Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza | First Drive Review Video | ZigWheels India

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza | First Drive Review Video | ZigWheels India

Not only is this The Most talked about and the most awaited car of the last few months its probably one of the biggest launches we’ve been waiting for, for the past year and a half and if I a rupee for every time someone asked me about when the new Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is coming out I’d probably have enough
money to buy one so doesn’t live up to everybody’s expectations well look at it for starters it looks much larger than it actually is this is a sub-4 meter compact SUV but look at it, its angular, its aggressive and as with more SUVs recently you get a large front chrome grill and big headlamps with daytime running lights and a projector setup but the most exciting feature or the most exciting design element in the Brezza has to be on the side now there are obvious design elements that remind us of the Swift, especially we look at the A pillar here and the most important design element in our opinion is the floating roof Now this is a ZDI+ variant which is the top of the line and is in a slightly boring shade of silver but if you wanted one, you would get one in a blue or yellow with a white roof or our favourite – a red with a black roof now, in our opinion if you are spending your money on something as exciting looking as this consider it it is a fun car and it should be in a fun colour now our only problem with the design and I know some of you might not agree with us is
the fact that the wheel although they are larger 16 inches they do look a little boring but personally we would have preferred something that the Ciaz gets, a multi-spoke gunmetal grey design but as of now this is what you get around the back you get a set of chunky taillights and a chrome tailgate accent piece that has a Brezza logo stamped into it what we are a little concerned about however, is the fact that the lit up area in the tail lamp when the parking lights are on might not be enough on the low visibility Indian roads but when it comes to the interiors of the Brezza, I think Maruti has decided to play it a little safe and offer more simple and stylish solution as compared to some of the over the top design you find in some of the other SUVs they have this squircle, what is basically a square with circular edges design on the central console and the central infotainment screen
which is the same as the one on the Baleno of course it does have navigation and if like me you are an apple person and use an iphone it also has Apple carplay
which makes a real boom to use now we know that the little gimmicky but
you can choose the color on the instrument cluster from five different shades. you get blue, white, yellow, orange and my personal favorite a sporty red. Other features include the start and stop button, cruise control, automatic headlamps and
rain-sensing wipers now although all these features are all well in good and the brezza has a lot of them what we are dissapointed with is the quality of plastics now there are certain uneven edges
we find all over the car and the central console just does not feel as well put together as you would expect from a 10 lakh rupee car also some of the plastics are just a little
hard to feel and the tactile feedback just is not
as good as we had expected now the front seats on the Brezza are quite comfortable and also have a heads of sportyness you get these lovely side cushions here which are good bolsters to support you when you are cornering and you get a rally nice upper back support which seems to be missing from a few cars that we have driven recently the lower cushion though is slightly smaller and if you are a bigger person like I am you might find it slightly intrusive, especially around the bottom now the Brezza is mainly gonna be a family car and we expect the rear seats to be used a lot thankfully you have a lot of leg space
and a lot of head space what you also have is enough space for 3 adults
to sit next to each other mainly because of the fact that the doors here are contoured so you get a little more knee room you also get this seat fitted hand rest here
which has two cup holders and a very useful little hook, where you can hang a bag of groceries or maybe some ironed clothes Maruti Suzuki cars in the past were criticized heavily for not having enough storage space the Brezza gets a bottle holder on both front door and two cupholders in the central console and a single bottle holder in the rear doors you also get two glove compartments one of whic comes with coolling function
that can easily hold two small 500 ml bottles or 4 cans of your favorite aerated beverage the Brezza also gets a large centre
console storage space and a boot which has 328 litre space
with the seats in place now the Brezza comes with the same 1.3L diesel engine that we are so used to in the likes of the Ciaz,
the Swift and the Baleno and it drives pretty much the same facts and figures 90 PS of speed power 200 Newton meter of torque and an ARAI approved fuel efficiency figure of 24.3 kmpl now the first you get when you actually drive the Brezza is one of fimiliarity it drives pretty much the same as the
Baleno does or the Swift does and the engine is really healthy as it was before now to gear box is just slightly different it is the same 5 speed manual transmission, but for the Brezza they have changed around the ratios a little bit and tuned it to be little more responsive and as there always was there is still a little bit of
turbo lag in the engine when you are a slightly higher gear and a slightly lower speed but drop down a few gears.
maybe from 5th to 3rd or 4th and the response is quite immediate the gear shift action also like with all Marutis is very very crisp and thank God the clutch unlike some
other SUVs in this segment is very light and very easy to use which makes it a boon in
start and stop traffic in the city the Vitara Brezza does have quite a high level of noise especially when the engine
is revved passed the 3000 rpm point the NVH levels on the Brezza especially in terms
of tyre noise and engine noise are on the higher side and on longer trip this could cause irritations to sound drivers and passangers Brezza is a considerably tallish sort of car and we thought handling might be a little compromised
but luckily it isn’t on the top of the line ZDI+ version that we have here, you get 215 section tyres and 16 inch wheel rims and on this new C platform chassis that the Suzuki has built specially for this car and this is the first one with that chassis the steering feedback and handling feels quite crisp now there is a bit of body roll but nothing really to complain about and the ride is a little bit firmer than what we would’ve expected but that is not bad because it does
improve handling just a little bit now the Brezza with one or two people in the car does seem a little bouncy or skippy over a few undulated sections of road, but fill it up to five people and a boot full of luggage and what you get is a pretty plain ride in terms of brakes the ZDI/ZDI+ version comes with ABS standard and airbags ofcourse but the LDI and VDI have them optional now if you are planning to buy a
cheaper one of the Brezza we beg you please please consider the ABS it is an absolute necessity in todays day and age do not skimp on something as basic as safety there’s no denying the fact that the Vitara Brezzais a sure shot winner for Maruti Suzuki it gets good looks, a great interior
and a good mechanical package but what Maruti really need to work upon immediately is the quality of the plastics and of course the NVH levels So if you are looking for a 10 lakh odd rupee car today in the Indian market we think this is probably
one of the best there is makes you wonder though with a car like this
does a convention and midsize sedan or a premium hatchback really make that much sense

