Mavic Neutral Service Bike | Tour de France 2017

– This is the legendary
Mavic neutral service bike. They have been the saviour
of many a pro rider. Even Jens Voigt has ridden most of a stage on a Mavic neutral service bike, but in recent years, they’ve received a few significant tweaks, and in my opinion, upgrades. So, the bikes are now Canyons. This is of course a Canyon Ultimate. They also have Canyon Aeroad’s,
so a more aero road bike. Maybe you’d prefer that if you got one of the
neutral service bikes on a flatter day, but the most significant
upgrade has come through what I think is a bit
of innovative thinking in the last few years. This right here is a custom
KS Lev dropper seatpost. Of course, the need from this
arises from the fact that any rider may need to get onto a Mavic neutral service bike. So, if they have a small,
a medium, and a large frame on the roof, you may still
have to adjust the seatpost to get it to your perfect height. You can drop the seatpost. You can adjust it on the fly. It has 65 millimetres of drop, which means that it covers, actually, a really big range of saddle heights. You could go from 70
centimetres to 76.5 centimetres which probably covers riders
from say 165, 170 centimetres to on through to those who might be over 180 centimetres tall. So, it really does solve
any problem with getting a Mavic neutral service bike. Previously, pedals have
been toe-clip pedals. They now have a range
of pedals on the roof. So, of course, these are
Shimano Dura Ace pedals. Other popular brands in the
Pro Peloton include Look and Speedplay. So, those pedals are
also present on the roof of each and every Mavic
neutral service car, and there may be four
Mavic neutral service cars on each stage of the race. Starting at the top of the bike, I know I’ve already mentioned
the dropper seatpost, which we will talk about again later, is a Fizik Aliante saddle. All of the Mavic neutral service bikes have Fizik saddles, and some of them even have
a kind of a custom touch of yellow underneath which is very cool. Moving forward from that,
there’s Canyon’s own brand, standard Canyon’s own brand handlebars. All of the bikes are equipped with Shimano Ultegra mechanical. Makes sense, a very practical choice. So, we’ve got Shimano
Ultegra mechanical levers connected to Shimano Ultegra brakes, connected to Shimano
Ultegra mechanical front and rear mechs. The chain sets, they are
also Shimano Ultegra, and they come in, again, a very practical choice of chainrings. So, these are 36-52 chain rigs. So, on 50 to 11, you maybe
slightly under-geared at certain points, but you’re likely to be
going very, very fast when you are under-geared, and the 36-25 on this bike
will allow most riders to get up most hills, even
the worst of them in a race like the tour. The chain on this bike is Shimano, and the wheels are, of course, Mavic, as are the tyres. So, on the tyres on
this bike are currently Mavic Yksion Pro Powerlink. Tubular on the rear and a
Mavic Yksion Pro Griplink up on the front. The wheels, well, these
ones are some of the latest Mavic Ksyrium wheels, but there’s a huge range
of wheels, of a range, from a range of years across the Mavic neutral service bikes, and on all the Mavic neutral service cars. Once a pro-cycling team deal finishes, or at the end of each year, they will get the wheels
back from the teams which will then be used to restock the neutral service supplies which I think is very cool. It means there’s not
too much gone to waste, and it means that a rider, theoretically, could get a neutral service bike and race on the same wheels that
he may have raced on the year before. The final point on this is
that bottle cages are supplied by FSA. With all of the major
points on the build covered, it’s time for some vital stats. I’m going to do this with a twist. We’re going to weigh the bike, and then I’m going to try
and get the saddle height to my perfect position. The bike weighs in at
seven point five kilos. So, when you consider the
seatpost alone is 450 grammes, it’s really super light, and the saddle height, well,
it’s now my perfect height, 74.5 millimetres, on the dot. Thanks, Mavic. I hope you’ve enjoyed
looking at the legendary Mavic neutral service
bike as much as I have. I’ve particularly enjoyed
the new dropper post feature. Let’s have your thoughts
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