy a coupe with a 2.5L motor. So we got this one. Vehicle was really lively. It also had an LSD. It was 2010. 2010 drift clips. I hope I won’t get copyrighted. I had a beginner driver sticker on the back and I was drifting. I was hitting the curbs with the muffler like it was nothing. While we were having a conversation with Gediminas Prospekta, In the middle of the day we were presented with the view which fully reflects our todays topic. So basically me and my brother were drifting. Some days we were able to drift and the others not so much. So the first thought that came to mind was that we were lacking power. So we’ve sold the vehicle and decided to purchase something more seriuos. And the common problem is that people who are trying to learn how to drift they start with powerful engines right off the bat. It’s actually really funny to remember, when we used to think that 2.0L engine was weak. Just take a look at those who are drifting with 1.6L or 1.8L engines. So we sell the Mk. II golf and the E36. We have some money to buy something new. So we’re presented with a 2.0L coupe. But it was a diesel. Engine was swapped. 110kW, 2.0L. And it was remapped to 200HP and 400nm. So we’ve boughti it. The E36 was running really great. We’ve dyno tested it. And the numbers were as declared by the seller. But we had some issues. It was trailing, we had some electrical issues. Then we noticed that the inter cooler was hanging on wires. That was the first time we’ve bought someone else’s project. So we’ve came to a conclusion that it’s very hard to buy a well made project. And when it seems that we’ve fixed all the issues, the new ones come up. So we’ve fixed the new problems, and decided that’s it, it’s time to sell the vehicle. Because there was no point in keeping a vehicle just for the sake of constantly fixing it. So we sold the vehicle, and the funny story is that the new owner of the vehicle came to our garage a few years later. So we asked him how’s the vehicle, did it have any problems after we’ve sold it to you. And he told us that he haven’t had a single problem in two years of owning the vehicle. It was a shame that we’ve sold the vehicle after fixing it and the vehicle hadn’t encountered any problems afterwards. But we had a good experience anyways. And that got us to a point of building our own project car from scratch. While we were deciding on a project that we were going to do, in the meantime we’ve got ourselves and AE 86 It was a rare toyota model. One day I was browsing used vehicles website and I came across a listing with no pictures. It only mentioned that it was some old toyota and it was RWD. So I’m calling the seller, old man picked up the phone, I was asking him about the vehicle. But he couldn’t tell us anything about the car. So I’m telling him that were are coming to buy the toyota. Me and my brother were planning to turn it into a drift car. After a few calls we’ve come to know that it’s going to be really difficult to turn this car into a drift project car. We would need a lot of parts from the S13 Also the chassis was in a pretty bad condition. So we’ve just had some fun with it in the winter and sold it to someone from Holland. Japanese person who lived in Holland came to take a look at the vehicle and he bought it. And the fun thing is that he drove the vehicle back to Holland without any navigation device. He just whipped out 40 papers in A4 format with google map pictures used them as navigation. He also wrote me an email that he got back safely. Since we had to save up some money for a serious build. So I’ve got myself a cheap Mk. III as daily driver. It was a diesel We’ve also modded this golf. Cut springs, shiny wheels. And the front whole front end from Volkswagen Venta. It was really popular back then. Also I want to remind that I’ve launched Norbe Films merch store. Link is in the description down below. We’ve got a few designs, for example this sweatshirt. You can come an have a look. And also maybe you’ve noticed that there’s a join button down below next to the subscribe button. So basically Youtube just turned into Patreon. If you want you can support me by becoming members. And the time came for my first build. My brother bought the Coupe with wide tail lights. And I’ve found the four door sedan with normal tail lights. In those days everyone wanted coupe with wide tail lights So I thought to myself, okay, the vehicle looks good from the pictures, so I’ll go and check it out. I didn’t mind the four doors and normal tail lights. And now I’m actually happy that I chose that option. Because it looks better atleast for me with the normal tail lights. This must be the only vehicle that I miss, and I regret selling. Because it was the first “baby” that was made with precision and love. And so much time was invested in that vehicle. But due to circumstances I’ve sold the vehicle about five years later. And we can see from where it all started. I even have the pictures from the original listing. I believe a lot of you have seen this vehicle in videos and in person. So we’re approaching the time when I was beginning with the Youtube channel. And now most of you’re are asking where’s the Ugly Duckling? So the story is the the Ugly