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  1. David's 'vinyl wrap' comment was the giveaway that he was the one telling the truth. There's no way he'd have known that phrase otherwise.

  2. its funny and sad that David eargerly looks at Matt at the end, hoping to make eye contact and shake hand. However, Matt simply walks off the stage.

  3. Being a YouTube only viewer of WILTY or bits of this channel's WILTY I don't think I'd ever seen David as the truth teller in this segment. And once again, I must comment on how fucking brilliant he is.

  4. Not at all surprised David favour's the classic British racing green, popularised by cars like the classic E type Jags & old Lotuses, but I am surprised he went with a generic BMW. I would've pegged him as a Saab or Volvo man.

  5. Hahaha was not expecting his voice to sound like that, did he inhale a helium balloon before coming out?

  6. Shocked that David ordered a BMW. Thought he would drive something more prestigious.
    All that fame and success – yet drives a BMW? WOW!
    A tip for you all though: never buy a dark blue metallic car. Paint 'swirls' worse than any other colour – including black!

  7. This show basically oscillates between Lee's funny remarks and David's logically dissecting his shit. i fucking love it

  8. Adam's story has been the only time I've ever certainly known that someone was lying. Such a vague on-the-spot story, he couldn't even think of another name for Matt's partner, so he just called him Matt as well. The way he presented himself and looked when he had to think of something new.. a very clear lie!

  9. I was like oh Matt and David didn't even like shake hands at the end and then I was like oh tbf he was just his car dealer but then I was like whoa how do they get these people

  10. I mean, he’s not ugly by any stretch of the imagination but he’s really not the most beautiful man on earth like almost all of the comments suggest.

    There are men who look like this working in KFC and ASDA. I’m seriously not seeing what all the fuss is about.

  11. I knew it was David when he started talking about the car being wrapped. There’s no way David would know about wrapping cars unless it actually happened.

  12. I honestly can't think of another time that it's been David on the "this is my" round, does anyone know if there is another one?

  13. The fact that David knew about the wrapping vs repainting thing despite not knowing much about cars and not being able to drive was the clear giveaway.

  14. Matt looks really fucking nervous. When he came on he took a deep breath and his head is shooting back and forth to whose talking sometimes which is another telltale he's on edge. I think he literally just wanted to get off stage at the end so that's why he didn't acknowledge David.

  15. The window cleaners in my locality don't use ladders any more. They have their brushes and hoses on dirty great long poles. He could probably go back to window cleaning, if the story were true.

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