Mercedes AC Vents Repair and Install DIY | ML350 And Others | W164

Mercedes AC Vents Repair and Install DIY | ML350 And Others | W164

ladies and gentlemen Keith from iRepair autos today I’m going to show you how to change out your ventilation bezel so these events you can direct the airflow up-down left-right you can also close it these things tend to disconnect and the fins are no longer directional you can no longer direct we want air to blow the little cracks and falls apart and disappears out inside the ventilation port and it looks just pure old ghetto so I’m gonna show you how to fix that how to take it apart which is a big part of the video how to reassemble and reinstall so let’s get started but before we get started I know you’ve been meaning to subscribe do that no thanks to successfully remove this vent without breaking anything there are three tabs one located on the left one located on the right and one located on the top that we have to depress and open out you start by depressing the one on the top and holding it open leave the screwdriver in place to hold that tab open next focus on the right tab opening the right tab pull out the bezel slightly on the right side that will hold that right tab open just like that next focus on opening the left tab while maintaining pressure on the top and then once tab is opened slightly pull forward on the bezel to hold that tab in that same position just like that then moves back to the right tab open it a little bit more pulling the bezel forward slightly and pull out the module once the module is out you can remove the screwdriver and just gently pull out the bezel and remove it from dashboard entirely I like to move the vent closed while removing it next we’re going to remove the tabs that are holding the silver bezel around the AC vent to take this little silver bezel off and you may need to use a screwdriver to remove the final one taking care not to break it the only way to properly rebuild this is to completely take off the front fins and you’re gonna take them off one by one this light out and you want to put them in an orientation where you can remember how they go select you don’t have any issues when it comes time to putting them back in they held into these little grommets I just take a screwdriver and pop them out one by one once everything is out you can then remove this guy this fell out earlier but this holds the spine of all of these when you’re rebuilding them so I’ll put that right next to each other so the goal is that you put the spine back this spine through here and rebuild all the fins back up with this fin being connected down and around that main piece so that you have continuity okay now go around that little section right there like that stay close attention to the orientation of the pins this pin goes to the points of the right this pin wants to the left to the right to the left to the right that’s important when we’re putting back the spine and connecting that back someone will be using some crazy glue just to get this thing going just a touch case not too much no idea we took permanent picking the third one this is the one that’s causing all the grief just a touch okay everything’s pretty much employees now what we’re gonna do is go to introduce it to this paying close attention to this middle fin right here where this base is gonna go now I just broke one off not a big deal to reglue it I’m not doing these down permanently then it’s rested it in place what I’m gonna do now is snap in to place the rest of these items when I say snap in I mean they’re little notches that we’ve gone over already making sure that each one is in it’s respectable place before we do anything to cause a disruption of the system don’t feels like it may have come loose I don’t know if it has so we’re gonna proceed with the other tool now I’m gonna have to surgically put this one back in place okay now that everything is in place what really keeps this together is this make sure it’s right the wider side goes to the top now remember that these are glued in place now I kinda wanna not free them up that’s the back side he’s okay fully working all right so we’re back see that little yellow thing right there that little sensor that reads temperature coming out from AC a couple things to note there’s a little port right here that port goes into the door forth through that hole right there and everything should be as easy as just sliding it back in place do not put any kind of pressure on the vents themselves that’s how you do it guys kind of a pain once it’s done it’s done and it looks really nice and it functions as always everyone don’t forget to Like share subscribe thanks and peace out

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  1. Hello Keith, I Thank you for the Awesome Repair Vids! I have a question if you wouldn't mind helping me. I have a 2011 MB ML 350. I would Like to replace the Flat Hood Emblem. I have tried what I could to remove the one on the Hood and it wont bulge. I opened the Hood and it has no access to remove from under. Pls Help. Thanking you in advance. Lou

  2. Amazing video Keith. Thanks so much for sharing this has saved me load of money, and the glue trick is a brilliant idea. Well done!

  3. Performed this fix on two vents for my ‘07 ML350. I only glued the main vent with the slider and the top and bottom vents as they point away from you when you insert it back into the housing. The remaining drop into place.

    Thanks for the great video!

  4. Is there a top tab for the center vent? Can't see were it is. The top tab is visible on the two end vents but not either of the center vents.

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