Mercedes-Benz 406, 508 and 608 – historical transporter advertising

Mercedes-Benz 406, 508 and 608 – historical transporter advertising

Every day in the Federal Republic, over 61 million people have to be supplied with food, beverages and tobacco, with consumer durables and goods. There is no product that does not have to go on a lorry on the way to the consumer. The transporter is indispensable for that reason. More than 70 per cent of the total transport volume is transported by the lorry. Neither the railway nor the aeroplane can take a product directly to the consumer. Only the lorry closes the gap. Would you like to transplant a forest perhaps? If you have enough trees, that is no problem to a platform truck. We solve any transport task, for the gardener as for the building contractor. And if you also need further space for personnel in addition to a large loading area, then a transporter with a double cabin is right. Of course, a football team would not have room in there, but it is even intended for up to seven workers. Even this stack of components laid on Euro-pallets is no problem for our transporter. With the so-called Euro-boxes, the cargo space of a drinks trailer can also be optimally used together with barrels and cardboard boxes. In this vehicle, for example, 162 boxes of drinks can be accommodated. Loading and unloading must proceed quickly. Long loading times cost money. Thanks to level loading areas, the work can be easily undertaken with the help of fork-lift trucks. But even without technical support because the low loading area is not only energy-saving for drinks drivers, but also for coal merchants. It is still sometimes unavoidable to load a transporter in this way. We also want to merely demonstrate that all sizes of cardboard boxes can be efficiently accommodated in a Mercedes-Benz. The same applies for newspaper bundles or laundry and for bulky goods like carpets. All goods can be stacked up to directly under the roof due to the quite angular profile of the delivery van. For goods that have to be protected, such as foodstuffs and luxury foods, and all goods that should be carefully handled, the delivery van is also right for them. In this case, with a rear panel revolving door and side loading door. The cargo space of our transporters is large and high. False ceilings are used for separating and sorting the greatest variety of products for the food retail trade during loading. Also, various luggage trolleys can be mounted on transporters’ chassis, like this refrigerated truck here. In addition, there is a series of special fixtures such as lifting platforms or appliances for the transportation of fresh meat. Special systems also for bread and pastries. Large sliding loading doors or shutters at the side, both easy to operate. Any wish can be taken into account. That is not your department store around the corner, but a shop on wheels. The most remote villages and farms can be supplied with fresh foodstuffs with this Mercedes-Benz special vehicle. No other means of transport is as mobile as the lorry. Because only the lorry travels door-to-door. The experience of the oldest car manufacturing plant in the world is put into the Mercedes-Benz transporter programme. The result: robust, sophisticated vehicles and optimum economic efficiency. The small turning circle facilitates easy parking. In spite of a large loading area, the transporter manages with a small parking space. The driver’s cab has car comfort. Every driver easily finds his way here. It is spacious and friendly. Large windscreens enable visibility on all sides. The driver sits comfortably, supported and anatomically correctly. The seat can also be finely adjusted while driving. Easy steering, a clear dashboard, sensibly arranged instrument controls. The gear change is smooth. Quite self-evidently, good visibility to the rear and only a slight blind spot. A customer service network of more than 1,200 customer service offices stands behind our transporters. That means: No transporter has further than 25 kilometres to the next workshop. The vehicles are serviced and repaired everywhere by continuously trained specialists. That guarantees a long lifespan and high resale value. A Mercedes-Benz only has to go for a maintenance service every 10,000 kilometres. The best proof for its reliability. Precise and perfect work in manufacturing are the prerequisite for this. Mercedes-Benz transporters provide the proof of quality through first-class materials, excellent workmanship and extreme controls. No lorry company puts more time, money and ideas into development and testing than Mercedes-Benz. The chassis is durable, the fish-shaped construction of the chassis allows a high payload with low own weight due to its great stability. The Mercedes-Benz diesel engines are characterised by good start characteristics, low fuel consumption and a long lifespan. But reliability arises only where all parts are meticulously checked: steering, gearbox, brakes. Nothing is left to chance at Mercedes. Tough tests require the material to be as it is hardly found in practice. It only goes into production and then on sale if these tests are overcome. We build transporters for every task and of course one is designated for you as well. This is the L406 D, 60 horsepower engine, payload of 1000 to 2500Kg, two wheelbases, three box covers. L508 D, 85 horsepower engine, payload of 2000 to 2600Kg, three wheelbases, three box covers. L608 D, 85 horsepower engine, payload of 2600 to 3700Kg, three wheelbases. All models in 24 basic construction types, as platform trucks or delivery vans in the three interior heights up to 1.9 metres. Choose your transporter. Put your money on a successful brand. Build on this foundation: Mercedes-Benz. Whichever lorry you need, we have it. And we are certain: each transporter has earned its star.