Duckling appeared after the E30 So since I’ve thought that the E30 would take a long time to finish I’ve wanted to buy a vehicle with which I could have fun during the E30s build. Sometimes these kind of decisions are not the best. Because you need to finish what you’ve started. But in this case it was a really good decision. Because I’ve done a lot of things with the duckling. Few pictures to remember the vehicle. Somehow I don’t feel pity for this vehicle. Because I feel like I’ve utilized the vehicle to its fullest. I’ve learned how to drift, I’ve had tons of crashes. I’ve got a lot of experience thanks to that car. So I think it’s good that other people are enjoying that vehicle. And after aformentioned vehicles. I’ve started with the winter beaters. And I’ve also started with Prep the Sleds So the this is the first compact from Prep the Sleds. And what can I say is that everyone were driving stock compacts (Body wise). Cause there wasn’t anything on the market. So that’s how my compact looked. The fun thing is that there were no springs in the front. So winter had passed and I’ve decided to change the wheels and drop the vehicle slightly. So I cut one ring off the springs, I lower the car, height is the same. Alright…So I cut another ring of the springs, lower the vehicle, it’s still the same. So I am confused at this point. So I’ve decide to remove the springs entirely. When I remove the springs the height remains the same. Vehicle is sitting on the shock absorber. So I’ve changed the beater for every season. So the silver compact with which I’ve made a few videos. Then the sedan 1.8L it seems. Sitting on the same wheels as the compact. Also It’s a shame that I’ve sold these wheels. I don’t know why I’ve sold them. But they look really good. I’ve also had Opel Rekord. Not the most successful purchase… And there was one more compact. And the story about this compact is, that I’ve spun off the rear axle on the silver compact during winter. When I was looking for an axle, someone contacted me on facebook and said that
-I have an axle, but with the whole compact. If you need an axle, you buy the whole vehicle. I’ve had like 20 different E36s during my lifetime. And I think I’ll be having some more in the future. Even in Australia I had like four different vehicles. The first one was red compact, 1.8L. Then the Skyline R33 Then the white E36 in a mint condition. And when I’ve recently visited I’ve bought a black E46. I can’t even count how many different vehicles I’ve had. I’ve also had a few E30s. And during all the projects the Wrong E36 was born. Diesel. My satisfaction with this project is 100%. Looks and handling are exceptional. Of course the vehicle is not utilized to its fullest potential. But everything turned out almost exactly how I’ve wanted to. Some people don’t like the bodykit, others the color or the engine. But the whole point of the project was to make some WRONG. And we’ve got a pretty good vehicle out of all that. So I’ve opened some random vehicles and as I’ve mentioned I’ve had a lot of E36s. As an example really good condition sedan 323i. The other sedan is 320i. I would gladly buy something similar today and make a ugly duckling comeback. But I am thinking about some in a good condition. With rust free chassis and a decent motor. It’s really hard to find a car like that. Or the price is really inadequate. So I’ve opened another picture I’ve had an Audi some time ago. I was daily driving it. Galvanized chasiss. Springs were cut, wheels were changed. So a decent daily driver. Let’s not forget the burnouts. It doesn’t matter if it RWD or FWD or AWD You can always do a burnout. So I hope you like the history lesson about my cars. And let’s finish with the daily car which I had the longest. Because as you could’ve guessed I’ve changed the vehicles frequently. So this daily car I driving for four years. I could’ve actually kept the car for two more years. But there was no point in trying to pass the Technical Inspection. And yes, you’ve guessed it. It was a mercedes. So R18 AMG wheels, the drop, also daily tires. We can see that the front fender doesn’t like the drop very much. But I think a lot of you have a project car in your garage with new tires, recently changed oil, Chassis as clean a plate. And your daily car is broken down.
I’ve had four years of experience with mercedes and I drove like an executive. And the story ends with mercedes going to Kazakhstan. Despite the vehicle being visibly broken down, they took it only for the interior. Because it had a lot of options. And for the motor. So there’s a slim chance the “heart” is beating somewhere out there… So I think I’ve covered all my main vehicles, that I’ve had over the years. And as I’ve mentioned I have a lot of new projects in my mind, so I hope that next year I’ll be able to bring those projects to life. Also if you have some sort of a classic or a beater you can always contact me on instagram or facebook Maybe I’ll come up with something to do with that particular vehicle. That’s it for now, for those who enjoyed press the like and subscribe buttons. Also check the links in the description below and until the next time.

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