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  1. I couldn’t care less for this conceited asshole and that clever shade he threw at Donnie just made my eyes roll as usual any time he opens his mouth.
    His burgers are even less remarkable than his acting career.

  2. He says market price is 20,194 and he's going to offer the special price of 1000 down and 249/mo for 84 months but thats 21916….

  3. Mark's a freaking pimp! I've loved that man since I was a teenager!!!! He's incredibly impressive! Real, down to earth, respectful, and a family man.

  4. Mark Wahlberg worked his ass off his entire life. This is just a study in how he works. He is not even close to the top 10 movie stars of any decade, let alone his prime years. He has hits and misses. Okay. Power through that shit. That is what it takes. He made it. LOL

  5. I LOVE HIM. He is incredible in LONE SURVIVOR (playing real-life Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell – look HIM up on here if you don't know what happened), and Mark is also awesome in comedy roles like Ted and my personal favorite, "I Heart Huckabees"

  6. Actor nowaday : waking up at 3 am working out..posting on IG taking a shot…Paul Newman : Hold my beer while i do a burnout drunk.READY!stop following these idiots

  7. Mark Wahlberg may have a dark past, but he was able to turn his life around and produce a very successful career out of it. So successful, that Mark Wahlberg's net worth is now $255 million, and he's one of the richest actors worldwide.

  8. Hates that he did Boogie Nights….. arguably the best movie he has ever done…….he is ashamed of BN. But not the Ted movies…..

  9. “I have always been a lover of cars…”
    Yeah, if you are a true petrolhead you steer clear of most things American…with a few beautiful exceptions ofc.

  10. What a super cool Dude! That’s where a dedicated Mindset, Discipline, Persistence, a healthy Diet, Sports and staying off Drugs and Booze, can get you! Should try Politics… maybe!? (Naaa…, that would screw him up and take away all his positive Energy!)

  11. This guy’s a used car salesmen also. What can’t he do🤷🏽‍♂️. He had a failed Hip Hop career, but he wasn’t the worst I’ve ever heard before. So really he was successful at that also😂

  12. I love walhberg and am seriously surprised his career hasn’t been ruined for all the racist shit he did back in the day by one of the people who make it their mission to ruin people’s careers

  13. In your face Colbert… U stupid son of a gun… U should probably be a sidekick to Ellen or Steve Harvey or Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon or James Corden… They are much better host than u. Learn some pimp

  14. Everyone that loves Mark Wahlberg should read this – From Wikipedia:
    In June 1986, Wahlberg and three friends chased after three black children while yelling "Kill the n**ger, kill the n**ger" and throwing rocks at them.[13] The next day, Wahlberg and others followed a group of schoolchildren taking a field trip on a beach, yelled racial epithets at them, threw rocks at them, and "summoned other white males who joined" in the harassment.[13]

    In April 1988, Wahlberg assaulted a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street, calling him a "Vietnam fucking shit" and knocking him unconscious with a large wooden stick. Wahlberg attacked a second Vietnamese man later the same day, punching him in the eye. Wahlberg believed he had left the second victim (named Trinh) permanently blind in one eye.[16][18][19]

    In August 1992, Wahlberg fractured the jaw of a neighbor in an unprovoked attack.[21] Court documents state that in 1992, Wahlberg "without provocation or cause, viciously and repeatedly kicked" a man in the face while another man held the victim on the ground.[22]

  15. Mahak Wahlberg, Colbert, how much $$$ do you give to "Jesus"? You're doing something making you feel guilty.

    That $$$ houses the worlds largest human trafficking of child molesters comfortably because of your and all yours' guilt.

  16. He’s a famous actor in a suit looking like he’s running for Congress and they still play Good Vibrations as he walks out 😂😂

  17. Well at least he dont beat up innocent people any more and cause permanent blindness in one eye and then just serve a few months in jail or prison, so that's good.

  18. Really he's heard worst? Like maybe…. "Vietnam piece of shit" maybe the sound of beating a man with a with a 2 by 4 drowned that out.

  19. Chevy is Not the best America RIDE.. u got that wrong mark.. I have proof & know way with no Lie's to Prove it. if u wanna know i will Tell u why. they R Not. shit been going on sense grade school & before i was born. I refuse to buy any Gm product's 4 my self 2 Own & keep 4 my self 4 all kind's of very good reason's.

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