Mazda CX-5 (2012-2016) buying advice

Mazda CX-5 (2012-2016) buying advice

The CX-5 is an amazing success for Mazda. It sold really well. 1.5 million worldwide,
in the Netherlands too. Many were in the right additional
tax liability category, so it went fast. And the car looks good. Mazda went along with the SUV and crossover trend. They were right on time and the lineup helped. They did go against the trend of making sure
the car is economical and has low CO2 emissions. Other manufacturers choose
small engines and install turbos. Mazda didn’t do this for the gasoline engines;
they did with the diesel engines. They used the Skyactiv principle
on the gasoline engines. They saved weight and increased
the engine’s compression ratio. You may forget about this,
but it makes it more efficient. A CX-5 is relatively economical. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel 200 CX-5s are for sale on Marktplaats. 60% has a manual transmission.
There are many automatic transmissions. Diesel engines are rarer. 25% has one.
Those are mainly high-mileage ex-lease cars. These may be less interesting. PRICES
minimum, maximum There are a number of things
to watch out for when buying a CX-5. You go for a test drive to test everything. Including the heater. It’s sunny now, but I would put it on full heat
because the heater radiator can break. This means you won’t get warm air in the interior. Try all the options: warm, cold,
and air distribution. It should work. If you don’t get warm air,
the heater radiator can be broken. Half the dashboard needs to come out
to replace it. That’s a lot of work. Another thing is vibrating mirrors.
These do it sometimes. I don’t think it’s annoying, but it can be for you.
Check if it happens often. You may not notice it, but it drives others crazy. Another thing is noise. The CX-5 isn’t the quietest car in its segment. The 2015 facelift improved this. There was a facelift in 2014 too. Later cars are quieter. Air and tire noise… You can do something about
the tire noise: install quieter tires. Sportier tires are noisier. If you need to or want to replace
the tires, check the noise label. Choose a quiet tire, because it helps this car. There are a number of things with the powertrain
to watch out for. The transmission, for example. This is an automatic transmission, which is OK. An early manual transmission can have a production
error and shifting gears doesn’t go smoothly. A cold CX-5 manual transmission,
especially in winter, may shift less smoothly,
but it shouldn’t drop out of gear. If it does, the transmission could have an error. Most of the time these transmissions
have been fixed under warranty. This problem occurred in the early model years. The injectors can be installed at the wrong stroke. Oil and dirt can get into the cylinders.
This could happen with the early model years. It should have been fixed. There are a number of electronic
things to watch out for. One stands out: the battery’s
ground cable can come off. This small problem is easy to solve. Just put it back
on. But when it happens, the CX-5 stops working. You’ll find out soon enough.
There are 2 other things to watch out for. Both have to do with infotainment. Of course you test all the functions,
as you know from watching these videos. 2 things. Bluetooth is temperamental, so check
if you can connect your phone to the satnav. It’d be annoying to buy a different phone. This happens with older phones;
newer ones do it better. Certain model years have a Navteq satnav. It may not see enough satellites. It can’t find its position or it’s slow
because it’s searching for satellites. This can be an expensive problem to solve. The satnav unit will have to be replaced,
which is 3,000-3,500 euros. This CX-5 is well-optioned. An automatic
transmission, AWD, and gasoline engine. We found it at Moerman Jansen in Alblasserdam. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale of which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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