Measure for Custom Wheel & Tire Sizes – Summit Racing Quick Flicks

Measure for Custom Wheel & Tire Sizes – Summit Racing Quick Flicks

Hi Im Mike and today we are going to talk
about measuring for the proper wheels and tires for your vehicle.
One of the most difficult parts of putting custom wheels and tires on your vehicle is
that for the most part a lot of us are not going to want to go with factory sizes, we
are probably going to want to go we are probably going to want to go with plus sizing. The
hardest part is going to be to figure out what size wheel and tire package is actually
going to fit because a lot of us are going to actually want to take it to the maximum
allowable limits of the wheel well for that vehicle. Today we are going to go ahead and
talk about how to do this with some general tools we have laying around in our garage.
But there is another option. And that is we can go with a what�s known as a Percy�s
WheelRite which is a tool that basically simulates the wheel and tire package. Before we get
started on showing you how to measure for the proper wheel and tire package for your
vehicle, I do want to emphasize one thing. And that is that you have to simulate a load
on the suspension components of the vehicle to get the accurate measurements. Because
what happens is all the articulation and everything else will change the dimensions of what your
measuring. So what we will usually do, and we are just using this for display purposes
today, what we will usually do is take a jack stand and put either under the a arm or the
rear end assembly or whatever area of the vehicle we are measuring to simulate the wheel
and tire package being on the vehicle instead of letting the suspension free hang on the
jack. Right now we are going to show you how to
measure for the wheel and tire package for the front end of the vehicle. Measuring for
the wheels for the front end of the vehicle is actually much more difficult than measuring
for the rear. Reason for this is because we have to figure out how big of a wheel and
tire package is actually going to fit with the wheels in lock to lock position in comparison
to the read which all it does is articulate up and down and that is it. There is no movement
from side to side for the most part. Um once we have the suspension system loaded on the
vehicle, what I will usually do is I will usually go ahead and move the wheel assembly
into the locked position either all the way back or all the way forward. Now this is not
going to be a real good example of this because I do not have a centerlink or tie rod ends
or anything here so I don�t have a natural stopping point on this suspension system.
Once I get into the locked position though what I will do is go ahead and take a straight
edge, probably like a yard stick or just a thin piece of week or whatever it may be.
I will drill a couple of holes in it that match the bolt pattern on the hub assembly.
You want to make sure that it is long enough so that you can get all the contact points
um that can come in the closest contact inside the wheel well but at the same time you want
it to be short enough so you can rotate it. So your going to have to figure out what length
yard stick is actually going to work for you or piece of wood or whatever it is that you
plan on using. Once I get that mounted to the hub assembly as so. I will go ahead and
rotate it and take measurements then to the closest contact point inside as well as outside
and I will do it to the full rear lock position as well as ill do it to the full lock position
forward and then I will also put it on the straight position. This will give you an indication
of what you really can get away with. Now generally speaking you probably want to use
the plus 2 method at this point. Meaning that you want to go ahead and be within two inches
meaning that you want to go ahead and figure out what the largest package that is going
to fit and then take two inches out, front to back. This will assure that you don�t
have any binding or anything like that against the frame against the tie rod or anything
of that nature. The other thing about that is we have to go ahead and account for the
bushings that are in the suspension as well because what you will come to realize is depending
on the type of bushings or whether they were urethane or rubber or solid you�re going
to go ahead and get different suspension movement as well. And if you take it to the limit and
everything will seem just fine if you go with the max that will fit but the minute you go
down the road and you get any type of movement in those bushings or anything else in that
suspension system, now you are going to have a rubbing problem.
One other factor that you are probably going to want to consider as well is the backspacing
of the wheel and tire package that you will be using past this point. So let�s say you
take all of your measurements you figure out what package is going to fit on your vehicle,
you go buy that package, you put it on and it actually wont even mount up or you got
something binding on the back side. What can actually happen with some of these wheel and
tire packages, especially some of these older vehicles is because of the a arm assembly
that they are using that the inner hoop of the wheel actually interferes with the A arm
assembly. And what you will notice is that from the factory is a very shallow back space
wheel that it didn�t actually interfere with the a arm. So lets say you went with
another 14 inch wheel or another 15 inch wheel right which has a fairly small inner hoop
assembly on the rim shell, well what happens is you go with a 15 by 8 or ten on the front
now instead of a 15 by 6 or 15 by 7 and you needed a lot more backspacing to actually
get it to fit inside that wheel well. What you will actually discover is now because
that wheel diameter on the inside is so small that it actually binds up against the a arm.
Typically this isn�t a problem with wheels that are 17 or 18 inch in diameter because
there is a large enough inner diameter assembly to accommodate that but on the smaller wheel
sizes you may need to take this into account. So as you can imagine, everything I talked
about today really isn�t a perfect science meaning that there is always going to be some
sort of variables that you may encounter, even when you take all of your measurements
and you think everything is 100 percent correct, um, there are solutions to some of these problems
sometimes. One of the solutions may be a real thin spacer, we sell quarter inch spacers,
half inch spacers, to go ahead and account for some of the measurement issues that we
encounter regularly with wheel and tire packages. Or you can have a situation to where we measure
out one package and we don�t even have a wheel that has the proper backspacing and
you want to avoid having to order a custom backspace wheel which can get really expensive.
So now you have a situation to where maybe a spacer is a viable option. Just remember
when you go ahead and use spacers, you may have to go ahead and change lug nut design
with a lug nut that has a slight shank on it or you may actually have to go with a longer
wheel stud assembly. Maybe go from a two inch stud to a three inch stud so you have proper
thread engagement. All of these are viable options. The one thing I just want you to
remember is, is that we don�t have all of the answers when it comes to this stuff sometimes
and we are going to need your help to figure these things out. Stay tuned and keep your
eyes out for other videos on wheels and tires. Thanks for watching.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Hi Ariel, We need some additional information from you. Can you give our tech department a call at 1-330-630-0240? Thanks for watching!