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  1. Better to bring out a detailed comparision of Maruti Brezza with Hyundai Creta 1.4 S and Renault Duster 85 RXE, which may help buyers

  2. Nice review but at the last it feels incomplete, please continue the comparison you were making a valid point.

  3. good job on the review, n the background score reminds me of inception a nice touch , if only maruti had brought in the globally launched grand vitara……

  4. why Indian models always have lot of accessories and features are missing from other european models but the price is more than the european models ….making all the Indian auto buyers …… cant meet the standards its a shame ,,european have more money but they pay less but with indian economy we pay more …. dont buy guys

  5. Awesome,Mind blowing Super SUV..Good news, Maruti is planning to launch a new Truck ,Bus and Tractor as well which gives 26.7Km per are the specs : 1.2 engine which is powering swift,new-swift, ritdz, ciaz, ertiga, s-cross(super premium),Baleno, celerio and all future cars from maruti.

  6. Breeza looks aggressive but interior is bit dull. Maruti plz work on interior otherwise car is outstanding.

  7. how is the cooling system especially in the summer the maruti cars lake in
    this field i have a swift and i don't feel the ac is on in summer its
    terrible what about the breeza its not mentioned any where about the
    cooling in any of the reviews

  8. Very disappointed in Maruti…They are fooling me since last 2 months…i was told my car (vitara) will be available 4 weeks after booking and its been over 2 months…. My dealers say they have no hand in distribution of cars and i will get a direct call from maruti..or they force me to buy a lower model as the model i want is not available…while all VIP`s and VVIP`s are enjoying their ride !! DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM MARUTI..!! There is no transparency in distribution of cars they are cheating average customers..! I want MY CAR…When will i get my car MARUTI ??

  9. superb review ..but bro i'm still confused.between .breeza zdi+ vs TUV 300 vs eco sport..i want gift my father..please suggest

  10. Boring shade of Gray!!!!? Whaaaaa.. i personally find silver best suited on this car, but it comes down to personal preferences. I was in a dilemma to go with red dual tone or silver and paint the roof black. And i dont regret going with Silver, it looks young and classy at the same time. One of the best reviews however!! cheers!

  11. Good review zigwheels.. only review that states the negatives of the car, esp the practical ones. Thanks for the unbiased review.

  12. Good review…Brother….I already booked vitara brezza but i am confuesed vitara brezza and ecosport in length because i have looked to maruti vitara brezza on your zingwheel videos but i am confiesd like looking little suv then i dont like this suv please help me you have looked actuly this suv so….

  13. but…but…but..,why anybody want to buy this car..? There is nothing in this car according to the price of this car vitara brezza….maruti recovers 8 to 10 lacs of this car… but i think no meaning…b'coz maruti gives u better option like Baleno…in baleno u can satisfy with the price…here i think there is no any satisfaction with the price of brezza…no any facilities according to the price

  14. people say that these alloy wheels are not good but they actually complement to whole style of the car and he said that silver is boring but actually it matches the colour of th wheel and everything else

  15. and the dual paint job on the zdi plus especially the red and black combo is actually not good as Black absorbs more heat and light than white putting more strain on the ac if it is on

  16. Brezza is not as close to expectations. Interior plastic is a cause for concern as its very cheap & ordinary looking. Also It's not spacious as only two person can accommodate in the rear seat.

  17. who the hell told u that u are a good car review knowing.this car has no cabin noise as u at saying I also have this car in silver colour n this car looks sexy in silver colour

  18. instead of plastics in 10 lacs car, do you want carbon fiber or leather, which are available in Audi or BMW ? use common sense


  20. in all the other reviews they say that the NVH levels are excellent. but in this u say the opposite. how is that possible?

  21. As mentioned in the video It is not the same engine of Swift or baleno. the cc is same as them but the power out put and tuning is that of Ciaz , S Cross and ertiga.

  22. plz do a comparison video for maruti Suzuki vitara brezza vs Ford ecosport vs Honda WR-V……all diesel….plz make a comparison video…..

  23. planning to buy so please suggest me
    what's the average?
    uska servicing frequently karna hota h?
    how is suspension?

  24. Baleno or Brezza ?? (looking for comfort, boot space, larger head room [I am 5.10" & need more space while driving]
    Suggest a Good one!

  25. The shock absorbing abilities of this vehicle is below par. Get a friend to go over a speed breaker with you in the second row of seats. You may decide not to buy the vehicle and you will thank me.

  26. In front angle of this car am seeing the inspiration is roll's Roy's inspiration particularly in the indicator decision

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