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  1. Directo del Brasil. Mi padre tuve 2 L608D, fabricacion brasilena. Camion pequeno muy bueno e fuerte. Hasta hoy tiene muchos ainda a rodar en Brasil

  2. Aprendi a dirigir em uma L608D com 14 anos no Brasil (sul do Brasil), meu pai teve dois 608D para transporte de móveis. Era para qualquer tipo de serviço!!!

  3. Wir haben bei uns in der Ortsfeuerwehr noch einen 407 Benziner als SW 1000 ( Schlauchwagen mit 1000 m B Schlauch in Holzbuchten gelegt , Arve- Springeaufbau) im Einsatz , Baujahr 1972 . 45 Jahre alt , 22.000 km auf der Uhr , fit wie ein Turnschuh . Leider muss dieses Fahrzeug noch dieses Jahr wg. einer Neuanschaffung zum Verkauf angeboten werden , obwohl hier in unserer Ortswehr einigen Kameraden , auch mir und meinen beiden Jungs in der Jugendwehr der alte SW mit seinem Bienenschwarmbrummensound sehr ans Herz gewachsen ist . Wenn der weg ist , gibts nur noch Fahrzeuge Bj 2010- 2017 , die andauernd piepsen und ständig irgendwas anderes mit der Bordelektronik haben . Nein , 45 Jahre werden die nicht . Niemals !

  4. Effective advertising for a beautiful van!!
    Also, a question of mine: at 4:24 there are two turn signals indicator lights: one with one vertical line between the arrows and another with two vertical lines. I've seen this second light on other vans and trucks too, but what does this light indicate? Does it indicate the hazard flashers perhaps?

  5. Hola, soy Diego de Argentina y tengo un Mercedes Benz 608D en la actualidad; si les cuento el año se caen de espaldas…es del año 1973, y está impecable, muy bueno.- saludos.

  6. we are using these cars in iraq till now ! model year is 1974 !! check this link

  7. Rohes Fleisch wird einfach in den Transporter geschmissen. Würde in einer heutigen Werbung einen Skandal auslösen, damals normal. Hat trotzdem keinen umgebracht 🙂

  8. Um dos melhores caminhões leves produzidos no Brasil de todos os tempos! Inclusive o vlog do Eduardo Rodrigues, mostra o trabalho diário com um destes excelentes modelos!

  9. Ich liebe diese Alten Mercedes kastenwagen die Stinken so schön nach Diesel wenn sie fahren
    Und haben einen Sehr Schönen klang

    Aber wieso werden die nicht mehr Gebaut 🙁

  10. Fun fact: The O309 model of the Mercedes Transporter van series made it into the US for a very very short time. Decades before the Sprinter.

  11. hello, I am considering buying a Mercedez Benz model 406L, do you think it's a good decision in 2020? it has 100K KMS, from 1982
    I want to use it to move stuff around first then convert it into a camping van? are they reliable? I need to drive around 4000 KMS
    Are they costly to maintain, parts still available? any advice would be highly appreciated!
    thank you 🙂

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