  2. Thank you for the great video, I know I have found the place that will have some answers for me.
    I 've a 1989 Toyota Celica which came with 13" tires, which seemed to have disapperared from the face of the earth, so what wheel package can I upgrade to, keep in mind I have the famous 4X100 bolt pattern. Second how much will the upgrade cost and what is the availability of it. Are deep dish wheels a thing of the past as well? Thank you once again.

  3. Hi yellownp22541,
    We have a lot of questions for you! Can you give our tech department a call? 1-330-630-0240.We look forward to your call. Thanks for watching!

  4. My question is
    I have a 1994 mustang gt
    With stock wheels and 4.10 gears
    And I am looking for new rims/tires
    I was looking at
    255/40r17 front
    275/35r17 rear
    Or some people said

    255/40r17 front
    275/40 r17 rear

    What do you suggest looks best and would work best?
    Extra info
    The car is a daily driven car
    From texas
    stock suspension for now
    And what rims do you suggest with the car?
    The color is teal and dark window tint

    Budget doesnt matter for now

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    I have a Toyota corolla 2005 and OEM rims for this car is 15×6.5 and bolt pattern is 5×100.
    I found the rims for my car but i don't know if this rims will fit
    I found rims 15×6.5 and have a 5 lugs but i don't know (seller doesn't
    know too) diameter maybe 100 maybe 114 and offset for my OEM rims is 45
    but this rims have +36 offset

    will it fit for my car?

    P.S. New rims name is "Enkei ZNL Type 40"

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  23. Thanks for info I'm going to use procedure too bad customers still want them too Big. ✂️🔨🏋️ 😒

  24. Hi, just wanna ask whats the best tire size to a lowered 1.5inch drop for an 18inch rims to a 2007 honda civic coupe? Which is not rubbing the fenders at front. Thanks

  25. Awesome video, for my truck. though and maybe I missed it, I want to look into US Wheels series 456 for my 1980 El Camino. and without tubbing the rear end, put something as fat as possible, with stock size up front. Stock goes down to 14s but I am going to run 15s for availability of rubber purposes. is there a link for measuring width? or can a tech help if I call?

  26. I would like to thank you for the video. I have 2016 Honda Accord Coupe. I have aftermarket wheels ( 18×8 38 offset with a 245 40 18 tire). I'm going to use H&R springs which will be a 1.3 drop. I want to know is a 225 45 18 tire ok to run on a 18×8 wheel? Thank you.

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  29. Just use a damn string starting from the center of the hub. Cut the string every time it touches anything then take the final string length x2 and that's the tallest tire you can have.

  30. What size rims can I put on a mc 1997 with out doin all that I don't want no lifters what's my Max stock or aftermarket

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