Mazda 6 my-2007-2012- buyers review

The Mazda6 may not be the first car you
think of when looking for a mid-size car. Why not? The ingredients are good. It has the platform of the
Volvo S60 and Ford Mondeo. Include the Japanese reliability
and you get an OK car. This is what the press thought as well
when the car was introduced in 2007. It has a more sporty suspension and handling
than most cars in the same class, but it’s a nice car with a nice engine range. The diesels range from 123 – 182 hp, the
gasoline engines from 118 – 272 hp in the V6. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel The Mazda6 was available in 3 flavors:
hatchback, sedan, and estate. Except in the latter, there were some complaints
about the head space in the back. If you’re driving tall persons,
check if they’ll be OK. It was built starting 2007, but was
introduced in the Netherlands in 2008. If you’re looking, the Mazda6s pre-2008
are of the 1st generation; this is the 2nd. The cars were produced ’til 2012. It was replaced
by the 3rd generation Mazda6 in 2013, which is already 2 years old now. About 200 Mazda6s of this generation
are for sale on 80% has a gasoline engine, 20% a diesel. 90% has a manual transmission,
10% an automatic. There are fun features. Cruise control
is pretty much standard; 90% has it. You’ll have to look harder for leather
upholstery. About 30% has that. Prices start at 6,000 euros for
high mileage cars from 2008. If you want a young one, you’ll pay 20,000
euros for a pretty car with low mileage. PRICES
minimum, average, maximum What are the reasons to buy this car? The handling and suspension are sporty,
in the base model as well. If you want that, the Mazda6 is the car for you.
It’s reliable and affordable as well. You get a lot of car for the money.
Those are good reasons to buy a Mazda6. Plus, it’s different from
your neighbor’s Mondeo. If you’re looking for a Mazda6, you may
want to look for the Business Line. It has parking sensors, satnav, etc.
as standard, so it has more features. If you want a more sporty package,
you’ll have to look for the GT-M Line. It looks cooler. There are things to watch out for
when buying a Mazda6. Most are reliable, but the 2-liter
diesel may cause trouble. Not a lot were sold,
so you’ll be lucky to find one. When looking for a diesel,
make sure to choose the 2.2 version. Then there’s a problem with the 2.5-liter engines.
Lose piston rings may damage the cylinder walls and destroy the engine. There has been a recall.
Check if your car has been to the dealer for it. Another thing to watch out for is the gear box.
It may do jerky gear shifts. We’re talking about the manual transmission.
If that’s the case, maintenance has been lacking. The car may not have been maintained
by a dealer for a while, to save money. It can be fixed by changing
the transmission oil. Then there’s a problem with the A/C.
It may fail because of leakages, so check the A/C pump tank for moist spots. Then there’s the spare tire, or the lack
thereof. It didn’t come as standard. If you want a spare tire instead of Fix-A-Flat,
check under the mats if it’s there or not. Finally, let’s talk about the car
we’re driving today. We borrowed it at Hartgerink en Klomp
in Hoofddorp. It’s a nice 2-liter with manual transmission. It’s a
pretty grey with the sought after Business Line. It has satnav and reversing sensors. It’s a nice
Mazda6 with only 40,000 miles on the clock, so it’ll last a long time. THIS CAR Thanks to
Hartgerink en Klomp Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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